(feat. Peter Playford) Podcast 228 - Rispuct - Green and Gold Rugby

(feat. Peter Playford) Podcast 228 – Rispuct

(feat. Peter Playford) Podcast 228 – Rispuct

Podcast 228 – Rispuct


After first round disaster in the Rugby Championship the Green and Gold Rugby Show regulars are joined by ex-Waratah player and NRC head-coach Peter Playford for a chat and to help out on this week’s five burning questions:

  1.  Was Saturday the worst Wallabies game ever & what was the most worrying aspect?
  2. Should “Giteaus Law” be scrapped?
  3. What’s the most achievable change we can make to somewhat turn the tide?
  4. *What’s the NRC’s place in Australian Rugby?
  5. *Which star will the NRC unearth this time round?

* Peter Playford specific questions.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we do making them and love hearing feedback, reviews or suggestions. So get in touch via: itunes, facebook, twitter, discuss(below this article), soundcloud.

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  • David Mitchell

    What to fix – throw line outs underarm and make the lineout call on the way down field.

  • Gegonago

    Please dont stop them swearing. Frankly podcasts in general get waaaaaaay to homogeneous when they end up pandering to an audience. They all devolve into some grey mush without a niche.

    That blunt edge was the reason I enjoyed listening, its their niche. Dont take away its personality because it triggers a few people.

    You are Australians ffs!

  • Pedro

    The worst thing for me was the wallabies inability to think in their feet or perhaps have options. This was most obvious when Foley was getting charged down, each time the defence over committed and it took until late in the game for him to realise that he didn’t have to kick, just because he planned to.

    In the same way the lineout was being read like a book, there’s no reason why the hooker can’t just drill it at the front man despite calling something else. I’d be surprised if they don’t have options on each call, use the options and use them late, once the defence is committed.

    • Huw Tindall

      This is a chronic problem for the wallabies it seems. Assuming you can’t ‘train’ this in a week then what differenial action do you take as Cheika this week? Can’t really have a more experienced captain than Moore and Foley has plenty of experience by now. Can you train decision making? Its a bloody tough nut to crack. Almost systemic stretching back to Eddie Jones over coached Wallabies sides which Daryl Gibson alluded to earlier this year.

  • Tim

    I don’t mind the Giteaus law but i think we shouldn’t just bring players back for the sake of it. I think if the players overseas and key stand out players over there we should. I don’t know what Coleman did wrong i thought he played really well over the June tests. Moore needs to be dropped which should see his attitude change and strive to succeed.We have good forwards we just need to choose the ones in form. I keep saying this WE HAVE NO DEPTH AT 10 or 9 and we are not building any depth in these areas and we are suffering for it :(

  • A Fan

    Don’t censor the Sunday podcast because I’m guessing a noisy minority let words hurt their feelings or sensibilities.

    Words only have the power that we as a society give them.

    The Review pod has been an excellent edition, really the more top quality content that we can get as an Australian rugby public the better.

    Let them birds fly free

  • Rebels3

    Loved the chat with Peter playford. I whole hartedly agree with just about everything he said.

  • BTW, to the same kiwi troll – Richard, Scott, whatever – keep at it bro.

    That you listen to the podcasts and then write pages about it gives me a real tickle

    • Keepin’ It Real

      There is medication available to heal such chronic bitterness. It may help you enjoy the rugby a little more.

  • Bert

    Great listening to the extra podcast.
    I concur with the other lads. Swearing is ok!
    Lots of people swear. I’ll admit that I do it, and as of this week, way more often…


Brumbies supporter now living in Melbourne. Rugby and Larkham fan ever since he de beered de Beer. Never shy of controversy because when I say it it's cute.

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