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Podcast 261 – Getting Cheika’s Digits

Podcast 261 – Getting Cheika’s Digits

After one of the toughest weekends in Australian rugby history, we have the mother of all podcasts for you this week. Rugby Reg, Matt and Hugh are all in to talk the week that was, and were joined by the hero of Australian Rugby (and the man behind one of the best online rants in recent memory), Jack Quigley, as well as GAGR favourite JB from The Eggchaser’s Podcast to talk about the British & Irish Lions upcoming first test against the All Blacks.

The Five Burning Questions-

1. THAT rant. Was it on the money or wide of the mark? (Feat. Jack Quigley)
2. Were there any positives from the Scotland game?
3. What is one reason to care about the Italy game?
4. Can the Lions beat the All Blacks? (Feat. JB)
5. Our U20s finished 6th- pass or fail?

  • Laurence Hooper

    The Cheika comment to Jack Quigley on wallabies players’ fitness was v revealing and reminds me of comments made by Eddie Jones when he first took the England job. At the time everyone was like “what’s Eddie talking about, these guys are top pros?” But what he wanted for test-match fitness was different and much more intensive than even what is required for a Super rugby or Premiership game. If you listen to interviews: every England player is asked to do skills training/unit drills at a rep count and recovery time *harder* than what is required in a test match. Aus clearly are not doing that and it shows in those basic errors they make that lead to soft tries. It’s worth pointing out that England feasted off the same sort of loose passes and dropped balls in 2016 as Scotland did on Saturday. I don’t think it’s at all fair to say the Wallabies lost a game they should have won: Scotland profited from mistakes made under

  • Mike Thompson

    I don’t like Cheika blaming fitness. It smells like a way of shifting blame away from himself towards the players and the Super teams.

    Also, it doesn’t quite stand up to analysis. Will Genia had his box kick partially charged down very early – no fatigue surely at that point. Did Foley miss that first, easy penalty kick because of fatigue? Did Foley’s first, aimless field kick (which was crap), which had no chase, happen because of fatigue? No, no, no.

    If it was about fitness, then the first 20 mins should have been excellent, and then the performance would have trailed off. But that didn’t happen. They were uniformly rubbish right through the game.

    Fitness might be part of it, sure. But there are much bigger issues WHICH ARE CHEIKA’S.

    • Andy

      Agree with parts of what you are saying but it has to be said they are unfit compared to most top international teams. It was overly evident on Saturday. Half the team were blowing after the first 15 minutes. Have not seen that in a long time at this level

  • Geoffwho

    Good podcast. While I really appreciate that Cheika reached out to Jack, something still troubles me about Cheika blaming the fitness of the players coming out of Super Rubgy system – mainly that his two assistants are current coaches at super rugby franchises that deliver the majority of the team!! Where is this breakdown in communication? Sticking to the same game plan that worked a few years ago and thinking just trying harder is going to solve everything…..

    • Nicholas

      Agree. Cheika and the wallabies set up need to send a message to Super teams about what they want. Yer it might take 2 or 3 years. But if we focus on fitness next year, than handling then set piece. We should be in a good position.

  • Pedro

    I thought Jack spoke really well which is probably a relief to all the media that must be getting his comments. Personally I didn’t “like” his post, mainly because I think it’s easy to be so negative, not that I didn’t agree with some of it.

    Positive: The Scots seem to be the most stomachable nation to lose to. The fans are knowledgeable and humble. A bit refreshing compared to some of our more frequent opponents.

    • Brisneyland Local

      Intially I agreed with his post, but I read it through the same beer googles that it was written through.
      In follow up I dont fully agree with it but the sentiments remain the same.

      • Pedro

        Yeah, fair enough. Obviously it’s a very common sentiment.

      • Andy

        I thought it was a bit harsh when I first saw it but it was a day later and I was stone cold sober. But I do agree with a lot of what he said. Maybe not the passion stuff but that’s an easy thing to say when you’re half cut and disappointed. I was definitely guilty of tantrum overload at the end of the game and my dog copped the brunt of it.

        I do agree that Coopers comments are disappointing though or even any player who thought Jack didn’t have the right to complain about their performance. At the end of the day, Registered rugby players, ticket holders and pay tv viewers pay these guys their very good wages to do what we all would love to do. As such they should not get too petty with criticism from the public when they play that poorly. If they can deal with the plaudits they equally need to deal with the criticism, especially when a lot of it is warranted and devalue the fans as “keyboard warriors”. It really only pushes them further away from their supporters

        • Brisneyland Local

          I think if we are rugby player or a registered member or club, or paid member / fan. we have every right, we contribute to their wages so we have a dollars and cents worth of verbal contribution to make!

  • RahRah

    Adam Coleman is a future Wallaby captain. I truly believe that the boys would play their hearts out for him.

    • RugbyReg

      I’m torn about this. I think Coleman (if he stays in Australia) will be considered a better player than John Eales come the end of his career.

      I am not sure if I want to shackle him with captaincy responsibilities. Perhaps down the track.

      Regardless, he is a superb player.

      • Mart

        I hate that caveat (stays in Australia) But it hangs over every player now when they make it to the top level.

        ‘This guys the goods…I wonder when he’ll go to europe’

        How do we stop the player drain.

        Play super rugby later? earlier? in year

    • jamie

      Dunno. Reckon he’s too mongrel for it. Captaincy might pull him back a bit

  • paul

    Is there just a tad bit of irony that the ARU want punters to fork out say between $50-200 a ticket for these test matches, but then having to admit its players are simply not fit enough to play at an international level.

    • Will

      haha totally agree!

      $132 for the Scotland game, and a 30min wait for a beer! WTF is the point! May as well have watched it in a pub!!

  • Jack Mallick

    I don’t know if Aussie rugby is tough enough to keep high fitness standards.

    The Reds were fit in 2011, but standards are shot, the Tahs were fit in 2014 but slipped within two seasons.

    The Force and Brumbies seem to have hard working cultures, but aren’t the complete picture. Less said about Rebels the better.

    Maybe there’s not the competition for pro places that NZ and SA have, so players aren’t tough enough season to season. Also, Aus often seems to reward talent rather than work ethic.

    Who knows, but obviously needs a massive national overhaul – add it to the list!

  • Bert

    Cheika blames the loss on fitness, which widely missed the mark for mind. Why do we still have trouble exiting our own red zone, even in the first 20 mins? It’s not fitness. Where are our sweepers? It’s not usually fitness. Why the one dimensional playing style (I love running rugby, what we also need is variety and movement in attack especially in their 25. I am heart warmed by the coaches call, but in no way reassured by his words.

    • Hugh Cavill

      Cheika didn’t ‘blame the loss on fitness’. It was one element of a phone conversation with a fan, of which there were clearly many. It was just one of the few that Jack decided to mention.

      As Jack said the conversation was wide-ranging and I think it’s a bit harsh to focus on the one element he brought up in the pod.

      • Andy

        I thought it was one of the best interviews you guys have done. You should get Jack on as regular. That, or get him to do a podcast with his new mate Cheik. He’s got his phone number now.

  • EngineRoom

    Re U20’s. Absolutely gun team with some real stars if they can just polish off some poor habits. Really strong outside backs and also destructive back-row that unfortunately didn’t perform as well as they potentially could have. Mass array of super rugby talent which, as Cheika stated, was both good and bad for the better Cron (IMO), sorry Mike. Watch Henry Hutchinson/Sione Tuipulotu at the Rebels, if they stay in the comp.


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