Podcast 252 - The Force is Strong with Canno - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 252 – The Force is Strong with Canno

Podcast 252 – The Force is Strong with Canno

Keven Mealamu Brendan Cannon

Rugby Reg, Matt and Hugh are back once again, and with such a turbulent week on the Super Rugby front, have plenty to talk about. They were joined this week by the first ever player to be signed by the Western Force, and former Wallaby, Brendan Cannon, to talk about the impacts of cutting a team, and his opinion on the ARU’s handling of the restructuring process.

WARNING – may contain a couple of Sugar Honey Ice Teas.

The Five Burning Questions:

  1. What is Canno’s opinion of the ARU’s handling of the Super Rugby restructuring?
  2. What will be the impacts of cutting an Aussie team?
  3. What is the biggest takeaway from the ARU’s annual report?
  4. Have the wheels fallen off the Queensland Reds?
  5. Who should be the Wallabies Blindside Flanker in 2017?


  • Sam

    Thanks for the pod, gents.

    Regarding the first few topics of discussion on the pod… one of the things I have been wondering about these last few weeks is whether this period is Australian Rugby’s “NZ 2007″ watershed moment.

    By that, I mean that back in 2007 after France kicked the All Blacks out of the World Cup at the quarter final stage, there was a huge public and media backlash against the NZRU, Richie McCaw, the All Blacks coaching team, player skills (ability to execute drop goals in particular) and mental fortitude, etc, etc.

    Some of the headlines in the NZ press at the time make the current coverage of rugby in Australia seem positively glowing in support.

    It all led to a thorough review of everything associated with, in particular, the elite level of rugby in NZ. I believe it also led the senior All Blacks players and coaches to deeply consider the weaknesses in all aspects of their own game.

    All of that in turn led to the last decade of success enjoyed by NZ rugby.

    I recognise that the situations are different and the challenges are different for Australian rugby. The responses also need to be different. However, it is worth remembering that 10 years ago in NZ the situation seemed just as dire if not worse. Those challenges became the catalyst for a long period of success that still continues.

    • Feralforce

      While i love the positive thinking expressed in your comment,nz didn’t have the competition of other codes that we have. Makes it easier for aussies to turn their attention from rugby.
      And personally if the force goes so does my interest,money and support of super rugby.I love rugby and will still support wallabies and nrc (if a wa side is involved ).I’ll just be watching more of the European leagues.
      WA has a whole new generation of expat kiwi and saffa children whose parents came over for the mining boom. they’ve grown up attending force games ,even if supporting their original home sides. Junior rugby and the force academy is strong and local clubs well supported .Look at WA ‘s results in the nrc if you need proof .League has a strong following and is growing for the same reasons.
      Not to mention all those players from other clubs about to be displaced by the Haylett-Petty’s etc that will move clubs.

  • Pearcewreck

    What about question 6. Is Sony Bill Williams a hypocritical tool?

  • Simon Powell

    Call my crazy. Why hasnt the Red, Tahs, Brumbies and Rebels havent done their own “OWNtheClub” campaign? I am sure that if they asked the Force they would assist with the drafting of the Prospectus.

    Surely each Super Rugby Franchise would only benefit from an injection of fans funds – take pressure off the ARU.

    OR am I missing the point?

    • Nicholas Wasiliev

      You are absolutely not. The Force got the idea from many of the NFL clubs like the Green Bay Packers that have been doing it for years. I think every Aussie team doing that is a great idea.

  • Tim

    I don’t think they should cut either. Why don’t they try and get more sponsors and pump back into grassroots. If the Western Force can get sponsors and support from the WA Government why didn’t they try and get it for the other teams? Its sad the the super rugby teams get the blame for being poor when it comes from the ARU who ignored grass roots for so long. I understand its costs alot. I think it will have huge impacts on the super rugby comp 2 teams from south Africa 1 from Australia will see mass movement of players overseas. Does loosing a team mean it will never come back? Why don’t they do a 10 year plan or something to ensure the return of a team.

  • Bobas

    Cheika will pick Mumm at 6

    • Pearcewreck

      Everything else seems wrong at the moment, so you are probably right.

  • SuckerForRed

    I have wondered for a while if Canno would be a good person to put on the ARU board. I think he is.

  • Soohwan Trass

    NZ not wanting to lose SA has nothing against Aussie rugby. It’s all about the ABs. NZ rugby sees playing in SA as a vital step in the development of future ABs. The players embrace the challenge of not only the tough competition but also the distance they have to travel.

  • monsterholiday

    Time to fire Pulver from (or with) a Cannon.


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