Podcast 220: Sweet Lid Backs - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 220: Sweet Lid Backs

Podcast 220: Sweet Lid Backs

Thank god those Poms have Brexited so we can get back to Super Rugby. In this week’s podcast sponsored by Sporple.com we cover these five burning questions:

  1. Is bringing back OS players for the RC the right call?
  2. What should Cheika do for the next month
  3. Are we worried about the Force?
  4. Will the test season break impact Oz teams?
  5. Which player has the most to prove leading up the the Rugby Championship?

Finally, we introduce our new segment – sweet lids of rugby. This week – the backs.

  • onlinesideline

    you guys sound more and more like Roy and HG

    love it guys

    • Bruce Lyle

      Roy and HG would love the comment in relation to Cheika helping david out with recovery.

      • RugbyReg

        he’s was just helping him out with his battered sav

  • onlinesideline

    by the way I totallyyy agree with opening comments about ridiculousnes of putting Mumm, Gits, Mitchell and whoever into world cup squad and bringing back kepu and horwill and so on and so on.

    it never made sense to me – its sends terrible message to all OZ based players – as in – the only way we can beat NH sides is by using guys that have played in NH – RETARDED thinking.

    We have beaten them for decades the normal way.

    Cheika thought he could capitailize on his own hard earned northern streetsmartz but to do what I ask ?

    anyway agrree with what was said in podcast

    BTW – I reckon this Coleman bloke is a keeper

    • RugbyReg

      PREACH IT!

  • Mart

    What should Cheika be working on?
    Kicking kicking kicking.
    Forget bunking in with Kepu to work on fitness. Get a kicking guru to move in with Foley. He’s a great runner and passer but this series general play and shots at goal below par.
    Get Johnny Wilkinson. Geez Farell credited him for his kicking.

    • Keith Butler

      Geez. A Pom mentoring Aussie FHs. What is the world coming to.

      • Mart

        I know weird right. You get the best guys for the job hey……
        Lets not go crazy though, I’m not talking about coaching the team, or the break down or the back line or mentoring kicking and general back line play, and running lines. ;)

  • Mart

    How’s Corey Jane not starting winger? for sweet lids.
    He’s rocked rats tails, man buns, top knots, mohawks the works

    • True, although that was more in the past, along with most of Hugh’s selections

    • Simon

      “Rocked” is not the word I would choose in that sentence.

      • Mart

        double thumbs up

  • idiot savant

    I was stirred, if not shaken, by your rousing patriotism Reg, but isnt it short sighted? The world is shrinking (along with the viability of our game in Australia) and the amount of money available elsewhere means that players will continue to drift away. The future surely is in a new system that acknowledges the global game and instead of discarding expatriates forever being more flexible about going and coming back. Other countries do it. Do we want to be left behind?

    There are also developmental benefits in overseas stints. Look how much better Dean Mumm was when he came back!!!! But seriously, Giteau became arguably a steadier hand due to his overseas experience. Some Aussies that stay might spend nearly their whole career under one coach which can be limiting. Who knows, 2 years in the Aviva league might take Toomua to another level and prime him for a senior player role in the next RWC. We cant bury our head in the sand. The future is not behind us.

    • Simon

      Yeah, Dean Mumm went from a lousy 3/10 to a solid 4.

  • idiot savant

    I was interested to hear you talk about the Cheika game plan. Ive probably got it wrong but seems to be get fit, play fast, ball in hand, and dont worry about kicking for territory or slowing the opposition ball? Shock and Awe – go out humming the Ride of the Valkyries and chanting “I love the smell of going wide at breakneck speed in the first 10 minutes” and blitz them.

    What worries me is that the Kiwis are just going to absorb the pressure and then mount a blitzkrieg of their own. We will be so exhausted after 60 minutes of Shock and Awe that in the final 20 minutes the Kiwis are going to go through us like the Germans went through Poland.

    • Hugh Cavill

      In attack you’re right, it’s speed and width all the way. I disagree in defence- we are fairly aggressive at ruck time and try and slow opposition ball wherever possible. We probably pushed it too hard against the Poms, and gave away a tonne of penalties. Without Pocock we just aren’t as good at this, which is fairly understandable.

      • ForceFan

        In reality the Wallabies were standing off most of England’s rucks and averaged 1 player/England ruck. They were very selective in their involvement.
        Note: The average level of involvement by Aussie SR teams this year has been 0.75 players involved per Defence Ruck. The maximum level has been 1.3 achieved in 3 games (by Brumbies x 2, Force x 1). The Waratahs, Reds and rebels have yet to achieve a game average of >1 player per Defence Ruck in 2016.

        Nevertheless England still lost 8 of their 90 rucks (91%).

        The Wallabies did support their own ball carriers, losing only 2 of 108 rucks (98%).
        England involvement was only 1 player per 2.5 Wallabies’ rucks.

  • ForceFan

    Of course the Western Force is “leaking” players which should be no surprise to anybody after prematurely sacking Michael Foley – despite the numerous confirmations of an end-of-season review – and 1/3 of the squad in the middle of contract negotiations (including Captain Matt Hodgson).
    Contract discussions were all being progressed by Foley.

    The playing group is now being managed under the ARU’s High Performance Manager, Ben Whitaker, in collaboration with CEO Mark Sinderberry.

    As per usual, during times of uncertainty, the players who go first are the players who would be retained under normal circumstances.

  • Tim

    Yeah i agree with alot of things said. Im more worried he is developing young players for the future. Such as fly half who else do we have to push Foley? jack debreczeni from the rebels is good but he needs work which being in the squad would help improve him. I don’t mind overseas players but only 1 or 2 from overseas we dont need everyone. Second row for later this year rory and kane douglas!

  • ForceFan

    I can understand the need to for some light-hearted banter after losing to England 3:0 in the June series but also find it a bit tragic that the take is chatting about “sweet lids”. Surely the focus should be on the skills of particular players (or lack of) rather than their appalling poor taste or slavery to fashion? JOC’s sweet lids tended to be when he was having least impact on the field.
    Nothing entertains more than good, competitive games of rugby. An occasional win also helps.

    • How many banter engagements per podcast would be appropriate at this time?

  • Srilaga Lakmal

    I think the solution to Foley’s kicking problem is obvious. Just have Lealiifano or Giteau at 12 and let them do the goalkicking since Cheika is gonna opt for a playmaking 12.

  • Richard

    What should Cheika be working on….?

    1. Better oversight of his key Wallaby players. Too many came into the test series with poor levels of fitness and overall form.
    2. His selection policy. He flat out got too many wrong and was punished because of it (front row, locks, inside centre).
    3. Game planning. Eddie Jones sucked him into playing England’s way — not the other way around. NZ will be the same.
    4. Media training. Got schooled by Jones and Hansen followed up with a nice little cameo. He needs to wise up.
    5. His coaching staff. Out coached in the areas of general kicking, fitness & conditioning, lineouts, counter-attack.
    6. Halftime team talks. Emotional rants are old school. Game-winning strategy always trumps yelling and screaming.

    You are on the big stage now Michael. The easy stuff re. fixing culture, player attitudes etc all been done. You’re now competing with top international sides who have worked out how your sides play. You need to evolve or run the risk of flaming out after 3 years.

    • Alister Smith

      Firstly I don’t think establishing a culture and attitude is an easy thing, particularly not in the circumstances under which the previous coach played. Secondly, I think there was clear evidence of a change or evolution of the game plan at strategy. I am not sure whether it was the appropriate change and I think the players are still adapting to it. In my mind, there were two major factors contributing to the losses (1) we dropped/turned over too much ball (2) we gave away two many penalties. If I was to add a third I would say we weren’t clever enough in the scrum (a point you completely missed in point five – however I don’t think its a coaching issue as much as the skill and ability of individual players).
      In terms of media training – I think that’s rubbish – if we had won it would not have mattered, what Eddie Jones said didn’t make us drop the ball or give away penalties. And in terms of half time talks – well I would like to know how you know what he said – I saw someone speaking emotively and passionately but as I couldn’t here what he said I don’t know how you are so sure he was just yelling and screaming.
      I have coached teams, admittedly not at a high level, and since I have done so I put very little value in commentators who make out they know everything that goes on with a team and offers simplistic (and often biased) advice on how to fix it – safe in fact that it will never be tried so you will never have to take responsibility for it.

  • Alejandro Ferreira

    I would personally like to see the ARU concentrate on developing the base, increasing participation (properly not just one off events to boost numbers) and getting junior teams playing regularly and at a higher standard particularly in WA, Victoria and Australia. There are a lot of kids that don’t fit AFL that would find a place in rugby. Also focus on supporting the existing nurseries in NSW, QLD and ACT. Chase the poorer areas that are neglected,forget the 80:20 rule – AFL and league can compete over what’s perceived as the top 20% of athletes. Rugby’s strength is that there is a place for every body shape on the field – let’s play to that strength and look to boost participation in any way we can. If that means the Wallabies lose some resources and don’t win so many games – well I am not too worried about a bit of medium short term pain (and I think we will still be relatively competitive overall anyway) that would be worth it in the long term.


Matt started G&GR just before the 2007 Rugby World Cup and has been enslaved ever since. Follow him on twitter: @MattRowley

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