Podcast 243 - Cheer up Cheik - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 243 – Cheer up Cheik

Podcast 243 – Cheer up Cheik

Suckers for punishment that they are, Reg, Matt and Hugh have Tim the pommy Eggchaser on the podcast AGAIN.

This week they answer these burning questions:

  1. What was the biggest factor in that result?
  2. England – arse or class?
  3. Does Australia have a discipline issue?
  4. What did we learn from this tour?
  5. State of Origin proposed for the June window next year – is it a brainfart?

Get your ideas in for a summary of the year bumper sticker to be used on next week’s show!

  • MalachyBernard

    Gents – while you are hammering into Peyper – why doesn’t Chek taylor the style of play for the ref of the day? If you get a Joubert you know you can go harder at the defensive breakdown – and for others you pull back a bit.

    • You would seem to be talking about plan B’s……..

      • MalachyBernard

        Ah – plan B’s which Chek seems to be allergic to?

  • Aron

    Gotta agree – Mike Brown’s a dick who’s very aware of the camera.
    We got talent out wide but I don’t see us getting back in the top 2 for a long time with the options we have at 9 and 10. Cooper back to 2011 form seems unlikely.

  • Brisneyland Local

    As always a great pod to listen to. I thought our good “Eggchaser” freind went gentle on us.
    The only issue I want to raise for discussion in regards to the umpiring is this. If we constantly whige about the umpiring, and lets face facts we do, because it is shit, but let us let that one go through to the keeper for a minute. If we keep whinging about the refereeing it kind of becomes a self fullfilling prophecy. We, whether it is done consciously or sub-conciously predjudice ourselves in the refs mind. I truly believe regardless of how bad the reffing is, we need shut the fuck up, and just play the game. Win some games, demonstrate that we are no longer whingers, then, only then do I think we will be able to engage in a positive and genuine discussion about the rules enforcement on the paddock. Until then, no ref, or even Mr Rolland will want to engage with us.

    • Rebels3

      Reffing is all perception, at the moment the perception of us is that we infringe more than other teams. We therefore get pinged for it.

      Perception needs to be earn’t, something that the All Blacks (particularly McCaw) had earn’t through dialect, mannerisms and well…. just being successful. England have now earn’t this level of perception through results and other factors, and fair game to them.

      The new masters of perception however are Ireland, its as if someone in the IRFU had broken into Richie McCaw’s house, stole his invisibility cloak, had it multiplied and then handed out to each of the Irish forwards to infringe and manipulate the game as much as they like free of any consequence. Their 4,4 and 3 penalty counts over 3 games reflect this. Once again fair game to them, they play to the whistle and take the laws of the game to the edge with great effect.

      As much as he is a great player and will be a loss for us, I think the loss of Pocock next year will be a blessing in disguise with regards to ref perception. Being built up as the ultimate breakdown menace brings with it extra attention from referees, looking for this spoiling and infringing tactics that he is world renowned for.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Rebels you raise a really a really good point. I think the perception combined how we deal with ref’s has left us in an insidious postion. We need to launch a re-branding campaign, and Cheika can no longer whinge publically about the refs.

  • LA

    This year is really the year of Post Truth. Come on Mr Egg Chaser.

    Saying Wallabies 2016 – 9 Losses, 407 points against are the worst all time by an international side???

    Wales have lost 11 matches in a season twice (2003 & 2007). Italy (1973, 1999, 2009, 2014), Scotland (2004), & Argentina (2013) have all lost 10 matches in a calendar year.

    Italy in 1999 conceded 627 points. Others worse than us include Wales (2003) 450 points and Argentina (2013) 438 points.

    Always remember just because you heard it at the pub doesn’t make it true.

    • Brisneyland Local

      Well done on chasing up the stats! Cudos to you!

    • Eat your words Cocker!

    • Hugh Cavill

      Ah yes the Wales 2003 season, the magnum opus of Mr Steve Hanson…

  • Kevino

    Instead of State of Origin, do a Aus Super Rugby/NRC 7’s comp over the 2 or 3 weeks on Wednesday nights.

  • st saens

    Thanks for the podcast gentleman. Very entertaining. I think you were a bit dismissive of Frisby…not sure that he has had enough time on field at test level for his abilities (or lack thereof) to be assessed yet. I also feel that Hodge will be top drawer within a year or two, though not there yet.

    • Yeah, Hodgo only in his first year is still freaky

      • Mart

        P.s Jake Gordon looking v good in NRC. Hope he gets super rugby time

    • RugbyReg

      Thanks mate. I think I was dismissive of Frisby and I am one of his biggest fans. I just don’t see him as test match quality. Perhaps there should be a ‘yet’ after hat sentence, as hopefully his game develops. I think he is great at Super Rugby level which a little looser but I don’t see that player fitting into the Wallaby system, at least the current one.

  • the balkan

    Great Pod. I found it in June because I listen to the Eggs Chasers, I’ve been listening ever since. I know a lot more about Aussie rugby and have even started watching some NRC stuff when I can find it (difficult from the UK). Keep up the good work next year.

    ‘Coupla’ things I disagree with you guys on. I find the home town Peyper thing bizarre considering the Irish have spent the last two weeks whinging about Jaco Peyper favouring the All Blacks. On Sat the penalty count was 10-7 and the Wallabies played through at least 2 advantages, whereas England took 2 snap drop goals to ensure they got their points twice. Another time Care simply refused to move the ball so England got another penalty. Different philosophies.

    Speaking of which, England already had an adv under the posts when Mike Brown ‘dived’ in the 5m channel. Doesn’t seem a v likely scenario does it? It clearly hurt. Brown’s ribs were exposed as he had just popped the ball to Courtney Lawes and wasn’t looking (he was looking at Lawes). It wasn’t a yellow though.

    Aus’ first pen right from in front was a legit choke tackle — just Foley missed so there’s been no outrage. Pocock clearly tackled on Farrell on the floor and left his feet to do so, which is a penalty. That’s why Farrell screwed up the pass and the Wallabies nearly scored (the knock on). Aus did score off the resulting scrum 5.

    Peyper shouted “stay there 7, stay there 7… he hasn’t changed his bind” at the maul you claim Wood was swimming. Lawes, not Wood, collapsed it as Aus exposed the ball carrier (poor technique) when it wheeled. Wood would have retreated if he hadn’t been told he could stay — that’s just smart, good rugby.

    I feel the Wallabies are a couple of forwards (Arnold, Coleman) and somehow getting Toomua back (and fit) from Leicester away from a really good side. I don’t know another coach who has won the European Cup, Super Rugby and the Rugby Championship. Stick with Cheik’, he is top class.

    • Thanks for listening Balko.

      a) the Irish will whinge about anything – they were only penalised 3 times! Plus it was the TMO who was the major drongo in that match

      b) should any match with a perfect ref have equal penalties? Clearly not – one team can always infringe more than another. They could even have giving away penalties as part of their defensive game plan, like the All Blacks. So penalty count being evenish isn’t the measure. Perhaps quite the opposite.
      (but I agree England are good at converting pressure to points)

      c) I did’t say he dived, I said he milked the replay, which by the way he was carrying on the ground with no singular point of injury on his body he was clearly doing. Just poor form and not rugby

      d) can’t be arsed to go back and look

      e) Wood swum. No doubt. Penalty. It”s the very fucking definition of it.
      That Peyper was looking right at him and even talking to him just proves the Peyper cognitive dissonance theory. That Lawes collapsed the maul and not Wood means that there were two penalties not one – thanks for pointing it out.

      f) I’m not sure Toomua is the answer but love the sentiment! Keep listening, you need more of our truth! ;)

      • the balkan

        Lawes sacked the ball carrier, Aus exposing the ball carrier is why I referred to poor technique. That’s legal (you guys have a GIF on another article – another reason this site is top class). Wood stayed where he was because the ref told him he could stay there (collapsed maul). But blah blah blah, the game was nearly a week ago.

        I think Toomua is fantastic. He can do everything a 12 should. Even his wife is fantastic – seen her play cricket!?! Have some serious man-love. I hope he gets fit and proves me right. Such a classy ball player with a cultured boot who also carries hard when needed. Seems a good dude also.

        Beale starts his first game for Wasps this weekend in the European Champions Cup. Worth a watch if you guys can catch it. Wasps play very ‘Aussie’ rugby.

        Are you guys doing any Pods over the off season? I subscribe so will find out either way.

        • RugbyReg

          we will do our last one this week as a season summary. Unless we feel inspired to do one in the meantime we will likely be back in February prior to Super Rugby with the Sydney 7s and Brisbane 10s possible early discussion items

        • AllyOz

          Wasps play very Aussie rugby – does that mean they have a under 40% winning record like us?

    • Hugh Cavill

      Thanks for listening Balkan. Agree broadly with a few points – Pocock was lucky to get away with that tackle. My issue with Peyper wasn’t so much individual decisions, more the way he approached the ruck. He’s too scattered for my liking, and doesn’t set a consistent standard at all.

  • Mart

    I think you guys have summed it up well.
    I feel like Wallabies playing alot of good footy.
    Sick of whinging about refs But this continues to be a weakness. Ref management/ perception/ relationship/ liasons i dunno

    We need some sort of salesman / politician / real estate agent type to school Moore or become a good rugby player and take on captaincy

    That or our players have gotta start taking dives and throwing their arms in the air and lodging complaints….hate to say it but they gotta start playing the games like all the other teams..

    Only real howler of a game was the Sydney bledisloe….. Usually our strong point of the season


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