Brumbies Player Ratings versus British and Irish Lions
British & Irish Lions

Brumbies Player Ratings versus British and Irish Lions

Brumbies Player Ratings versus British and Irish Lions

How could we not do Brumbies player ratings after a win like that over the British and Irish Lions? With this historic victory, there’s even a 10 on offer (which may be the second time ever on G&GR)!

Before you go with the Lions supporters who write this off as a sideshow and of little importance, remember that the Lions fielded 550 caps against the Brumbies 28 (between two players).

The one problem is that it was such an ensemble performance, it’s hard to single players out. But OK, if I must.

scott sio profile1. Scott Sio

Monstered Matt Stevens at one stage in the first half. Just managed to pull it back after the Lions bench was emptied. Also strong around the park. 7

Siliva 12. Siliva Siliva

Good solid match – lineout throwing only went wonky when he left the field. 6

R Smith 13. Ruan Smith

You’re a Super Rugby rookie anchoring your scrum against an international front row. Did well until Lions emptied their bench.

leon power profile4. Leon Power

Played his part in getting into the Lions faces – didn’t take a step backwards. 6

sam carter profile5. Sam Carter

The Cart-horse delivered again. Bashed his way with ball in hand and in defence. Works in the darkest places. 7

fardy profile6. Scott Fardy

One of Australia’s best breakdown forwards. Playing at six again gave him the chance to shine, and he did. 8

C-Faingaa1-e13707795891777. Colby Faingaa

This guy has taken his chances with both hands – to the point where I believe he may be the most rounded openside we have in Australia. Was a handbrake on the Lions breakdown. 8

kimlin profile8. Peter Kimlin (c)

Whatever deal he did with the devil for this form he’s had, it was worth it. Rory Best will be seeing his face in lineouts for years to come. Even his grubber kicks came off. Led with passion. 10 G&GR MOTM

ian prior9. Ian Prior

Gotta think the occasion may have gotten to the usually solid scrummie’s service. Did get away with some outrageous scrum feeding though. 4 

Matt+Toomua+deDc4GE5jHWm10. Matt Toomua

Everything about this guy says “test match 10″ including the poise and decision making. Twelvetrees spent a night behind the gain line thanks to his excellent defensive timing. In gold soon. 9  

 rathbone profile11. Clyde Rathbone

While not a big night for Brumby winger participation, he lived up to the 92 per cent of the Brumbies test caps he brought to the table. Valued impacts. 7 

andrew smith profile12. Andrew Smith

His outside partner will get the plaudits for the try, but Smith’s deft first touch started Wade’s tailspin. Key block in the midfield wall. 7  

Tevita+Kuridrani+profile13. Tevita Kuridrani

From the moment he told Wade to speak to his hand, Kuridrani had a belter in both attack and defence. Surely making international selectors take notice? 8

henry speight14. Henry Speight

Like Clyde, didn’t get a bundle of touches and maybe got too eager once or twice when they appeared. Still worked hard all night chasing kicks and hitting rucks. 6

jesse mogg15. Jesse Mogg

With Nic White out, all kicking duties fell to him and he stepped up manfully, taking on goal kicking as well. That final “check-side punt” (steady Marto) was a thing of beauty. 8  


The patented G&GR ratings guide:

10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke

  • Mart

    Glad we finally have another 13 in the country putting his hand up. Looks like Bob Dwyer was right. Runs great lines and good defensive reads

  • MisplacedCanuck

    Never seen a rating of 10. Great call for Kimlin though. Enjoyed his anger, err passion on the field, he loves the jersey he wears. Looking fwd to him one day wearing gold with that same passion.

    Where has Kuridrani been all season, or have I just been bamboosled by Speight and not paying enough attention. Would love to see both of them in Gold.

    • scythe

      Kuridrani has been tearing it up like that all season long… welcome to the fan club

  • The Red Baron

    Gotta agree with you on the ratings Matt. Some of these guys really stood up to be counted last night, and it was a pleasure to see.

    Colby Fainga’a is a beast. Was a constant menace at the breakdown all night. We have such crazy depth at 7 in this country, and I for one and very happy for it: Pocock, Hooper, Gill, Smith, Fainga’a, even Matt Hodgson!

    • st saens

      No surprise re Colby, given his pedigree. I have often wished Ant Faingaa had been born a breakaway. Imagine the carnage.

      • Gladiator

        he was, he just plays centre for laughs

      • MANvsTREE

        I have a theory that Ant, Saia, and Colby are all 7s but their mum or their coach made them pick different positions so they can play all at once.

  • Stin

    I had Kimlin in my walls team this weekend. Maybe he’s not actually of the running. I’d pick him if only due to the lack if crazy gingas in international rugby!

  • brumby runner

    Looks like you have marked Siliva down for the fact the lineout throws went bad after he came off. Maybe that’s not what you meant, but in any case I would rate him a 7. Another Brumby with great potential.

  • Vinnie Gorham

    2nd string Brumbies team defeated 2nd string Lions team. WHO CARES!!! Your own fault Lions

  • Mike

    By To’omua’s excellent standards I thought he had an average game.

    Defence was excellent, but his kicking game was off and his passing game was very poor.

    • Jimmy

      While I see your point of view and agree that it probably wasn’t his best game, given the fact that he took Twelvetrees completely out of the game, belted a couple of front rowers and never took a backwards step, I think his rating is justified against that level of opposition. Also, his kicking was pretty good if you re-watch the game. A couple of off kicks but overall he was ok. I felt he played a lot better than Mogg who missed a lot of tackles and put a couple of kicks out on the full.

  • Country kid

    After the Brumbies near miss in 2001 Lions Game, followed by the fantastic win last night…
    Then the pressure is really on the 2025 Brumbies when they take on the Lions :)

  • Country kid

    Exception that proves the rule…
    Toomua = man of the match shoo-in (see ratings guide)
    Kimlin (10) trumps the man of the match shoo-in

  • Who Needs Melon

    I saw some UK papers player rating of the Lions players this morning. I think all of them got around the 6-7 mark. I don’t think I saw one with a 5 or less. Found that a bit surprising but maybe in a way it’s a nice complement – i.e. they’re saying their players didn’t play that bad, the Brumbies just played better.

  • Lewis

    Who received the other 10 rating? Surely Pocock in the RWC Semi Final against the Boks?

  • Benny A’s Tackle

    Great work Matt, must have been difficult. A few of these lads have demonstrated they wouldn’t be out of place in Wallabies gold, and other demonstrated they deserve to be in the Wallabies squad.

    Carter, Fardy and Colby would all benefit from the experience of Wallabies level training ect, while White, Toomua, Kuridrani, Speight and Mogg should all get a run in EOYT or even the Championship.

    Great win Brumbies, always nice to add your name to rugby folklore.

  • AndrewRead

    Just saw the Accenture ratings on Rugby Heaven – they must have watched a different game to me. Some of their clangers were:

    Hogg was better than Tommua

    Faletau was better than Kimlin

    Tipuric was better than Faingaa

    Wade (who missed the tackle that let in the try) was one of the two best wingers on the park.

    Evans and Gray, who could hardly win a lineout, were the two best locks on the field.

    I have a lot more faith in G&GR’s rating system.

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