Podcast 251- Reg trashes the Jersey - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 251- Reg trashes the Jersey

Podcast 251- Reg trashes the Jersey

Stephen Moore tackledRugby Reg, Matt and Hugh are back once again, talking about all the latest in Australian rugby. They were joined this week by guest speaker David Begg, President of the Sydney Rugby Union, to talk Intrust Super Shute Shield and provide his perspective on the state of Australian rugby.

The five burning questions:

1. What are David Begg’s hopes for the Intrust Super Shute Shield in 2017?
2. What is David Begg’s perspective on where Australian rugby is currently heading?
3. Does RUPA’s ‘Stronger as Five’ Partition argue a good case for retaining five teams?
4. Where to now for the Aussie Super Rugby teams?
5. Who will be the Wallaby halfback in 2017?


  • Kevino

    Couple of good points, Sack TT straight away.

    And you nearly got me to buy a ticket to the test in Melbourne. Still don’t think ill go even if the Rebels had 6 starters in the game against Fiji.

  • Really enjoyed the interview with the ss fella best thing he said was about how we as rugby folk talk so negatively about our game.

    Something I have been saying for years and totally agree with him it becomes a self fulfilling profecy.

    What then struck me and disappoined me was you went on to bag rugby and all the teams for the next 40mins…come on guys it’s not all doom and gloom and I’m yet to be convinced that destroying a team will be good for the game.

    It won’t make the other teams better it will just reduce the amount of contracted players in aus that’s it. Aus is having a bad year true but we played in a rwc final 18months ago are ranked 3rd in the world we have won 2 titles since going to 5 teams to be the equal most successful period in aus super rugby.

    How about we try and change the discussion and show our support to the players who are struggling with this situation. We as fans need to be better.

    • Hi Gaffa,

      I disagree mate – we’re not here to be cheer leaders, whereas Dave Begg is.
      This week we also talked about how the Force have really come along this year. Last week we talked about how good the Tahs/Rebels game was.
      We’re positive where there are things to be positive about.


    • RugbyReg

      happy to take suggestions for the 5 burning questions for next week Gaffa.

  • Mart

    Quick question.
    If rugby went professional in 95, why didn’t it go professional all the way down? Club rugby and subbies and local comps. If rugby wants to compete with league in the Sydneys west especially, it needs even the smallest amount of professionalism, to grab all those casual local players getting a bit of cash from league clubs

    • Jack

      It’s an ongoing battle in my club as I’m sure it is all over the place. I’ve got the only rugby club in the area and we’re asking players to stump up for rego fees yet we’re flanked by 3 league clubs all paying their players anything up to $600 a game. It’s a matter of income though. From sponsorship alone we stand to pull in something around $35k for the year, and in my experience for a grassroots club that’s not too bad. The league club down the road is looking at more like $80-90k. And that’s to say nothing of the money they drag in via their pokies, etc. There’s just more interest, and therefore more money, in league. We’re not allowed to pay players, but we can’t anyway, they’re not allowed to either, but they can and they do. Hard to compete with.

      • Mart

        I reckon they should open the flood gates. If numbers are declining anyway, whats the worst thing that could happen

  • Twoilms

    Like Dave’s attempts to remain positive in a largely negative environment. Don’t like Dave’s attempts to bring rugby back to the glory days of ’95 with total reliance on Shute Shield. Rest of the world moved on since it became professional and he wants us to take back the few half assed steps we’ve attempted to make forward? Regressive.


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