Podcast 229 - First Round Rugby Championship Report Card - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 229 – First Round Rugby Championship Report Card

Photo by Keith McInnes
Podcast 229 – First Round Rugby Championship Report Card

James, Blake and Richard blaze away at the first round of the Rugby Championship in their Rugby Report Card.

WARNING – Change Sheds Language

  • Henry Dissmissinya

    I agree, Chek needs to be angry again, and he does look like he’s been overthinking this year, he’s looked overstressed and soft this whole year ive noticed it since before the first english test

  • Seb V

    summed up perfectly with “camp is a waste of time”.

  • Simon

    Interesting that those guys all thought Genia was crap. I and most of the forum had Genia as our Wallaby MOTM.
    I guess it depends on what you are looking for in a 9. I really rated his quick ball and his kicking was very good compared to his pre-Europe standards.

    • Seb V

      Thought it was interesting they said Douglas was class? Based on what? He missed more tackles then Simmons? He is suppose to some hard nut lock but he’s only had a handful of solid games for the Tahs back in 2014 and maybe one solid game at the RWC, the perception of him is vastly over-rated. He has potential, don’t get me wrong, but he has a long way to go and is currently over-rated.

      • Simon

        Well he’s basically played not at all for a year, so deserves a bit longer to show he can find his RWC form again. At his best he’s the lock we’ve been desperately in need of.
        But no, I wouldn’t call his performance last night class.

        • The Rugby Report Card

          I think for us it came back to expectations. Genia has been world class previously and Phipps hasn’t done a lot to miss out. So we expected more from Genia. And the lock is on the contrary, with no one firing it was nice to see Douglas add a little muscle.
          However, after looking at the post game stats you have a valid point and Douglas does need to add more. Douglas does need time and it was a decent return to the toughest stage.

  • jamie

    Lopeti Timani on the bench (at least) next week.

    • The Rugby Report Card

      That’s a great idea, bring on some muscle from the bench and has been in form all season. He also offers a legitimate option come lineout time.

      • jamie

        He’s only 194cm, but he’s aggressive and athletic, and won’t get pushed or knocked off any lineout pill.

  • Terrible podcast, a bunch of angry guys swearing their heads off. I didn’t enjoy that and stop listening after a few minutes.

    • The Rugby Report Card

      Thanks for the feedback. This podcast is different and we are trying to do something different to the mainstream media and give that more immediate fan based feedback. And given the performance of the wallabies, it was difficult to not let our emotions get the better of us.

      But if it’s not your thing, all good brother. thanks for giving it a listen.

      • Cheers mate, maybe I’ll give it another go. I get it, the Wallabies were truly woeful.

        • buckinsingapore

          Agree with you Ready! Have been faithfully been listening to the GAGR podcast since the very beginning, and I thought this latest one was rubbish. I told it like it is too but my post was politely deleted.

        • Mate there have been only 2 comments deleted as they both came from the same troll in NZ misrepresenting themselves using different names.

          No idea where yours went – unless you were one of those!

        • Garry

          At the risk of pissing in your pocket, that podcast needed more of your presence to make it work. It wasn’t good.

        • mmmm, feels warm!

    • Tele Ventouras

      I agree..

  • Ben

    Move Folau to 12 and keep TK 13. Move Haylett-Petty back to 15. Bring Drew Mitchell to the wing.

    • The Rugby Report Card

      I’m on board with this the more ball Folau gets the better.

  • Ball&All

    Finally a podcast that tells it like it is!
    It’s refreshing to hear a few blokes saying what most commentators probably want to say. Had me in stitches! I almost feel like I’m sitting down having a drink with them. Let’s hope the Wallabies come out on top next week in that 5-13 range hahahaha.

  • Opheliacrutchmore

    I thought the podcast was awesome. Felt like I was back in the ‘sheds’ getting a spray from the coach – deservedly so!! Re the match I didn’t mind watching it in the end. Took off my Wallaby hat and just watched from the point of view how good rugby can be, didn’t hurt so much that way.

  • Dally M

    I like the fact that there is extra content and appreciate the different viewpoints but the excessive swearing sounds forced and very bogan.

    Hopefully the boys settle in and refine their delivery.

  • BroTown

    I thought the podcast was great! Can’t wait for the next one. I have two criticisms though.
    First: you need to spell it out for the sensitive types before you go all Sweary Dunlop on them. Something like “Warning! This podcast contains the word ‘fuck’ 12 times a minute” for instance. Just to keep the runts off the comments section. Second: Crotty’s crap? Watch some rugby you arse-clown.

  • Gegonago

    > You want us to stay listening? Lift the quality of your work.

    Speak for yourself.

  • Nelse

    The format of this podcast is meant to be an immediate post match reaction. That’s why it comes out the next day. It’s meant to be the same sort of environment as being at the pub after the game with mates and going through the good, bad, pretty, and ugly parts of the game. That’s why you get the emotion, that’s why you get the wild statements. If you don’t agree, that’s good! It starts the discussion. If you’re not a fan of the format and want the considered analysis, that’s fine too. Listen to the other podcast on the stream. “Poorly thought-out and poorly presented” isn’t constructive though

  • Hugh Cavill

    Don’t listen! No-one is forcing you to do anything here.

    We’ve bought the Rugby Report Card in to give people more content. They’ve got a different approach to us – one which I enjoy but like all media I’m sure there will be people who don’t. That’s fine, we don’t set out to please everyone.

    But at the end of the day, you are the person who controls the on/off switch here…

  • The Rugby Report Card

    Thanks Hugh! thats why we love you despite you hating Crotty so much.

  • I agree, which is why I switched off, and I thought you guys should be aware of that. I guess I was expecting a certain type of conversation from a GAGR podcast before I listened. Anyway, I appreciate the response I got The Rugby Report Card above.


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