Player ratings: Wallabies vs Wales - Green and Gold Rugby

Player ratings: Wallabies vs Wales

Player ratings: Wallabies vs Wales

This, surprisingly, was a hard game to rate. Nobody had a shocker, lots of players went really well. Do you give Haylett-Petty a 9 despite his mistakes? How many moments of brilliance wipe out a dud Foley clearance or a missed conversion? We were totally dominant in the game, but since we wasted about 50 points through errors at the final moment, should all players get their score discounted?

So, I’ve gone with these – feel free to disagree below.

1. Scott Sio

Some great runs, especially in the first half. Scrum penalty against him in the second half. Replaced at the 67 minute mark. 7

2. Stephen Moore

Moore was very good this game, plenty of barging runs, lineout worked well. Needed to be replaced earlier due to fatigue. 7

3. Sekope Kepu

Good in the scrum, dynamic on attack and solid on defence, especially in the first half. Loses a point for another no-arms cleanout that conceded a penalty. 6

4. Rory Arnold

arnoldA great locks game. Solid in the lineout and made some huge charges in the open. Pass to release Foley for the try was sensational. 8

5. Adam Coleman

Was everywhere. Took the most lineouts, lost none. Smashed people in tackles. Ran powerfully, always making metres in contact. Got at least one counter-ruck turnover. Fed the last pass to Foley for his try.9- G&GR MOM

6. David Pocock 

David PocockUsual fine work at the breakdown, hit a lot of rucks. Concussed at the end of the first half and was having so much fun he didn’t want to come off. 7

7. Michael Hooper

Typical Hooper performance, on a normal day he would have been in the running for MOM, but today was not normal as he was just another contributor. 7

8. Lopeti Timani

timaniTwo knock-ons were the only blemish in a great performance. Always made the advantage line and tackled ferociously. Has brought a new dimension to the Wallaby play. 8

9. Nick Phipps

Nick PhippsQuick getting to the ruck and fast releasing the ball to Foley. A good day at the office because his passes hit the spot. One forward pass spoilt the record. Box kicked well (and that was unexpected) and hit one ruck perfectly when we were caught short.  7

10.  Bernard Foley

The commentators MOM for his outstanding attack. Some of his running and passing was sublime. Scored a great team try to snuff out the Welsh comeback. Would have been my first ever 10 but has to be marked back for his dropped field catch and missed conversions (close but not between). 8

11. Henry Speight

Henry SpeightHad one of those games where everyone else was doing brilliant things and he couldn’t get a touch. Defended well. 6


12. Reece Hodge

Best game for the Wallabies. Made his tackles hurt, missed one late in the second half. One huge touch finder took us 22 to 22. His running to gaps was just right, scored a lovely try in which he handled twice. We might have found our 12 till Kurtley recovers. 9

13. Tevita Kuridrani

Monstered the Welsh midfield on attack and defence. Made metres over the gain line every time he touched it.  I didn’t see one error. Scored a lovely try. 9

14. Dane Haylett-Petty

Aerially he was superb taking high balls at will. Running lines were great and he was always threatening. Made one real try-saving tackle and plenty of others. But he bombed a certain try by dropping the pass, over-kicked the pass to Folau early, grubbered badly to turn it over late in the second half. Scored a great intercept try to bank the game. 8

15. Israel Folau

Made big metres every time he touched the ball. Ran kick receipts back this week and looked much better for it. He was always a threat and made room for others by attracting the defence. Out of position for the Welsh try and made a bad turnover near the end that was nearly very expensive. 7


16. Tolu Latu

Tolu_LatuCame on for a few minutes, should have been more as Moore was pooped. One massive tight head scrum while he was on, is he the next TPN?

17. James Slipper

Came on for Sio at 67 minutes and looked a shadow of his former self.  Gave away a scrum penalty but was part of a very impressive tight head scrum win later. 6

18. Alan Ala’alatoa

Allan Ala’alatoa

Came on at 62 minutes and went OK. One good run and mixed scrum work improved by tight head win 6


19. Rob Simmons

Rob SimmonsCame on for a few minutes but didn’t feature highly. No rating


20. Scott Fardy

Fardy came on at half time and was everywhere.He made several good runs, tackled everything that moved including a try-saver, hit rucks hard. Won a clean turnover where Joubers penalised him on suspicion.  9

21. Nick Frisby

Nick-FrisbyReplaced Phipps at 67 minutes. and looked completely at home.Ruck work was nearly as quick as Phipps and made one absolutely brilliant try saving tackle in cover. 8

22. Quade Cooper

Quade CooperReplaced Foley at 76 minutes and looked very tidy, orchestrating the backline well. 7

23. Sefa Naivalu

Did he make it on? Was not visible. No rating



10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke

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  • @NRC_Australia

    No need for KB to come back for RH at all-unless Reece gets injured!

    • Huw Tindall

      They both offer a good boot (Hodge better distance) but after that they are quite different. Do you go for attack and x-factor in Beale or defence and hard running in Hodge? I’d probably take Hodge, especially in tests, and Beale as super sub and covering 10,12, wings and 15. Give him a good 20 mins though.

      • Seb V

        Just my thinking Tindall. Both completely different, I prefer the hard runner, hard hitter for the tough Tests. KB against certain opposition tho, and the perfect super-sub.

    • Seb V

      Was about to say this too. About time we had a inside centre with not only skill but size too. KB will never be able to defend like Hodge can.

    • McWarren

      KB is looking like a very good bench option IMO. The price he has to pay for a career that has had floating around the backline. But how good would it be having him come off the bench at 65 mins.

      • Greg

        I tend to agree. He is very skillful but a little guy to have as an international centre. Coming on late with some tire opposition (if that ever happens) would be fantastic to see.

    • Sideshow

      Leave Hodge at 12, but don’t waste the Beale genius on the bench either. Put him on Speight’s wing instead.

  • Dalai Ninja

    I think the relative sleeper there is Frisby. We lost very little in attack when he came on, and his try-saver was a pearler. We’ve found our third halfback (and crucially, our second for tests Genia can’t play in).

    • Simon

      Only criticism I have of Frisby (and this as a Reds fan) is he’s still a bit slow at clearing rucks sometimes, having a good look around before passing. I put this down to a Richard Graham hangover. This Wallabies team plays well with quick ball and I reckon Phipps has shown the value of getting the ball out quickly.

      • Seb V

        Usually Frisby does that, but I thought he was quick this match, hopefully it continues.

        • Simon

          He was better, definitely, but I still had time to yell at the TV for him to clear it quicker on several occasions… which as far as I’m concerned is too long. ;)

          Wales did start to compete harder at the breakdown in the second half too, which didn’t help compared to Phipps’ first half ball which was lightning fast.

    • Seb V

      Agreed. His speed of service was impressive, noticeably faster then his previous games. Right up there with Phipps, and then there was that epic try-saver. Great to have depth in that position now.

      • dsb

        Like to see him get more game time

  • Dalai Ninja

    Folau made 156 metres, beat four defenders, made four clean breaks and five offloads. If it was any other player he’d be getting more than a seven. We’ve become used to him!

    • He would have got 8 or 9 but the two errors cited pulled his rating back.

    • Seb V

      I agree, Good ratings all-round but I think Folau deserved a bit more. Fardy a bit less too cos I don’t think his half was better then the others.

  • Nutta

    Thanks for the effort Hawko

    I can’t be quite this generous as Wales were damn poor and we bombed at least 3 tries in the first half

    That said, I agree with the Locks scoring well and in-general I thought the fronties played well to.

    • I am not so sure Wales were that poor. Remember how we all wailed and gnashed our teeth at the Wallabies performance against NZ? Maybe we just got beaten by a better team. I thought Wales intensity at times was excellent, especially in the second half. I just think Australia was that good in the first half that Wales got blown away. I thought we “lost” the second half despite the scoreboard.

      • Nutta

        Don’t dispute the AIB being better at all. And we were certainly better then the Welsh. But they were missing some talent. But that’s life in a body-contact sport yeh?

        I guess I’m girding my loins for the rest of the tour. The Scott’s will be as scrappy as ever and will have their blood up after the World Cup loss, the Irish will be more confident then ever and the Filth have us on the ropes after the 3-0 fiasco. If we leave tries behind on those guys our tickets are stamped.

        • But this is a post about the game about Wales. We can move on tomorrow.

      • Yeah I agree. Lets just enjoy the win.

        • Nutta

          Fair enuf

  • SuckerForRed

    I was just thinking today that Slipper hasn’t come back from shoulder surgery terribly well. even his SR season wasn’t as good as he has played in the past.

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing. I hope some time with Nick Stiles might turn things around.

      • Lindommer

        Douglas is in the same boat, he’s taking longer than expected to recover from shoulder surgery. What James and Kane both need is a good rest, do we really need them on this tour?

        • SuckerForRed

          I am starting to think that we need to look at our man management a bit closer across the year. Guys seem to be taking an age to recover from injury and I feel that there might be signs of “burn-out” creeping in.
          Should the ARU S&C/medical staff have more input into the management of the players when they are with their SR clubs? Can they/should they be requesting that players are “rested” through out the SR season? I know that this happens in NZL – i.e. the AB machine manages the amount of time played by the top players so some of the “resting” that happens through the SR season is at the “request” of the ABs. This I think also contributes to expanded depth as the fringe players get more time at a SR level.

    • brumby runner

      Not unusual nor surprising really. Look how long it’s taken Kuridrani to get back to somewhere near his best form, and ditto Henry Speight. I wonder, too, if Will Genia’s drop in form earlier might have been injury related? Even class players need time to recover and then to regain fitness and form. Pocock looks to be the exception.

  • Straith

    I hope Quade can be unleashed against Scotland this weekend. Always does well against NH teams. Both Fly halves are capable of winning but cheiks won’t change.

  • Tim

    Who should be our 6,7, and 8?

    • Greg

      Fardy, Pocock, Timani. Hooper off the bench.

      • Tim

        I do like it but he wont drop vice captain

  • gypsyspud

    does anyone know of a link to watch a replay for free?

    • Huw Tindall

      A few on YouTube. Or there were in Sunday. Have a look.

      • Lindommer

        4:30am Thursday on beIN SPORTS 1. There was an earlier replay at 9:30 on Tuesday night on beIN SPORTS.

    • Seb V

      youtube mate

    • wilful

      “2016 Wales v Australia EOYT” on youtube.

    • BigNickHartman

      also trying torrent sites is a good bet too

    • McWarren

      youtube is the go. I watched a replay of Ireland v AB’s on youtube as well.

  • Tim

    The only thing about Cheika that annoys the shit out of me. He puts the bench on with only a few minutes to go. What happen to our bench being a weapon? We have good talent on the bench that literally not given a chance.

    • Greg

      Emotionally I am with you….. but in fact I think our bench has not been strong on the field this year.

  • Bobas

    Not bad at all. I would have a bunch of players 1 mark down: QC, TK, Frisby and Hodge, and Fardy 2.
    Too many scoring as high as Coleman but agree the majority of what you saw.
    Thanks for the write up.

  • @disqus_K7HwCr4UBK:disqus Foley was the GAGR MOTM too.

    • Yep, lets just say Coleman was my MOTM.

      • dsb

        Yes and well deserved while Foley played well the Tall timber were fantastic and I would have put HP up to 8.5 despite errors he was everywhere with speed and passion and mostly good results. It really is good watching the Wallabies play like this.

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        With you 100%

      • Brisneyland Local

        Preaching to the converted!

      • Seb V

        3-2-1’s were tough this week. Coleman, Arnold, Foley, TK, Folau, Hodge, Timani all worthy.

    • jamie

      Surely if there’s ever any doubt between 2 players you give it to the one with the lower number? ;-)

  • Pedro

    Great ratings Hawko, thought you were a bit generous, but why not after adismal international season so far.

    Great to see Kuridrani hit the ground running, he’d played a lot of rugby up until his relegation, maybe the break has done him good.

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Good writeup Hawko and I like the way G&GR puts out an explanation for the score. That troll Rattue just puts numbers down and you never know what they mean except 0 is low 10 is high. Absolutely agree with your MOM, I think Coleman and Arnold are awesome, Lots of aggression without the niggly bullshit and some great smashes in D and attack. I thought Fardy did more in one half than Mumm has done all year and Hodge at 12 is coming on really nicely. What gets me is that the fans have been talking up some of these players all year and finally they come together and show what could have been. I think there is a really good base forming here and the team is only going to get better. I just hope that there aren’t too many changes for Scotland although I’d like to see Cooper and Latu give a start with Hooper given the captaincy to see how he goes.

    • Keith Butler

      As a completely unbiased ex lock I would have to give Coleman and Arnold my joint MoM. You often see one standout and one good performance but their’s was most complete performance I’ve seen from a pair of locks in years. It’s a pity that Kruis and Itoje are injured cos I’d pay good money to see them go toe to toe. Scotland’s Gray brothers are pretty handy and if they’re both picked it will be an ‘interesting’ confrontation. Good point about the no niggle. Should be the way the game is played hard but fair.

  • AlanDownunder

    According to Jonathan Davies in commentary, with whom I agree, Kurdrani bombed a try by looking to fend rather than pass. Drop that 9 to a 7: not to an 8 because he is a repeat offender..

    • Steve

      I think that’s a bit unfair Alan.

      Having watched initially I thought the same thing but watch it again and look at the angles. The only way that ball was getting to Pocock was either by an over the head, or a no look back of the hand pass.

      It was the right call to go to ground, frankly it drives me up the wall when players look for the low % passes in good positions and end up just throwing the ball away.

    • McWarren

      I remember thinking during the game that Folau did the same thing at one stage. Can’t remember when exactly.

  • MungBean

    “We might have found our 12 till Kurtley recovers.”

    Is Kurtley having a personality transplant as well?

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      I think Hodge is better than KB will ever be. Doesn’t have any fancy moves on attack but more than makes up for that with his defence and taking the ball to the line. If KB ever gets back into the wallaby team it’ll be a step backwards.

      • Seb V

        Bit harsh, Hodge will never have KB’s skill, vision, pass, footwork, speed – two completely different types of centres. Although I do prefer Hodge in the tough test matches.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          I’ll probably get smashed for this but I’ve never rated KB. I think that while he may do the odd good thing in attack I feel this is outweighed by other things. Certainly he’s never been a real threat against the All Blacks

        • brumby runner

          His one real point of difference was his combination with Folau. Somehow, they fed off each other and both were the better for it. On his own, I think we’ve got better options.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          As a Kiwi, KB was never a real threat at either Super Rugby or higher. Yeah you had to watch for the odd thing he did but honestly I could never see why he was thought of so high over here. We know that all we have to is apply some pressure and he cracks in attack and his defence is just a door to walk through. Look at Nonu’s try in the RWC, he may as well have not been on the field for that one.

  • Duncher

    I didn’t feel like we missed Mumm… Just saying

  • Tahs_Man_Fan

    I swear to the rugby Gods, if Cheika drops Coleman or Arnold from the 1st XV or drops Fardy from the squad to make room for Dean Fucking Mumm, I’m flying to Europe to strangle both of them myself!!!

    • Greg

      Don’t hold back. Tell us what you are really thinking!!

    • jamie

      “But Tahs supporters want to see the Tahs in gold..”

      I don’t think anyone likes Dean Mumm anymore..

  • brumby runner

    Fardy a 9? I do admire your bravery Hawko. That rating is likely to bring the wrath of many posters down on your head.

    TBH, I would discount his rating by 1 to recognise he played half a game only. Otherwise, spot on with your observations of his involvements.

  • Brisneyland Local

    Hawko, Thanks for doing the player ratings. It is normally a job that people get pillored for but I think you are fairing really well. There is very little I can fault you on them. The second row was definitely the stand out performance. And it is soooooooo good to see them firing each other up and charging hard.
    As a 2 metre tall giant myself, I love seeing other freaks fly their freak flag proudly! And those boys were the bomb! I hope we can consolidate that, and the boys bottle it, and keep it going!
    Agree with Foley getting a really good score and then losing points for kicking and handling errors.
    Fardy was fantastic, a really good supplement when Pocock came off.
    I thought Frisby was really impressive, and it was good to see him get so time in the Green and Gold.
    The only thing I disagree with in regards to some of the comments, is that I actually thought the Welsh were rusty. So that made us look a little better than we might have otherwise appeared. I wouldnt say they were bad, just not firing on all 8 so to speak!

  • Until Kurtley recovers? ahhhh…. why? when did he last play? I give that comment a 1 on the ratings. and he hasn’t even punched anyone yet.

  • Bay35Pablo

    “Won a clean turnover where Joubers penalised him on suspicion.”
    So standard Joubert fare then.


Grew up watching Catchpole and Hawthorne, then later the Ella brothers, on Channel Two on Saturday afternoon. Expert commentary by Cyril Towers. No better rugby education ever to be had.

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