Podcast 265 - Kafe's Chalkboard - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 265 – Kafe’s Chalkboard

Podcast 265 – Kafe’s Chalkboard

Reg, Matt and Hugh are joined this week by Rod Kafer, who is joining the ARU to lead a coaching development program. It’s a great discussion, which covers off coaching approaches in Australia, and the issues facing the game at all levels.

After Rod leaves, the team discusses the Super Rugby Final and the retirement of Stephen Moore.

  • Gottsy

    Interesting to hear from Kafer.
    – Do you think there’s a possibility that Cheika was complacent with keeping tabs on fitness and just kind of expected them to be at pro levels when they got to the end of the season?
    – On the point of not looking past the car park to find the best person for the position, there’s nothing to say that he might not appoint someone to the role of coaching director for Australian rugby (or something similar)
    Either way, I think it’s a good step forward to start trying to bring us forward, doesn’t really seem like anyone else was doing it

    • RugbyReg

      I think Cheika must have been complacent. Didn’t he come out a year ago and say that the players weren’t fit enough? What did he do to change things for the next Super Rugby season?

      • Gottsy

        Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Thought it was a bit odd that he would have let that slip, as after Ledesma (and then Byrne) were appointed, he openly said that they would be working closely with the super sides. Who knows though.

        • ForceFan

          Mick Byrne spent a week at the Western Force during the pre-season with a focus on passing.
          Cheika hasn’t been to the West since the Test against Argentina in 2016.
          When buying the WF license last year it was announced that there would be a lot of support for the franchise.
          This disappeared as soon as the ARU decided to cull the WF.

        • Gottsy

          That doesn’t surprise me at all unfortunately

  • Andy

    Great cast. Hearing a lot of the right things from Kafer. Hopefully he can execute the strategy and is given the support to do so

  • Sam

    At the risk of making a point that others have already made elsewhere, listening to Kafer talk about his plans and roles highlighted that the underlying cause of the current malaise in Australian rugby arguably comes back to one thing: Control.

    Kafe spent a lot of time talking about sharing ideas, mentors, better communication, panels. He also talked about Chieka’s role and influence outside the international test season, including an anecdote about employment contracts not allowing certain player info to be shared outside their Super franchise.

    So it seemed to me that even if Kafer does a stirling job in his new role, the impact will always be lessened because of the challenge of getting the various fiefdoms to work together.

    The NZRU tackled a similar issue by deciding that the number 1 priority of NZ rugby was for the All Blacks to win as many games as they could. Everything else flowed from that including centrally co-ordinated player contracts, central mandates about player workloads, preferred positions, player work-ons, even strategies and playing styles, etc.

    Until Aussie rugby can achieve a similar meeting of minds across all stakeholders, initiatives like Kafer’s new role are likely to be less effective than they might have been.

  • Yowie

    Could we get a download option please lads? Cheers

    • RugbyReg

      should be there now!


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