Podcast 257 - "We expect a decision to be made within 48-1,224+ hours..." - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 257 – “We expect a decision to be made within 48-1,224+ hours…”

Podcast 257 – “We expect a decision to be made within 48-1,224+ hours…”

Rugby Reg and Matt are back for another week to chew the fact on all the latest topics in Super Rugby, the Wallabies and Sevens Rugby. This week, they were joined by longtime GAGR collaborator, sportswriter and commentator, Brett McKay.

The Five Burning Questions:

1. Which was the best Aussie team performance of the weekend?
2. Is the Aussie conference race now over?
3. Do we think there will actually be a reduction of teams in Super Rugby next year?
4. Is the Sydney 7s move to Australia Day good or a bad decision?
5. Who will play Prop for the Wallabies this year?


  • Jason

    I agree if you are very ambitious the Reds could win three games, but I think the Highlanders game could be winnable for the Reds, the Highlanders might not have a lot to play for for the last game of the regular season, and so could rest a few players. And don’t forget the Reds taking the Crusaders 79 minuets. So they *can* play well against any opposition, but the question is what Reds team will show up and far too often they haven’t been as good as they should be.

    I think with regards to props, I think Sam Talakai has been outstanding for the Reds, he’s been rock solid on both sides of the scrum (pre and post Slipper’s ACL) and has really really stepped up.

    • Wallabrumby

      If either of the Reds or Waratahs can beat a NZ team away then the Brumbies should automatically forfeit the conference lead. Maybe the games against NZ teams should be for 6 points a win??

      • AllyOz

        I think any Aussie team that beats a Kiwi team should be automatically boosted to no1 in our conference – not just the reds or the tahs

  • wiki

    Just a tip for future podcasts.

    Jokes about the Blues-Reds game in Apia being a virtual “home game” for the Blues where they won’t even need hotel rooms as they can stay with “Mum and Dad” don’t work as well when there as many Samoan born players in the Reds squad. The large Reds kiwi contingent are probably annoyed they’re going to be missing out on an authentic home-cooked pavlova in Auckland.

    • Good point fella.
      You could see the red as much as the Blue.
      Costs were not 100% related but they should have filled that stadium–it was a poor look for Sky Sport sorry

  • Huw Tindall

    1. Tahs. Brumbies arguably tougher game but continued struggle to score tries is alarming.
    2. Probably unless the Reds or Tahs can defeat a kiwi side.
    3. Financially there virtually has to be. From a competitive super comp point of view there has to be. From a SANZAAR organisational ability there probably won be!
    4. Yes I can drink in Friday too.
    5. Lots of options. Hard to pick a definitive pecking order. Err on side of caution and look at previously capped guys like Kepu and Alallatoa(?) but don’t be afraid to give the newbies a chance like Talaki. Kick ourselves for letting Holmes go while we’re at it.

  • Bakkies

    When is Cheika going to name his squad? There still is little indication of when that will occur. SA (Boks, A and test captain), Scotland, Wales, Ireland and possibly Italy have too.

    It’s scary to think that the Boks are better organised this year than the Wallabies.

    • Brett McKay

      Next Tuesday night on Fox Sports Kick & Chase, I believe Bakkies…

      • Bobas

        too many waratahs

        • Brisneyland Local

          Yep and that is without seeing it! ;-)

        • Tim

          needs a lot of force players

    • Braveheart81

      South Africa break from Super Rugby one week earlier than Australia and NZ and start back a week earlier than Australia and two weeks earlier than NZ.

  • Rhino85

    For the Italy podcast how about getting the QLD born and raised, injured Italian fullback Luke Mclean on as a guest? While you’ve got him on see if you can convince him to sign with the Reds.

  • LED

    Imagine this….The ARU announces that they are incorporating a new elite team in Europe (maybe called the Force or Rebels) that has been negotiated to be included in the European Rugby Champions Cup. It is a majority Australian player Club (and maybe includes some NZers), playing at an elite level and attracting premium sponsorship dollars given its unique nature in Europe attracting audiences from Australia, NZ and Europe. Any Aussy players in the Club are available for Wallabies selection. It becomes the face of Australian expat rugby.

    It attracts back to Australian rugby currently located and contracted European (but Australian born) players who will finally get the chance to be viewed for selection in the Wallabies and keeps players of the likes of Genia, Two-Dads, Giteau etc close to Australian rugby for longer but able to access the premium contract $$ of Europe.

    It solves the issues down here with too many teams in Super Rugby and allows excess players a route to stay connected to Australian rugby while plying their trade in Europe and would probably be self sufficient given the $$ available from broadcast and sponsorships over there. It would be an absolutely unique product and something that I would imagine would capture a lot of eyeballs on TV.

    Some will say it would create an exit for all our top players to Europe, but quite frankly thats already happening, there would only be so many places, and the majority of young players dont want to live in Europe anyway. It would also provide an Australian controlled pathway for elite players to do overseas stints and yet still be under Australian control.

    But that would take an ARU with foresight and balls to negotiate something like that…


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