Podcast 262 - Bowlegged Masterpiece - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 262 – Bowlegged Masterpiece

Podcast 262 – Bowlegged Masterpiece

It’s Rugby Reg‘s turn to have a week off, so Matt and Hugh preside over this weeks episode of ‘The Matt Rowley Hour’ The Green and Gold Rugby Show. With the Lions series now in full swing, they were joined once again by guest speaker JB of the Eggchasers Podcast to talk all things Lions and All Blacks, as well as touch on the Wallabies performance against Italy.

The Five Burning Questions:

1. How good was the All Blacks performance? (Featuring JB)
2. What do the British & Irish Lions need to do to bounce back? (Featuring JB)
3. Did the Wallabies deserve to beat Italy?
4. How do you grade the June series?
5. Is there any reason to care about the remaining rounds of Super Rugby?


  • And before anyone mentions it, I realise the great bow-legged one is indeed Liam Williams.
    My bad

    • Bakkies

      There was a Rhys Williams who played for Wales in the 90s and early 2000s

  • Carlos Fan

    Good listen.

    I couldn’t help but chuckle at the comments about Hansen and Gatland being two of the most ‘un-likeable’ coaches. Meanwhile there is Michael Cheika who is yelling at the ref anytime during a game the camera is pointed at him and has been sanctioned for 1) approaching the referee at halftime of a Tahs-Blues game (when he was Tahs coach) 2) abusing a South African cameraman and 3) punching a hole through a wall/door of a coaches box. Meanwhile Hansen couldn’t have been more gracious to Ireland when they beat the ABs in Chicago.

    Also FYI Christchurch/Canterbury has very English roots and Dunedin/Otago is well known for its links to Scotland. That’s why they are named the Crusaders and Highlanders respectively. It’s not like they just pulled those names out of a hat.

    • Hugh Cavill

      How dare you bring logical comparisons into this podcast. Cheika has a passion which burns like a thousand suns, and whilst he occasionally goes overboard it’s all for the good of the Wallabies! Meanwhile Hanson and Gatland are both conniving, scheming types who wouldn’t know the FIRST thing about punching walls or abusing Saffa cameramen. I’d have Cheik around for dinner any day of the week, but Hanson and Gatland? Never. They’d turn up late and probably steal my valuables.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Hugh you are adopting the BLL style of humour! I am impressed. No need to use a keen sense of wit, or an acerbic retort when you can just say “Fuck off Noddy!”
        Love your work!

      • MungBean

        I have a passion that burns like 1001 suns. Make me coach.

    • Andy

      Good call on Cheika.
      But Hanson rarely shows a humble side. He generally comes across as a prick imho.

      • Carlos Fan

        Oh there’s no doubt Hansen loves to stir the pot/is a wind up merchant. He has a very dry sense of humour Much in the same way as Eddie Jones. Both of them very successfully got under Chieka’s skin last year. It’s going to be great theatre when the ABs/England finally play each other next year and both coaches are trading shots at each other.

        I definitely can understand why Aussie rugby fans don’t particularly take to Hansen though. There’s bad blood between ABs & Wallabies so that doesn’t help as Hansen is therefore not short of a word when it is Bledisloe time. Whereas the Boks and ABs are a completely different dynamic.

        • Bakkies

          Hansen sticks his beak in even when NZ aren’t playing the Wallabies

  • Brisneyland Local

    Gents, interesting Pod. Glad to see I am not the only one bitching about Foley’s kicking!
    I give the June Series an E.

    I think there are reasons to be interested in watching the remaining Super Games. For me now knowing that some of the pressure is off (as in the seasons are total fails and anything they do now doesnt count) the Reds and Warratahs, they may actually try something different. Because what they have been trying all season didnt work.

    • Bobas

      I bitched about Foley’s kicking before it was cool

      • Bakkies

        Or get Latho down to teach them all how to kick

      • Brisneyland Local

        Yes you did, but it took a while to get the others on board with you!

  • Wallabrumby

    Great Points Re Wallabies and Tactics – Just winds me up again.
    1, Foley Kicking – Spot on. Keep him at 10 but don’t use him for clearing kicks or kicks for touch. Territory is a big part of Test rugby, just look at the England 4 tests last year!!

    2. Genia Fitness – Powell in form and fit on the bench, we were playing Fiji, Scotland and Itlaly not a world cup final. So when do you give these guys a go if not these matches. Or is he just waiting for his wonder boy Phipps to be fit?

    3. Building towards WC – Selections like Hannigan over Fards, dropsy players like Nabuli !! and a few other debutantes is absolute BS and really annoys me. Every test match we should be picking our best team and focusing on that week of Rugby not 2-3 years away. How can you talk about valuing the Jersey when you don’t value the immediate significance of wearing the thing!

    4. All Blacks Tactics – How good is it to see a team play smart against this rush/ umbrella defense of the NH teams with going at the ruck/ 10 channel. I cannot count how many times I have watched the Wallabies come up against this defence and they keep trying to go wide and getting caught behind the gain line. Would like to see forwards in Pods and (including Hooper in close for change) hitting inside the 5/8, short balls and PICK & DRIVE!! Go forward before going wide.

    5. Good to mention the Positives – I prefer them.

    • Huw Tindall

      Good points Wallabrumby.
      1 – This is the single most frustrating thing for me. It does my nut in. The solution is so simple as well. Literally an overnight fix.

      2 – Fair play to Phipps he is probably only second behind Hooper in terms of his motor. His speed to the breakdown is the best in Australian rugby. His pass probably suffers a bit as a result so he just needs to calm down a little. Zero kicking gave and brain explosions hold him back though. Plus side his defence is excellent; especially sweeping/cover. Would like to see a training competition based around speed to the breakdown and accuracy of resulting passes. See how is best all round 9 at the basics. Could well be Powell! Lowrens getting injured was a real bugger too. Between Powell, Ruru, Lowrens and Gordon we have plenty of potential in the 9 jersey. Genia going to be hard pressed to keep the jersey all the way to RWC19; which is how it should be.

      4 – Yup simple tactics and adjustment to counter opposition defense. Tahs v Chiefs in 2016 sticks out in my mind with this one. Chiefs weren’t committing at the ruck and were rushing up. Tahs forwards had a field day on pick and drive. Skelton had enormous game. Chiefs were back pedaling all day and Foley ran amok with quality fast front foot ball. This in an otherwise shite year for the Tahs showed how a simple tactical change can work wonders.

      • Wallabrumby

        4. Huw – A perfect example and it paid dividends. The funny thing though is it seems like most of the time our players are just programmed into a certain game plan and don’t react to what is in front of them. These days there are about 20 coaches and support staff on hand so it baffles me that we plebs can see it but not the professionals?

    • Adrian

      Good points Wallabrumby.

      I agree mostly with Huws response below.

      I’d add to that a bit that relates to your points 2 and 4.

      Unlike many, I think that Phipps is great, but only in CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES.
      The example of the Tahs v Chiefs is one where Phipps orchestrated the whole thing, even though Skelton, Palu (I think) and Foley did the damage. Phipps whipped them along, slipped short passes and cleaned up, including in defence.

      I reckon that if we want to beat NZ, we need to pick everyone available in the squad, and that includes Skelton and Timani as well as Coleman and Arnold and Kepu and Alaalatoa (at loose head)
      If Skelton starts, start Phipps.
      If Skelton is on the bench, have Phipps on the bench, and bring them on at 50 min.
      Too often we have mis-matches of player types.

      I’d consider starting Powell/Gordon with Cooper at 10, and a slightly deeper backline sometimes, then hit them at 50 minutes with Skelton and Co driven by Phipps, and backed up by Foley, Beale, Kerevi, Hunt, Folau.
      The kiwis would shit themselves if this , or it’s reverse (Skelton, Phipps, Foley start) was unleashed and done properly

      • Wallabrumby

        Adrian – was not knocking Phipps, I rate him and agree he is perfect for that quick ball front foot play, but I also rate Gordon and Powell and some others getting around. We actually have some depth in that position, but need to give these guys game time and if not against Fiji, Scotland, Italy then against who?

  • Dorothy Ball

    A Lions fan complaining about the team names Highlanders and Crusaders?
    Presumably the Lion is actually native to the British Isles. I think
    they should be called the Badgers and have done with it.


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