Podcast 209: 7s Masterclass with Andy Friend - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 209: 7s Masterclass with Andy Friend

Podcast 209: 7s Masterclass with Andy Friend

This week’s Green and Gold Rugby Podcast sponsored by Sporple.com is a bumper harvest.

We hit the burning questions:

  • The Force victory in Japan- something or nothing?
  • Is this season of Super Rugby getting boring?
  • Was the Quade Cooper 7s experiment doomed from the start?
    Here we talk to Aussie 7s coach Andy Friend for a masterclass in a Rugby Sevens team makeup as well as hearing about the varying strategies of the top teams, including Australia
  • Which departed player have we missed the most this year so far?
  • Who should be the Wallaby 8?

There’s also an appearance from Matt’s famous ex England Hooker and admirer, Brian Moore from his podcast Full Frontal.

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  • Mart

    Anyone know when Kane Douglas is due back?

    • RugbyReg

      He should be right in about a month. Apparently he wants to spend time in the Wallaby camp to train (I hope he plays some club footy) and should be right to come back after that.

      My responses to the top 5:

      1. Yup, it was something. That game could have gone tits up for the 4s but they played some really good rugby. Thought the locks were great.
      2. I think the broader comp is suspect. I have limited interest in the African conference – I wonder if that happens in the USA, say in the baseball? Do you tend to just focus on the conference your team is in? I still get super excited about the Reds and will generally watch most Oz games.
      3. Not really but he was always up against it. As I think Hugh said, when he wasn’t picked from Sydney that was the indicator. He needed to kick arse after that to get the gig. I think he showed plenty of ability, but clearly needed more 7s exposure (both games as well as training – these outreach camps for eg) which he was never going to get. Can’t wait for the event this weekend.
      4. From a Super Rugby perspective QC has been the biggest loss as the Reds have not been able to find an decent 10.
      5. Pocock. Holloway to get a run off the bench at some stage.

      Loved the interview with Andy Friend. Great insight into 7s.

      • 4/5 – good effort

      • Hugh Cavill

        Re the US, they don’t have the timezone issues we do here. The games you may not care much about are only 2-3 hours ahead/behind, so you still watch a fair bit of it if you’re a fan of the sport.

        But here they are played from midnight to 4am, and so you need to seek out a replay if you want to watch them, which takes way too much time/effort for the average fan.

  • Hugh Cavill

    Hi guys,

    Just FYI that all personal sponsorship proposals should be sent to barbarian@greenandgoldrugby.com

    Please stop calling my personal phone with your lavish promises and big-money offers. I am a busy man and prefer to deal with such matters over email, thank you.


    • Gucci just got in touch – they want to know your boot size

      • Hugh Cavill

        Please direct them to the above email address. I refuse to conduct such negotiations in this manner.

  • idiot savant

    Loved the podcast guys. Thank you. Informative, intelligent, insightful. Great interview with Andy Friend. very good questions. I learned a lot.

    I always suspected that Higgers problem was he never wore sky blue. I would be interested to see how his stats compare to Holloway. But can we afford a wide channel runner like Reid? Our tight five cant match the NZ ruck workrate so we need a tight 7 to stay competitive. We really only have room for one loose running forward and thats Hooper.

    And if youre missing the QC internet traffic Im happy to regularly post about how ####ing glad I am he has left Australian rugby!!!

  • Kiap

    Good to hear the inside info on the sevens side from Andy Friend. And I didn’t know that the Aussie Thunderbolts name refers only to the development team rather than the full national side.


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