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Coming into the Super Rugby semi finals that no-one cares about, Matt “Gagger” Rowley, Hugh “Barbarian” Cavill and host Rugby-football “Rugby Reg” Roberts go through this week’s five burning questions:

  1. Ok, who wins the Super Rugby Comp going on last weekend?
  2. Should the ARU and Tahs sign Hayne?
  3. Is Mick Byrne the messiah?
  4. Which job should Bernie get?
  5. Nick Stiles has been appointed Reds head coach after a ‘world-wide search’ – is it just jobs for the boys or the right decision?

We are also picking our Southern Hemisphere Nude-Nut Bald XV front row.

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  • jamie

    I still can’t fathom why Bernie Larkham’s gameplan as a coach is the opposite of how he played…

    • Rob

      Same here. Brainwashed by Jake White?

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      That’s been one of the biggest disappointments for me. He was such a great player with vision and the ability to make things happen and now seems to be stifling that play from both the Brumbies team and the Wallaby backs. The conspiracy theorists amongst us are thinking it’s all a ploy so that when the Wallabies come out to play at ANZ on 20 Aug they’ll produce something we haven’t seen yet. personally I hope not but it’s a great theory

    • Seb V

      Maybe because the players he’s coaching doesn’t have his skills. Lilo and Toomua are great players but they are hardly the attacking threats that Larkham, Horan, or even Gits were.

  • Square-eyes

    “the Super Rugby semi finals that no-one cares about”?
    Shurely shome mishtake!
    Funniest thing you chaps have written for a while.
    These 4 teams are playing scintillating rugby the like of which has not been seen for a while.
    Bring it on.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      absolutely mate

  • Square-eyes

    ….listening on…..
    Larkham & Aus Coaches.
    The Aus SR teams play 15 games a season.
    In Europe, the Pro12 play 22 games, as does the Eng Prem. The French Top 14 play 26. There are Euro games to play, usually 8 each, then the play-offs bit if you’re good enough and the English/Welsh play their young-chaps in the LV Cup. Not to mention Academy Fixtures.
    That’s a lot more than the Aussie teams.
    What do the Aussie SR coaches do with their time?
    With the ARU pleading poverty, might it not be an idea to have ALL SR coaches as part-time?
    Same with the Wallabies. Unlike Europe, they NEVER play when SR plays, the players always have time off. I don’t see part-time Wallabies skills/attack/scrum/defence/etc coach combined with SR coaching as a problem.
    What have I missed here?

  • blueboy11

    “Coming into the Super Rugby semi finals that no-one cares about”. Donald Trump would be proud of that level of spin zone!

  • invented15

    Avid, far flung listener from Spain here. Hola!

    Like others, I am a bit bummed out that you don’t care about the semi finals given that these four teams are playing the best rugby in the competition. I’m a Highlanders fan, but it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy great rugby played by other teams. Come on Hugh – just enjoyed the game!

    I do think the Lions have a great shot to beat the Highlanders though – Highlanders have been in 4 countries in the past 4 weeks – from RSA to Argentina to NZ to Oz – and now back to RSA. This has to take a toll on a team. That said – no need to be lazy about descriptions Hugh – the Highlanders have one of the best defences in the competition – and don’t just have a ‘kicking game’.

    Regardless, its going to be a great weekend of rugby!

    • blueboy11

      The Highlanders certainly play for territory more than the two other NZ sides who have made it this far. To characterise them as only having a kicking game is obviously pretty laughable though (something they’ve been doing since they knocked the tahs out last year behind an unbelievable kicking game and exceptionally clinical finishing), considering the utterly lethal back three they have, as well as the running and playmaking capabilities of A. Smith and Lima. The biggest area they are found lacking in attack is ball carrying and athleticism in their pack.

      When you consider the athletes the Canes and Chiefs have, it really opens up their games and allows them to play more of a full court games than the Highlanders, who only really have Squire and Dixon as great carriers in the pack.

    • Hugh Cavill

      My comment wasn’t so much about the quality of rugby – I’m sure it’s high and have no doubt these are the best four teams.

      I suppose I am just suffering a bit of rugby fatigue at the moment. The comp has been running for five months now, and with another three months ahead of us I just need a bit of a break!

    • RugbyReg

      And let’s be clear here – it was only Hugh who displayed such apathy towards quality, intense semi-final rugby.

      Matt and I love the stuff – can’t wait for the weekend.

      GO LIONS!

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Bit harsh on the call that no-one cares about the semis mate. There may be a lot here in Australia who are so disappointed no Aussie team is involved that they won’t care but I think there are a lot more genuine rugby fanatics who actually do still care and are interested. The biggest issue is that the games are either too early or too late here. But I’m sure there will till be people watching and I hope GGR continue to comment on the games so people can discuss in the forums.

    • Paul

      I’m sure Chieka and Larkham will be watching – eyes glued to the screen, notebooks in hand – looking at how good rugby is played…lol

  • Dear Kiwis,

    ‘not caring’ about the Semis is a joke! We’ll be cheering the arse off the Lions.

    (Except for Hugh – he’s a millennial and therefore has crapped out on the whole thing)

    • Square-eyes

      Well you would say that now!
      And they say the Yanks don’t do irony.
      Top Shock-Jocking boys. Putting that Alan Bond bloke in the shade

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Bit rough mate. Most Kiwi’s actually want a strong Australia and would cheer for Australia against anyone except NZ. Always a few dicks but most of us, while loving beating Australia at any sport or competition ever, still see you as our brothers and want you to win when you play.

      • We obviously need to start using [joke] [/joke] tags!

        Hard to put them around the podcast each week though

        [bit more serious] Kiwis might want to reflect on how “you might not be in the comp but should just feel privileged to watch our awesome rugby” might come off to anyone else [/bit more serious]

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Sorry mate I should have realised that knowing how much you enjoy good rugby. Yeah understand that and anyone who does go on like that deserves what they get

      • Happyman

        Mate I think the Toungue was firmly in cheek who would not want to watch the four teams left in the finals this year. I must I love watching the Kiwi teams play but as I cop so much crap from my Kiwi mates about Rugby I could never be happy for them

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Yeah I’m sure it was. I feel your pain mate I get it for every sport except rugby. With that and jokes about my girlfriends baaaabaaara and meeeeerry I’m still getting smashed despite the rugby

  • Tim

    Bernie Larkham’s has failed as a back-line coach. You look at the Brumbies back-line and its full with talent. Yet there attack was very average. They got known for the rolling mawl yet their back-line would lack in attack. I hope he stays at Brumbies to show improvement

  • RobC

    thanks chaps!

    1. Lions are great. Other players to look out for:
    – Hooker Malcolm Marx: ex flanker. May displace the Bok captain
    – Ruan Combrinck: aka the punisher
    – Warren Whiteley: their #8 and captain. Back in action this weekend
    – Jaco Kriel: he’s SA’s Ardie Savea
    – Lionel Mapoe: best feature is his chicken head tries

    Good call Reg on the Reds 2011. They are just like it. Except Elton Jantjies is no Quade Cooper. But good enough! Faf is just like Gregan. triple threat plus he’s their tactical general, and he tackles props for breakfast, even though he’s only 66KG 5 ‘8

    2. NO

    • RobC

      3. Bryne is not the messiah. But he will help fix the mess

      4. Bernie needs to fix up his own mess at the Brums. Now that he can use the off season.

      WBs attack is too much like Bernie in golden era. Those days are gone. We need to develop triple threat players. DEATH to the running game.

      5. GO REDS!

      EGG HEADs:
      – The entire reds pack shaved a few years back. http://i.imgur.com/qaUzCcJ.jpg
      – Then there’s Sharpie.
      – Schalk Burger is another baldie at the back
      – Cant forget Fards. The bald eagle who likes to spread his wings at the Refs.

  • A Fan

    Bernie Larkham is to Rugby what Brad Fitler was to league. A fantastic player and an untested coach way out of their depth.

  • Lester Spigot

    It’s a joke that anyone could say Izzy Folau is the only successful league convert. Lote Tuquiri scored 30 test tries, which is as many as Horan and Roff, and Folau only overtook Tuquiri’s record of 29 career tries for the Waratahs this year.

    I don’t want the ARU to waste money on Hayne either, but let’s leave out the revisionist history.

  • Hugh Cavill

    Good to have you back Bill.

  • Marcus from New Zealand – as we said on the podcast, the Lions are really playing a great brand of footy – like the ’11 Reds and ’14 Tahs – and we’re really loving it.

    I don’t think what the Kiwi teams are doing is the same actually. They’re clearly being very skilful and successful, but it doesn’t mean they’re playing the same way at all.

    And I find it hard to understand that you can’t understand that when you don’t have any home teams in a comp, your interest is likely to diminish.

  • Hugh Cavill

    Maybe we’re not for you, that’s fine. All we ever try and be is authentic. I’ve checked out of Super Rugby a bit – as I said above it’s been five months of constant rugby now and I’m a bit fatigued. I’m not going to lie and fudge some analysis of the comp.

    There are podcasts out there that analyse the game in more detail, maybe you’d enjoy that more. We are just three fans having a chat about the issues in the game, which is all we’ve ever been. I think your last paragraph is off the mark – I don’t think we’re bitter at all. We had a long discussion a few weeks ago about the performance of the code as a whole, and certainly didn’t pull any punches. But we generally try and stay upbeat and optimistic- it’s just a game, after all.

  • Jack Mallick

    William I’d recommend you get back into the habit of listening to the podcasts.

    I listen every week, because they get great guests on (coaches, journos, players who all speak openly and honestly), they do thoughtful appraisals of the games played and games coming up, they are well connected with the various organisations in Oz and share the inside word, they are passionate and entertaining.

    Just the other week they did a brilliant podcast with a great discussion on the “deterioration in skills and thinking in Australian rugby”.

    You should look it up and offer your constructive opinion there.

    Gagger and Reg, what are the chances of getting Mick Byrne on channel?

  • RugbyReg

    Thanks Jack. Mick would be a great get and has been discussed. Just not sure if we could match Marto on Fox Rugby in terms of questions to ask him…


Matt started G&GR just before the 2007 Rugby World Cup and has been enslaved ever since. Follow him on twitter: @MattRowley

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