Podcast 246 - Rugby Resignation - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 246 – Rugby Resignation

Podcast 246 – Rugby Resignation

Super Rugby’s back and the verdict is already in – Australian rugby sucks. But uh, don’t lose heart; listen to the pod!

This week Reg, Matt and Hugh discuss:

  1.  Did the Reds live up to the hype?
  2.  Best Aussie performance of the weekend?
  3.  Should the sunwolves be cut (crowd v performance)?
  4.  Will the head high tackle rulings just cause frustration (general rules and Eng v Italy)?
  5.  Is JO’C’s career over?

  • paul

    Fantastic podcast guys, and great discussion.
    Summed up brilliantly with
    Kings v Sunwolves in Singapore.

  • Brisneyland Local

    As always a great pod, that alllowed me to not have to deal with people on public transport!

    1. Did the Reds live up to the hype? – Like Hugh I am not sure there was much hype, but they one, where previously they would have dropped their bundle and lost. Wasnt the greatest win, but we will take it!

    2. Best Aussie performance of the weekend? Would have to be a tie between the Brumbies and the Reds.

    3. Should the sunwolves be cut (crowd v performance)? – YEs but it will take away my enjoyment of watching the crazy Japanese crowds!

    4. Will the head high tackle rulings just cause frustration (general rules and Eng v Italy)? – That head high thing will settle down once the umpires find some consistency. LIke all new interpretations it will have a settling period!

    5. Is JO’C’s career over? – I hope so, what a tool!

  • le roo

    Thanks guys for a great listen. Informative and humorous perspective, perfect for my drive time commute.

    Just a question, is it possible to sort out the volume levels? It has been a bugbear for a while now. Hugh and Reg come through loud and clear, but whenever Matt starts to talk the volume gradually drops as though he is wondering away from the mic, (unless he wants to come in over the top when he is suddenly a few db’s higher than everyone). It would be a shame to continue to miss 1/3 of the great content, although it is generally pretty safe to assume that if Matt is talking he is either having a dig at refs, or Ritchie, or fluffing Michael Hooper (all of which I 100% agree with btw).

    Thanks guys, keep up the great work!

    • Seeing as ITS VITALLY IMPORTANT YOU HEAR EVERYTHING I SAY we better look into that audio!

      • le roo

        That’s much better, now if you can just work out how to speak in all caps.


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