Player Ratings - Wallabies vs South Africa - Green and Gold Rugby

Player Ratings – Wallabies vs South Africa

Player Ratings – Wallabies vs South Africa

What a great game! 

The Wallabies turned up in Bloemfontein, and played out a heart-racing draw that was great to watch. Both sides had plenty of chances to win it, but I think it would be the Springboks who would be feeling the worst. How we held them out in the last 15 I have no idea.

I’ve taken a pretty optimistic view of our guys, who I thought put it a good shift in tough conditions. There is a reason we’ve only won once in 40-odd years at altitude. The draw was a pretty good result for us and while there is always room for improvement, we’re not looking too bad at the moment.

So without futher ado, here are the ratings:

1. Scott Sio

Has rediscovered his best form, which is lovely to see. Another good contribution in all facets, with a few nice carries. 7 

2. Tatafu Polota-Nau

Seemed to be a lot more involved this week, and the lineout operated efficiently. A solid outing.

3. Sekope Kepu

The superprop was a bit quieter this week, but  heheld the scrum up well and did everything a tighthead should do with minimal fuss. 6

Izack Rodda 2017

4. Isaac Rodda

Another face in the revolving door of lock partners for Coleman, and another fairly anonymous effort. It was his first start so I can’t be too harsh, and he didn’t do a lot wrong.  But he was quiet. 5


5. Adam Coleman

A standard Coleman performance. Plenty of aggression, but also plenty of accuracy. No missed tackles, a couple of nice runs. Yet another solid day at the office. 6


6. Jack Dempsey

Like Rodda he was starting his first game, and like Rodda it’s fair to say he struggled for impact. Showed enough to suggest he could be good at this level, though. Earned another start. 6


7. Michael Hooper (c)

A pretty typical Hooper effort. He was everywhere, and won two steals with inspirational play. His tackle on Jantjes and subsequent turnover  in the 78th was a thing of absolute beauty, and almost won us the game.    8

8. Sean McMahon 

God I hope he doesn’t leave. He’s just bloody great. Ran the ball like a wounded bull, tackled his heart out (led the count with 15 makes and no misses) and took a peach of a lineout steal. A crucial knock-on late blotted his copybook, sadly. 8


9. Will Genia 

His best game of the season for mine. His service was fast and faultless, helping us get over the gainline time after time. A few nice kicks as well, and a line break. Rebels fans should be licking their lips. 8


10.  Bernard Foley

A nightmare to rate. He single-handedly created three tries, but also bombed a chance by kicking it dead. Missed a couple of tackles, but his goalkicking was flawless. Man those tries were delightful. His bullet pass to Korobeite for the third could be the best pass he has thrown in Wallaby gold, and warmed the cockles of my heart.  8 and G&GR Man of the Match

11. Reece Hodge

He’s becoming a key player for us in defence, and it’s paying dividends. He just makes hit after hit. A few nice touches in attack too, but he looked gassed in the last 15. 6

12. Kurtley Beale

Bit of a mixed bag, with nice attack let down by some soft defence – though he made a huge tackle on Skosan in the last ten minutes. But he’s such a spark in attack, you can never take your eyes off him. 6

13. Tevita Kuridrani

Tackled his heart out, as usual – made a huge hit on Jantjes in the last 10 minutes which might have saved the game as the Boks looked poised to score. Did everything asked of him. 6


14. Marika Koroibete

Easily the pick of the starting debutants. He made his mark early with some hard, accurate tackling, then scored two well-taken tries. Got a bit overenthusiastic in defence a couple of times, but that can be fixed. A lot to like.  7


15. Israel Folau

Scored a beautiful try, as usual. Took a few high balls, as usual. Threatened the defence with every touch, as usual. Kicked a few times for mediocre results, as usual.  7



16. Stephen Moore

The old bull didn’t look out of place, and made a few nice contributions. 6

17. Tom Robertson

A soft missed tackle on Kolisi drops him a point, but he was OK overall. 5

18. Allan Alaalatoa

A few minutes at the end for Kepu, didn’t do too much wrong. 5

Rob Simmons

19. Rob Simmons

Few runs, few tackles, a soft penalty. Did enough. 5


20. Ned Hanigan

Tried his arse off, but missed a few cleanouts. 5


21. Lukhan Tui

Made his debut from the bench, and had a few nice touches. One to watch. 6

Nick Phipps

22. Nick Phipps

A few minutes at the end, did OK. 5


23. Samu Kerevi

Same as Phipps. 5


10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke

Player Ratings – Wallabies vs Argentina


  • Brumby Runner

    Not looking at the specific ratings because they must be hard to do, but moreso the comparisons.

    Coleman was a couple of rating points better than his second row partner and the No 6. I would have had Rodda more on par with Dempsey. Thought he was good at lineout time and tried hard in general play. His scrummaging must be ok as there was a split hair between tot two packs.

    I thought Beale and Foley were also pretty much on par. Both had very good moments spoiled to some extent by their missed tackles. Very similar games., and both a point or two below Hooper (my MOTM), McMahon and Genia.

    Not sure what else Koroibete could have done on his starting debut. Thought he was at least the equal of Genia.

    How do you rate the players off the bench when they have very few minutes generally compared with the starters. My impression is that Tui had a very good first game and made his presence felt, while both of Simmons and Phipps did little to shine at all. Allan A had a very good line break late in the game which probably should have rated him superior to bot Simmons and Phipps. Very hard to see how any reserves in any of the games can be rated better than 4 or 5 given the small amount of time on the ground. And 5 should be reserved for an absolute blinder.

    • rates (some of) their replacements with “not enough time for a score” which seems fair. If you come on for 10 minutes in most positions you might only touch the ball once or twice, or hit a few breakdowns or whatever and have no significant impact. If you touch the ball twice and one is given as a deliberate knock-on, penalty (and you escape a yellow card) and one is a catch and a gallop for a spectacular try what rating do you get?

      Hooker, fetcher, half-back, and prop if there are a lot of scrums are a bit different because you expect a lot of involvement, even in 10 minutes. Even in those positions, you might only touch the ball a dozen times or so, or have 4 scrums if it’s really crazy or whatever so there’s not much to judge you on.

  • Bobas

    Spot on ratings.

    Agree with most all comments, especially Hodge looking cooked.

    6-2 bench contributed to that being necessary and benches that don’t that don’t cover all positions aren’t ideal.

    Simmo should have less for being hit by a kick off. It’s called watching the ball… you’re not Andy Roddick’s doubles partner.

    • Actually Thought Phipps would have been better off coming on for Hodge rather than for Genia. He really had put in a huge effort.

      At altitude and with worrying about our pack we were always going 6-2 on the bench.

  • Thanks Hugh. I know I’m not good at doing these posts so really appreciate when you put your hand up. I think you got it pretty well spot on assuming Coleman was a high six, Dempsey was a low six and Rodda was a high five.

  • skip

    I agree with the scores here. I was cynical that Koroibete would be ok or would be another Tim Tam Tahu that gets schooled so I was pleased he did ok and should, with continued coached, turn into a pretty lethal winger.

    That said, I honestly don’t know what to make of this team. For the last few years our results have followed a pattern of underwhelming (sometimes painful) June, spanking by NZ in Bled 1, improved but heavy loss in bled 2 (this season aside), split the cookies with SA, close wins/loss against Argentina, a final bled loss that’s better followed by a November that has sparks of hope with some losses.

    This performance was pretty good and I enjoyed the match. It lacked the usual heavy dose “what the fark are you doing?” moments and so many of them have so much potential if properly coached and motivated that they could be world beaters.

    I guess I’ll see how November goes where we’ll look fantastic in some games and be bullied in others. The real test will be if next year we follow the same pattern.

  • Jimmydubs

    Bring back the uppy downy votes thing (rankings?) for the peons with the popcorn.
    We all love a bit of democracy and putting in our 2 cents. It also removes the possibility of clicking on a Spiro article when I go to the roar do their vote by numbers and then having that dirty regretful feeling

    • Patrick


  • first time long time

    Foley did some great stuff ball in hand but an 8 “excellent all round game” he certainly did not.
    Tough to score him so a hybrid 5/7, average game with a few sparkles.
    Average because there were some real stinkers in there

    • Braveheart81

      3 try assists and kicked 5 from 5? There were a couple of blemishes but overall he had a very strong game.

      • first time long time

        That’s fine guys, BH I agree they were his sparkles but there was some tripe in there as well which is why I didn’t think it was an 8.
        Thanks for doing the rankings by the way

      • Jimmydubs

        3 tackles 3 missed tackles 2 turnovers.
        That’s the other part of stats.
        I have no opinion on this today though.

    • JamieL

      For goodness sake, he had a very good game. The constant Foley bashing loses credibility with posts like that.

      • first time long time

        Not bashing mate. And my credibility doesn’t require your affirmation.
        Bashing would have been not acknowledging that parts of his game were very good.
        I just don’t think he had an excellent all round game.
        Some poor defensive attempts some won’t even rate as missed tackles in the stats because he didn’t lay a hand on them and some terrible general kicking not limited to the kick dead from penalty and the 30m mid field kick pass straight to the SA fullback

      • Garry

        Considering his complete flyhalf game (run/pass/kick), yes he put away two top passes for trys, he was kicking sweet of the tee. But it’s his other facets of game management that need a lot of work. He has a talented backline that he needs to take charge of. Where was the diversity in attack? How about some highballs coordinated with his wingers? What about kicking for the lines in general play? Greater creativity is needed at this level from our playmaker to keep them guessing. He doesn’t seem to be growing (fast enough). But it’s Cheika’s selection no matter what, let him live/die by it.

    • Phil Kcraig

      Nah Foley made a big impact, I am glad to see G&GR person give him MOTM whether deserved or not, as Foley deserves a lot more credit than what is given on this site. He is our best 10 at the moment and then there is daylight, and yes you might complain about the lack of depth at 10, but moreso I shudder to think how we would look if Foley got a long term injury. Quade – just not on song and not test standard. Lance – he has only in the last year or so imo proved at least Super Rugby standard. And then others…..sounds of crickets in my ears.

    • hippyb9

      ” With a few sparkles” – ludicrous comment. Next you’ll be saying Quade should be in the team.

  • Brisneyland Local

    Well GAGR’s some pretty good scoring here but a few I have to disagree with:
    – Hooper 6 (8-2) for poor Captaincy. He played the house down, and showed heart. But slipped off three tackles, didnt take points on offer, and his captaincy is becoming tenuous because his reltionships with the referee are becoming disrespectful. The tone he used with the referee was just appalling.
    – Foley 6 (8-2). He played a good game, and kicked well from the tee. But the two points of are for his tactical kicking and his poor defence on the fringes. He cant be man of the match with errors like that. Regardless of how good the rest of his game was.
    – Folau (7-2) That hair pulling crap regardless whether it was unintentional or not was just rubbish.Very lucky not to be yellow carded, and I think he will / should be cited for that. Then to not even apologise to the player. Poor form.
    – Phipps (5-1) Was only on a few minutes but his passes were all over the shop. should not be in the team.
    – Simmons (5-1) Wasnt on long but getting hit with the ball on kick off is an embarassment.
    Over to you GAGR’s!

    • Guest

      You Forgot:
      Kepu 4 (6-2) Play Super Rugby in Sydney
      Dempsey 3 (6-2) Not even playing super rugby in Sydney
      Beale 4 (6-2) Will play super rugby in Sydney
      Polota-Nau 5 (6-1) Used to play super rugby in Sydney

      Yes, I know, you keep saying you’re a New South Wales man, but that never stop you to hate anyone that ever played in the Waratahs, just judging by your comments, of course, never met you.

      • Brisneyland Local

        I marked down Simmons and he is Red at the moment. So your comment is not accurate.

        • Guest

          OK, I’m taking it back.

        • Brumby Runner

          Including your poor piece of mathematics in relation to Jack Dempsey?

        • Guest

          I never said I was playing in the Backs. There are some Forwards in this site, you know.

        • Brian

          Isn’t it funny that Simmons is a Tah when people want to make a point about there being too many Tahs in the team, but not when someone is called out on only marking down Tahs.

          But seriously, you could literally just list every single player, name a mistake they made (as everyone invariably does in an 80 minute game) and say “-2″. Hooper and Foley in particular had, on the balance of things, excellent games.

        • Brisneyland Local

          I think they had very good games. If they had excellent games there would not have been errors, hence the definitiion. “Of the highest quality, without error”.
          PArticularly Hooper hada reallystrong game with someminor play errors. What worries me more about Hooper is more his captaincy. You take the points when they are offer. As the Wallabies are no guarantee to get a rolling maul over the line. Also he needs to build a relationship with theref’snotbleat tothem, whichistheway it sounds to me.
          As for Simmons, in my book he is a Red until he plays his first Tahs game. Then he is a Tah.

        • Phil Kcraig

          Yeh right signed for Tahs so dead to the Reds? You know I think the state thing overplayed here as I think most posters are first and foremost wanting best players playing for the Wallabies but all the players you highlighted are playing for the Tahs next year so I definitely think you have bad bias syndrome.

        • Who?

          Maybe the problem is just that there’s so many Tahs to choose from, and not so many from the other clubs..? :-P
          Honestly, though, if you picked out half the ratings as being ratings you wanted to adjust, then with 6 current Tahs in the starting team (plus Taf, who’s a Tah legend), and 3 more current Tahs (plus Simmons) on the bench, then there’s pretty good odds you’re going to get a majority of Tahs… Because that’s 9 current Tahs, or 11 ‘understood’ Tahs. Out of 23.
          Just for reference, the balance of the team (starters first, benchies bracketed) is:
          Brums: 2 (1)
          Force: 2
          Reds: 1 (4)
          Tahs: 6 (3)
          Rebs: 3
          Amazing, statistically, to see so few Brums players compared to Rebels, or Force compared to Tahs. Given that’s the order they finished on the Super table.
          I’ve said it elsewhere, the weekend was, for mine, Hooper’s best captaincy display. I think he’s improved with his communications with refs.
          I wouldn’t have had Foley as MOTM (he was a 7 for mine – one of his better games), but find it really hard to pick a MOTM, for the reasons others have mentioned (players who did lots of good things also did a few poor things, like Beale’s tackling).

        • Brian

          I know you’re being a bit tongue in cheek with some of that, but even if you assume that all 13 count as Tahs then the odds of you only choosing Tahs at random is about 8%

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          Even if a few players don’t count as Tahs as they didn’t play for them this season (Beale/Simmons) the fact of the matter is this.

          The Waratahs were the 2nd worst team in the Aussie conference and the 3rd worst team in all of Super Rugby.

          Despite this, they are far, far more represented than the Brumbies and the Western Force, who were the only impressive and vaguely successful Aussie teams.

          The Brumbies’ best player (Fardy) was not even included in any squads this year – meanwhile Hanigan and Dempsey, who (technically) played for the Waratahs but had no impact whatsoever are preferred. It’s a joke.

        • Brisneyland Local

          Yeah not bad for a NSWelshman hey!

  • yourstruly

    By god get Staniforth in the wallabies squad. Nothing gets me going more than a workhorse 2row and he seems to be it. There’s certainly been people with less performances getting a gold jersey. Cusack could also be an option after a few more games of 15s

    • Brumby Runner

      Tom has played exactly that way for years and never rated a mention until now. Coincidence that he is now a Waratah, or are you just fishing?

      • yourstruly

        Wouldn’t put it past the structural inequalities of the ARU to talk up a new Tah. In truth just really enjoyed his work on the weekend. Nothing more, nothing less

  • juswal

    Good report, Hugh. I wondered how Koroibete would score. It’s tough being a wannabe Wallaby wing. Cheika allocates one spot for a leftover 13 or 15, so there’s just one opening for a true wing, and if you don’t excel at first showing you’ll hit the recycling bin (unlike the forwards). Koroibete made the kind of impact that Speight, Nabuli and Naiyaravoro couldn’t manage.

    Regarding replacements with short time on the field, the PGAGRRG could be amended so that they’re given marks such as A (added something), B (did the job) and C (not worth his match fee).

  • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

    How good were Hooper and Sio? They were my men of the match and with Foley just behind them (and I’m not usually a Foley fan).

    Australia’s front row is getting back to where it was in the RWC.

    Now if only we could find a back-row to go along with them…

    • Rob Malcolm

      Well Hooper and McMahon both got 8s, so hard to say the backrow is that much of a problem. 6 is still up for grabs, maybe Tui to add some starch?

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        I think the problem is that while both Hooper and McMahon are individually very good they still throw out the balance of the back-row.

        We lack physicality and impact playing two guys on the small side, especially at the ruck. A big bloke like Timani that can clear rucks would go a huge way towards rebalancing things, but then we suck at the line out with no back-row targets.

        Tui is a line out target but from what Reg said on the podcast last week isn’t good at the ruck. Maybe it is still the best option if we are going to play Hooper and McMahon though.

  • Bernie Chan

    Does anyone know what has happened to Rory Arnold…? Why is he “on the outer” so to speak…I am pleased Rodda and Tui are getting a run, but Arnold should be ahead of Simmons as a lock option (at so I thought…!). Has Arnold joined the Fardy-Higgers Party…?


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