Podcast 263 - All Blacks vs. Lions: In-depth with some Aussies - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 263 – All Blacks vs. Lions: In-depth with some Aussies

Podcast 263 – All Blacks vs. Lions: In-depth with some Aussies

It’s a short and sweet but special edition of the Green and Gold Rugby Show this week, with all eyes on Eden Park for the decider of the All Blacks-Lions series. Reg, Hugh and Jamie were on hand to chat about the Lions tour, and even braved London’s public transport to hear from JB of The Eggchaser’s Podcast.

The Five Burning Questions:

1. Did the Lions win the Test, or did the All Blacks lose it?
2. Did Garces get the big calls correct?
3. Who holds the key to victory at Eden Park?
4. Who are you cheering for and why?
5. What do we want from the last rounds of Super Rugby?

  • Tommy Brady

    Congrats guys on a high quality discussion. Jamie Miller consistently brings real value to this podcast and there was worthwhile interaction throughout the show.

    Refreshing to see that post such a big match last Saturday and ahead of a monumental test this weekend there was a real focus on thoughtful conversation and insightful rugby commentary. Given that Australia has no dog in this fight whatsoever (sadly Angus Gardiner is not quite there yet) I thought the quality of the thoughts and analysis was befitting of such a huge event for world rugby. Well played.

    A few thoughts…

    Very much in agreement with Jamie that it was a very memorable occasion, but not a hugely memorable match. The weather was the chief contributor, but it was a reminder that Red Cards never positively impact any match. One feels this week will be another level of accuracy and execution. The referee (unfortunately) will have some influence, but the game will be won by the team showing the greatest skill in the big moments.

    I thought Hugh’s views on ruck clean out’s was very timely. The Vinapulu incident on a defenceless Beuden Barrett captured most of the attention, however there was also an interesting event in the lead up to Conor Murray’s try where Owen Farrell dived at the feet of nearby TJ Perenara to impact his ability to tackle Murray. On this particular occasion I do not believe it was necessarily a penalisible offence. However, Perenara was not part of the ruck and if players under the very loose label of “cleaning out” are extending that to interferance on nearby defenders to create a running channel then I think the act must be reviewed. I fully encourage bodies involved in the breakdown getting shifted to speed up ruck ball. Inaccurate / needless clean out’s on defenceless players and/or contact with nearby defenders should be banned.

    I think there is plenty to play for in these last 2 rounds of Super Rugby for Australian teams. Wallaby squad players MUST return and stamp their authority. The build up to the Rugby Championship starts now and momentum into that tournament is an important force. We all get the format for Super Rugby is far from ideal. However, would anyone be in their current mindset if 3 Australian sides were in a major battle for play-off spots?

    • Alister Smith

      Some great points but I disagree with some of your ruck interpretation – if the attacking players enter by the gate and are making a genuine effort to use the arms and remain on your feet then there should be no further restrictions. Those “defenceless” defenders are positioning themselves take an advantage so they are fair game in my view. If we add another interpretation to decide if a defender is actively participating in the ruck or “innocently” standing around then it will only further complicate the situation. in the case of Vunipola vs Barret – Barret is in the ruck and there is no issue with cleaning him out – he has the opportunity to interfere with the speed of the flow of the ball. However, Vunipola leaves his feet to clean him out and that is why its worthy of a penalty.

      Heartily agree that there is a lot to play for in the last two rounds – for some they need to restore pride, for some they need to justify their spots in higher teams and some are player for their individual futures as professionals but above all that they are representing their teams and their clubs – they should be playing for each other and for the fans that shell out their hard earned dollars

    • mikado

      Agree with you about the ruck, where all sorts of shenanigans are going on. The Lions could not have complained if Farrell had been penalised for grabbing hold of Perenara at the ruck. I think Vunipola might have felt a tiny bit unfairly treated to be carded for his cleanout of Barrett when earlier in the game numerous similar ruck cleanouts (of people other than the NZ No. 10) went unpunished.

  • Pedro

    I agree that it feels a little like the last lions tour, where the lions just scraped a win but will be up against it in the third a la the wallabies.

    Hard to know who to support in the decider. I guess I’d like to see either team get pumped.

  • Kevino

    1) Lions won 2 trys to 0
    2) Yep
    3) Connor Murray v Aaron Smith/TJ.

    TJ has had no impact off the bench in two test matches, Smith going off was the downfall of the All Black last Saturday night.

    4) Lions, I’m Irish
    5) A Rebels WIN

  • Kevino

    Oh and Force have a horrible record against the Rebels. 9-3 to the Rebels. 5-1 to the Rebels and NIB.

    • Hugh Cavill

      Yeah as soon as I said that I knew I was wrong. I knew one team was quite dominant over the other, and for some reason thought it was the Force…


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