Podcast 240 - Hans Gruber at 10 - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 240 – Hans Gruber at 10

Podcast 240 – Hans Gruber at 10

In this week’s rugby podcast Reg and Matt are re-joined by Jamie Miller all the way from the USA and they smash the hell out of these burning questions:

  1. Was that a better Wallaby win than Wales?
  2. Who caught the eye (good or otherwise?)
  3. What do we expect for France?
  4. Half way there – are we set for Grand Slam or Grand Flop?
  5. Biggest surprise in the international results on the weekend?

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  • MalachyBernard

    First here! Sloppy game but happy the Grand Slam is still in play. If Colman is no longer available can we get Kane Douglas over Dean Mumm? Is he injured or did he upset MC some way?

    • Dorothy Ball

      Injured shoulder, I believe.

  • Mart

    “you’re my white Knight”

  • david baldwin

    I love the podcast but can’t handle the analysis sometimes! The Henry Speight issue is quite clear, he is playing on the wrong side of what field. He is a right winger not a left winger and has a great left arm fend! Same applied to AAC when he was pushed to the wing. I don’t understand why you would play him on he right wing when he had one of the best, if. It the best, left hand fends in the game. It’s maddening!

    • That would explain it!

      And the fact that our ‘analysis’ is coming from very average ex forwards

      • RugbyReg

        I used to hang out on the wing a fair bit if that helps…

    • RugbyReg

      do the Brumbies play him on the wrong wing too? Cause he has done much or them lately either. Perhaps we are better off picking someone who can play the position adequately then?

      • david baldwin

        Sorry lads – was a slightly low blow :)
        But I stand by the assessment. He is infinitely more effective on the right wing. Watch his Youtube highlights and this is reinforced.

        Reg, I don’t disagree with the comment but I would then ask – have the Brumbies been good in attack this year? They seem to have done very little if you ask me. I personally would not pick him, James O’Connor would be my starting winger in a dream scenario but alas.

        The Wallabies need to pick at true left winger. look at the All Blacks – Corey Jane would be far less effective on Savea’s wing where he cannot use that brilliant fend.

  • Mart

    I love listening to you call out the all blacks on their holier than thou attitude and the publicity sluts they are.

    When listening to another Australian rugby podcast it’s cringe worthy how much they lap it up.

    • Call me bitter and cynical, BUT WAKE UP SHEEPLE

    • The Genius

      I love it too. Seriously it is priceless weekly entertainment to deflect away from another sub-par Wallaby performance. I guess things would change if the rugby being played by teams representing NZ was being played by teama representing Australia then Matt would be gushing with praise. If only huh? Meanwhile the house there is burning. The losses keep piling up, the ratings keep falling, the factions keep fighting and rugby in the ultra competitive Australian sporting market keeps sliding. Sad really.

      Interesting too to see Melbourne Storm Head Coach Craig Bellamy and Football Manager Frank Ponissi recently spend a week with the All Blacks. I guess not everyone there has your same opinion.

      • Who here has ever said NZ teams don’t play good rugby?

        You’re stuck in an argument no one else is having

        • The Genius

          I have been listening to this Podcast for 4 years now. I believe it is at it’s best when there is constructive discussion, interesting guests and thoughtful analysis on topical issues. I also think the structure of the 5 burning questions works very well. Maybe everyone feeling fatigued from a challenging year for Australian rugby but positive solutions and intelligent idea generation feel better content to me than pointless trash on rivals and referees.

        • You’re still not making sense

        • The Genius

          Australian rugby has regressed this year because they failed to evolve from the World Cup, they failed to innovate and they failed to upskill. Other countries have and have benefitted – some at the expense of Australia. Australia have a head coach with a myopic, out-dated attitude. It has burned him and his team badly. Don’t let this Podcast go the same direction. On the assumption you want the future to be better than the past.

      • Mart

        Phew hit a nerve….

      • Pearcewreck

        As an Aussie, I hope I am never so arrogant as too go to an NZ or SA site and start preaching.
        Why are you here?

  • Hugh Cavill

    Re Q1, I’m with Reg. Scotland played a bloody good game, and it took us 76 minutes to break down their dogged defence. While I’m not sure if it was as good as Wales, it was a fairly good effort. Also agree with Jamie that it was a game we probably would have lost 2-3 years ago.

    • Enough from the cheap seats

      • Pearcewreck

        Whose Mrs is that in the picture, Reg, Matt or Hugh’s???
        Whose ever it is, please tell her,
        “No Bra next time please!”

        • RugbyReg

          if that was my missus I wouldn’t be wasting my time with podcasts.

          Now I just hope my missus continues to not read this site…

  • Rebels3

    The Mumm tackle was good, but there is now a myth that there was nobody infront of the winger

    If you watch a frame later on the telecast you’d notice our winger is close to hitting him front on (maybe speight), genia is coming across in cover and im pretty sure Folau is slightly infield and would hit him front on as well.

  • Tim

    1) We played trash against Scotland we didn’t even put in a grubber or cross kick which worked well the week before.
    2) Pocock was a nutcase he was soo good. Simmons i thought had a bad game same with TK both of them let in soft tries.
    3) France are hit an miss but coming off an easy win we could force pressure to take the game but both teams are hit and miss atm.
    4) If we use our brains we should but i doubt it.

    When Moore asked for a yellow card but the ref thought he asked for a yellow card for Skelton. I’m surprised the ref didn’t give a yellow to Scotland. I would rest Hooper and have Fardy Timani and pocock back-row, with Rory and Kane.

    Bench front 3 the same. Sean skelton then either mumm or fardy

  • Brisneyland Local

    Great podcast again guys. BL’s points:

    – Was that a better Wallaby win than Wales? Nope definitely not, whilst I acknowledge the points made about Scotland being a better opposition than Wales, I thought we were very lucky to pulkl that one out of the bag. If Foley had had an average night with the boot which he is prone to do we would have been in real tropuble.

    – Who caught the eye (good or otherwise?) – Agree that Moore had a cracker, but thought you guys were gentle on Skelton. That was really really stupid.

    What do we expect for France? – I expect htat the French, like they can at times will get their shit or cheese in one sock, and might come out firing. Les Blues are always so unpredictable and on any given day can really tie on one. I expect that this could be one of those days.

    Half way there – are we set for Grand Slam or Grand Flop? Unless we fix our skill errors and settle our selction issues I think Ireland and England are likely to give us a complete touch up!

    Biggest surprise in the international results on the weekend? Cocnur with those mentioned.

    • Opheliacrutchmore

      “Half way there – are we set for Grand Slam or Grand Flop? Unless we fix our skill errors and settle our selection issues I think Ireland and England are likely to give us a complete touch up!”

      Agree about skills to an extent but I feel decision making is missing mainly the last hail Mary pass. A lot of skill/desicion errors was from Hodge missing his runs – intime it will be good and he does hit the space very hard – now if he only had the ball in his hands :-)


Matt started G&GR just before the 2007 Rugby World Cup and has been enslaved ever since. Follow him on twitter: @MattRowley

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