Podcast 241 - Barbarian love - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 241 – Barbarian love

Podcast 241 – Barbarian love

On this week’s rugby podcast Matt is joined by Reg and Hugh as they punch on with these burning questions:

1. How did the French win rate – best of the year?

2. Was Cheika right to rest so many players?

3. Who are you most excited to see for the Aussie Barbarians?

4. What’s the key to beating Ireland?

5. What caught your eye in last weekend’s internationals?

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  • jamie

    Fantastic podcast guys.

    Frenchies didn’t play at their best. It was a definitely a good game to watch though. Both sides played positive rugby

    Since we won, you can’t argue with Cheik’s policy on resting players ;-)

    Big Benny Mowen and Marika Koroibete

    Keeping our discipline intact, achieving parity on set piece, and scoring more tries than them. Keeping Skelton out will help on 2/3 of those accounts

    Eddie Jones’ mouth, and Wales and South Africa’s regression in the international arena.

  • Kevino

    France are poor at the moment, really hard to rate.
    Was a good call, need a squad of about 35 to compete in the RWC
    Koroibete and Mark G
    Controlling the break down, even if CJ Stander is out Ireland will have a great back row with O’Mahony, O’Brien and Heaslip. Would also expect Toner to trouple the Aussie line out.
    Just how poor Wales Old Man club has got, they needed to make some changes 4 years ago. They are now just dreadful.
    Also Georgia beating Samoa is a big result.

    • Dorothy Ball

      Several people on various fora have mentioned the Georgia v Samoa result as a surprise, but I don’t get it. G went into it ranked 12th after changing places with Japan (11th) when the latter beat them the previous week. Samoa remain in 14th spot. The teams drew in Apia in June, with Georgia beating Tonga and Fiji on the same tour. Where’s the surprise? Georgia certainly won’t beat Scotland on Saturday, but keep an eye out for the scrum – it’s immense.

      • jamie

        Unless a side play 12-15 tests a year, the rankings do not favour them in the slightest. Anywhere out of the top 8-10 are not that accurate.

        By the way, when do we start considering Japan a big rugby nation, like we do Argentina? 2019 RWC?

        • Dorothy Ball

          That’s hardly germane to the question of whether or not it’s an upset, as they’re surely subject to similarly challenging conditions in terms of breaking into the top 10. The main thing is: why was it a surprise?

  • Mart

    I still feel like selecting Simmons is blocking the Colemans and Arnolds of the world.
    They are in now and Colemans obviously injured But could’ve been selected a lot earlier.
    There’s other guys that need to be pushed through.
    Simmons has not got any better.
    He had a more enthusiastic game But run meters and ruck clearouts are big issues.
    Good tackle count. No dominant tackles though

    • RugbyReg

      who else needs to be pushed through?

      • Mart

        Caydern Neville , Arnolds clone.
        Plenty of other second rowers out there


Matt started G&GR just before the 2007 Rugby World Cup and has been enslaved ever since. Follow him on twitter: @MattRowley

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