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Pocock Disappoints Men Around The Country By Marrying A Woman Instead

Pocock Disappoints Men Around The Country By Marrying A Woman Instead

David Pocock has disappointed many by opting for a marriage with a lady friend instead of an open bromance with his keen followers, fan boys, well wishers and such and such.

The vast male, both straight and gay, following of the talented rugby player stretches not just along the elite Eastern Coast of Australia, but also to the culturally impoverished Western Coast of Australia, and across the rest of the world.

Many followers identify with Pocock’s tenacious pilfering, hard-headed determination and jaunty progressive political outlook.

In fact, since Pocock’s rise through Australian rugby ranks researchers have found a corresponding increase in men identifying as bisexual, particularly during the June and November months.

One fan, Dennis Terpington, has been in tears all day at the news.

“Pocock was my boy, man,” Terpington told the Off White Card.

“I just don’t know what I’m going to do now. Although I’ve been noticing Tongan Thor’s homoerotic twerking moves on the ‘gram, maybe I’ll chase him.

“It’ll be hard to move on, Poey’s been my third rugby man-crush after Sharpey, who got married, and Matt Dunning, who lost weight.”

Pocock, aged 30, married his long-term Emma Palandri in a quaint ceremony that was reminiscent of a live-action rendition of that scene from the Lion King, with many of Pocock’s animal friends from his Zimbabwe safari present.


  • Bulldog Sing

    The best thing about this is.. such is his belief in equality, despite being Australia’s strongest man he isn’t going to insult his new wife by carrying the Esky himself… he actually lets her have the heavy end.

    Congrats Emma and David!!!


    • Nutta

      I’m just happy there is another trainspotter out there who noticed that also. She has the bigger bag too.

      • Huw Tindall

        I’d like to know where they are going – Poey clearly has the priority write with the esky full of chilled amber nectar and a small bag with a change of undies and bar of soap.

        • Brisneyland Local

          Looks like the walking path at the back of Mount Ainslie in Canberra

      • Funk

        Listen here Nutta, I know you tend to think that forwards are the thinkers in rugby (granted he’s not a prop), but could someone please explain to me exactly why they are carrying an esky that has wheels on it??? That is like on bin night trying to carry your wheely bin to the kerb rather than dragging it like normal people….

        • Nutta

          Yes, i can explain why he is carrying an esky that has wheels; it’s because he isn’t a front-rower.

        • Funk

          You’d swear he was a winger!!!

        • Nutta

          Certainly a Back. However in saying that, a true 10 would have the missus carrying the whole thing solo including his man-bag.

  • Duncher

    Gold, love it “culturally impoverished Western Coast of Australia”…


    Honestly not impressed at all with him politicizing rugby. Never mind it being for an extreme minority. And that comment by the gay/bi guy that’s quoted who comments about Tongan Thor. . .that would be 100% a sexist comment if not by a “gay” guy. Never really do understand that dynamic in our society. Gay guys can harass men but men are hung if they even look at a women from an Australian building site for more than 3 secs. Why can’t it just stay about the sport? Please…..
    I’m an Epic Pocock fan by the way….

    • Huw Tindall

      It’s a bit of a tough one but I’d rather have some players with a bit of personality instead of the blank corporate speak crap.

      • laurence king

        Huw, how could you not think that reading from the same script by all the Wallabies every time they open their mouths is not a good thing. lol

      • GO THE Q REDS

        Love the personality. …..not so much the taking a public stance for something because of some political agenda that has nothing to do with rugby!
        I heard a great quote the other day about the modern western world. ….”we have it so good there’s nothing left to complain about”. Like modern feminism. Whinge all day about fake pay gaps and campus rape cultures, but wouldnt be caught dead considering women in countries like Pakistan or Suddan!

        • laurence king

          Or be concerned about the appalling conditions and social breakdown in indigenous communities in Australia, what with abuse, the deprivation and medical problems that are both easily preventable and almost non-existent in the rest of the country. If ‘equity’ is not just a trendy word in this country, why don’t those politicians and celebrities speak up about those types situations as well? What’s the difference between a sick child on Nauru and one in central Australia? Apparently the second is not ‘sexy’ enough.

        • Slim 293

          Those are some mighty large strawmen you idiots have built up…

        • GO THE Q REDS

          I don’t think you even know what a “strawman” is. You’ve offered no alternate truths, facts or debate… …just personal insults. Your either 15yrs old or a Straw man. …

        • laurence king

          Strawmen? I think the Brouhaha of the gay marriage debate was largely a celebrity and the Left driven event. And the numbers are an extreme minority. And I think that there are far more important social issues in this country that are ignored by those same celebrities and Left leaning politicians precisely because those issues aren’t ‘sexy enough’, no votes, no attention.
          And geewhiz Slim, I didn’t say that your comments were bullshit, bigoted diarrhea or call you an idiot. I don’t hate people because I disagree with their lifestyle choices, their political affiliations, their ethnicity, their spiritual beliefs or non-belief. I don’t hate people, fullstop. But I do disagree with lots of things that people do and I’ll fight for their right to disagree with me. So maybe the next time you want to demonize those who disagree with your righteous and exalted opinions maybe you should think first, be polite and not be so accusatory, because frankly you’ve come across, sorry to say, as a bit juvenile.

        • Slim 293

          The only “brouhaha” I recall was the result of an inept, backwards government wasting a great deal of money on a plebiscite for legislation that the electorate overwhelmingly supported. In the end we got there but it didn’t need to be such a drawn out political process… anyways, you guys are a “muslims,” mens rights,” and “African gangs” away from completing alt-right bingo, so please carry on. Or just continue to come up with topics “the left” apparently are not concerned with, because you both seem to have convinced yourselves that people are incapable of having opinions or being vocal on more than one issue. Those one track lefty libtard inner city latte sipping elites, and the celebrities or some such?

        • laurence king

          Ah good, just sarcasm then? No vitriol? lol

        • 30 mm tags

          Well written. Thanks.

    • Slim 293

      Extreme minority? Anyways, maybe you should personally get in contact with, uh, Dennis Terpington to express your disappointment…

      • GO THE Q REDS

        The extreme minority would be the gay and gay marriage rights he campaigns for. The amount of “gays” legitimately wanting to get married would definitely class their issue as one of minority. Not even straight people are getting married these days with big drops in numbers, yet for some reason gay people want something that was set up using judochristain values to help keep a MOTHER and a FATHER together as a tight knitfamily so communities could prosper. Ever heard of “bed death”. Apparently it refers to 80ish% of legitimate gay couples who statisticly sleep together once then never again.
        Thanks to David Pocock I now know all these things……

        • Slim 293

          Wow, that’s a lot of bullshit for one post… I don’t think you made a single factual point in that explosion of bigoted diarrhea.

        • GO THE Q REDS

          Well feel free to fact check me mate but I said nothing that isn’t fact. Let me guess…. you think homosexuals are a majority in Australia? And you
          know nothing about my personal opinion or beliefs on this topic. So bigoted is a pretty nasty call…..exactly why Pocock should not abuse his limelight with his personal agendas around Rugby. The daffodils just can’t take it……

        • Slim 293

          “Bed death?” End of discussion.

    • Alister Smith

      Apparently he put the following on Instragram:

      ‘Say yes to grace! Say no to spite! Say yes to this! Say yes to you! Say yes to me! Say yes to love! Say yes to life! Say, say yes to life!’

      I don’t even know what that means – it comes across as a bit of Tom Cruz couch jumping to me. But anyway they seem like a nice couple who share common values (few of which I happen to share but anyway…) so good luck to them both and I hope they live happily ever after (and hopefully have about 15 boys of differing shapes and sizes that all play rugby as good as their dad. I am not entirely sure why it is news though, probably because of his previous comments around the issue I guess.

      I will make one very controversial statement though. People often talk about Michael Hooper’s play being one-dimensional but I think sometimes Pocock can be overly focused on the turnover. Richie McCaw was a more rounded player than Pocock is just yet and I would like to see him develop some other aspects of his play and be a little bit more judicious on when he jackals and when he doesn’t. I am expecting others to have very different views on this and admit I may be wrong but it that is the way I see his play at times. He is world best in a particular skill but not necessarily in a particular position (and yes maybe if he got to play 7 all the time that wouldn’t be the case).

      • IIPA

        Alister they are lyrics from a Gang of Youths song. One of his favourite bands ( as followers of Poey on social media can attest )

        • Alister Smith

          OK well that makes some sense then …. although quoting song lyrics in an attempt to convey wisdom can fall short sometimes. As I have always said “Do Do Do Do, Da Da Da Da , that’s all I want to say to you!”

        • iipa no but

  • Phill

    Reading this I thought GnGR had morphed into the Betoota Advocate.

  • Deb Brown

    good man great player…….

    what he chooses to do with his position and influence is also a good thing…

    makes a refreshing change from the usual genre headlines…

    perhaps the RA -PR Unit pushes the point to increase the global/mass or local appeal.

    after all money makes friends and dollars make sense.

    And i love watching/reading how people become so when there opinions are challenged -oh my goodness how dare you engage me in logical well thought informed discussion – do you not i forbid it i am entitled

  • I keep reading this article and comments every day because it’s the newest article and I keep coming back in the hope of rugby drama and banter…. so please bring some drama to the comments section for me. Cheika: what are the odds for staying and going by Xmas?

  • Ads

    so the tele (the shit paper, not that thing people used to watch pre netflix) is reporting Cheika stays with Johnson coming in above him though? WTF is that? How to make a shit situation even shitter!


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