Podcast 239 - Thistling Time - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 239 – Thistling Time

Podcast 239 – Thistling Time

 Podcast 239 – Thistling Time

After the Wallabies and Ireland’s triumphant victories, and leading into the game against Scotland. Host Rugby Reg, Matt Rowley and Hugh Cavill are joined by special Scottish guest and fellow pod-caster Matthew Hannay (The Thistle Rugby Podcast) to take you through this weeks ‘thistling questions':

  1. What was the best take away from the Welsh win?
  2. What can we expect from the Scottish test?
  3. How did the Irish teach us all to beat the ABs?
  4. Can you get excited about the June Test Series/How do we get excited about the June Test Series?
  5. TPN to the Force – will they be a Force?

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  • Nutta

    1. Best take away was that we gelled. It worked. Lineout was sound, forward running had impetus, short-kicking game negated the blitz defence, support of the runner was generally accurate, general handling & ball skills are clearly better and we scored some sound tries. Timani in is better then Timani out given the options. He brings a proper physical edge and he will only get better. But he’s not there yet.

    2. The Scots will scrap. They always do. We must kick our goals and our set peice must be efficient. If we crack them they will crack wide. But if we give them a sniff and if the weather is shite… and the forecast is cold & rain… Newcastle…

    3. Stick to your guns. You must have your 1%ers bang on, make your tackles and your set peice sound. But most of all, don’t play the AIB’s game. The AIB’s currently don’t want the ball when the situation is not perfect. Just because you have the ball doesn’t mean you have to run EVERYTHING. Reverse it and put them under pressure. They have shown they will crack.

    4. I’m struggling. Tests are tests and I never played one so full balls to those that do. But especially when we have a game-marketing challenge in Oz then Fiji, Scotland and Italy doesn’t hold that much for us in that if we don’t win those games by cricket scores then it will only be cause for a new round of Wobbly kicking.

    5. Good luck to Taff. When Parramatta was the weeping wound of the west for Sydney rugby he was a leviathan and hopefully he will do the same for Forcies in the west for Australian rugby. For me he is one of those guys who has earned the rugby green-card to go wherever the hell he likes and to do whatever the hell he wants (think Caine in Kung Fu).

    • jamie

      Regarding point 4: I actually think Fiji and Italy will do well here.

      Huuuuge populations of Fijians in Australia. And just about everyone in Aus seems to be at least part Italian.
      Scotland on the other hand, well: if it’s marketed right. We’d have (hopefully) only won 2 from the last 4 against them, so it will be a competition.

      • Nutta

        Fair points. Esp about the Fijians. Maybe I’m just more of a pessimist. I’ll be more optimistic. Hey, did you see the US elected this really exciting new guy to be their President?

        • jamie

          Thank fuck that’s over… Could not think of 2 worse candidates outside of Kim Jong Un and Dean Mumm.

          Italian Game probably should’ve been in Melbourne, we have so many wogs down here

          “The Italian community of Melbourne is the second largest ethnic group in Greater Melbourne, Australia, second to the Anglo-Celtic Australians ethnic group.”

        • Nutta

          That’s a bit harsh on Mummy!

          Agree on the Melbourne idea though. Good idea actually

  • Dingleberry Hufflethwaite III

    Always love these podcasts guys. Really appreciate the time and effort you put into it. Even more fun when we’re talking about a win!

    Is it just me or is there only one side of the stereo file this week? All I’m getting is the right side…

    • Bobas

      It shouldn’t be doing that, i’m hoping its just you. Because I’ve checked and confirmed we’re coming in both ears on my side. Hopefully your headphones just aren’t pushed in far enough.

      • Dingleberry Hufflethwaite III

        Ah ok – looks like something to do with the version I’ve downloaded from SoundCloud. If I just stream it, then I’m in stereo while the downloaded version is mono.

        No biggie :)

        • Bobas

          okay, still weird, a mono file should still play through both speakers.

      • Pedro

        Worked fine for me.

    • Pearcewreck
      • Brisneyland Local

        You have to be Wired for Sound!
        Good call my friend!

  • Pedro

    Negative Jonah or doubting Jonah, which is it?

  • Kevino

    1) Finally found a locks combo
    2) A great atmosphere, not much else
    3) Stick to your game plan, have good depth through the 23 players. (32 man squad, Irish still have O’Mahony, O’Brian and Earls to come back)
    4) Not at all, hope the ticket prices reasonable. Would not be paying more than $70 for sideline views at the Fiji game.
    5) Nope, great player but its not enough to give them a chance.

  • Brisneyland Local

    Again great Pod guys. You really are saving me from one commute a week of having to deal with the great unwashed that are the travellers on the Sydney Train network!
    The View according to BL:
    1. The big take away was the second row. How good was that! They were utter beasts. OUr skill sets are impriving but there are still too many unforced errors. Three bungled trys in the first half alone. But it is an improvement none the less.
    2. Hopefully if we further consolidate the improvement and dont regress we can really start building a base for the coming years ahead.
    3. What impressed me about the Irish was they never gave up, they were in it every minute of the game. The attacked the breakdown really hard, committing players, pushing hard, cleaning out. Really good tough rugby.
    4. I am not excited about the June test series as it isnt even a blip on the radar screen yet. But I will. I get excited about every Wallabies match even when I know we are going to get pumped by the All Blacks, I still get excited. Because it is test rugby.
    5. TPN should provide so good muscle, and some maturity and mentoring amongst the junior players. This can never be underated. They appear to have a much better squad on paper than previous years, so it will be exciting to watch.


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