Podcast 268 - Rock Bottom - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 268 – Rock Bottom

Podcast 268 – Rock Bottom

Yep, we’ve reached it. After the woeful performance at the Bledisloe Cup by the Wallabies, Matt, Hugh and Jamie stepped up to the mike to give their thoughts for this weeks Green and Gold Rugby Show. And with this podcast comes a return of the burning questions:

Warning- moderate coarse language (can you blame them?)

The Five Burning Questions- 

1. Is this an all-time low for the Wallabies?
2. Who takes the blame – Cheika, Grey or everyone else?
3. Can we take any positives out for this week?
4. Was the Force rally good or bad for Aussie rugby?
5. Around the grounds – what’s happening in club rugby (and the Wallaroos) this week?

  • onlinesideline

    “asked to be put back under” – sitting in a cafe in a shopping mall in Budapest and cacking myself out loud – drawing stares

    • Bobas

      it actually happened… (as a FB friend) more worried about Reg than the joke at the time personally…

      • onlinesideline

        oh shit really – sorry mate I thought he was joking – of course I hope hes all good – Im sure he is otherwise Matt wouldnt have …..

        • Bobas

          I’m sure it was a minor thing too, and I’m listening to the Pod now and found the joke funny, but at the time I didn’t realise Reg was making the joke for the first time.

  • MungBean

    “It’s entirely predictable given the course…” of having a (current) captain and his mates conspire to depose the incumbent coach and choose a new coach, then have that new coach pick the team on the advice of that player group. Who could’ve predicted this?

    • onlinesideline

      As a NSW bloke – this is Sydney through and through.

      This was a once in a generation opportunity to have the best Aussie bred rugby brain in charge and we blew it. After Deans speak he was articulate, humble and smart. Ill be honest with you, I havent heard Cheika articluate one meaningful sentence about where the side is going in 3 years. How does he articulate things to the players ?

      This is where Pulver reeally blew it. He should have backed Link strongly and openly to give him the confidence to lay the law down. Having AACs mother whine on talk back withought fighting back was atrocious. Instead he sat on sidelines and then got prison raped by Cheiks demands. He is not a CEO whatsoever ( thats not to mention being bent over by Sansaar) Weak as p..s


    • Hugh Cavill

      What? That’s some real tin-foil hat stuff there…

      • Dud Roodt

        I don’t think I’ve ever read a more incoherent conspiracy theorist post on here before

      • MungBean

        Still denying it, Hugh?

        The Waratah clique deposed McKenzie to put their coach in place. Cheika knows which side of his bread is buttered. He’s not going to upset that cosy little symbiotic relationship.

        The impenetrable echo chamber of the Wallabies/ARU setup is the end result of that. It’s exactly as anyone with an ounce of common sense would’ve predicted.

        It must be tough to own.

      • MungBean

        oh and to clarify, if you don’t think that certain players are being excluded from Wallaby selection because of interpersonal conflict with the poisonous strabismical goblin, then you’re very naive indeed.

        • mikado

          the poisonous strabismical goblin
          Ha! Awesome phrase. I’d never heard of strabismic before. Top obscure insult!

        • onlinesideline

          Higgers, Fardy out but Hanigan is OK ? – BEYOND WORDS

  • Bobas

    Genia didn’t get hooked at half time, but 10 mins after and before we clawed respectability back.

    • Joe Blow

      True. It was one of his worst showing in test rugby. Lethargic and appeared to not really give a shit. Phipps may just have earned himself a start this week.

  • Bobas

    Great podcast guys, I hope twiggy gives GaGR 50mil, I’m sick of those wordpress memory errors + disconnections and I barely publish.

  • onlinesideline

    why did Toomua really go ? he was a quality defender and attacker – Im wondering if certain players actually find Cheika, well – how do I put it ?

    • Joe Blow

      The thing about it was that we were scraping the bottom of the barrel for 10s and 12s just before he left. A quality player in his prime who would slot nicely into 12 for us right now. They should have done everything to keep him.

    • Gegonago

      Because the Tigers are paying him roughly 700k Aus Dollars a season

      • onlinesideline

        aha – (crickets sound)

  • onlinesideline

    the reason we didnt get challenged as usual at set piece time is that the ABs were having such a party in open play – thats freakinggg why. So another false positive – dont get me started on the 2nd half.

    • RugbyReg

      I don’t get that reasoning? Can you extrapolate? Kiwis were too tired from all their attacking play to match up in scrums and lineouts?

      • onlinesideline

        they matched up, for sure, but if you are doing well in open play and racking up points at a point for min rate, your less desprate to try and get that penalty at scrum time, as most teams are. Usually because its both teams have a good defence and ist hard to score a try in Bledisloe, as it once was in Bledisloes, scrum was seen as a chance to maybe get 3 points. But when you are 40 points up and scoring on every major attack 7 points….

  • Kiap

    Well said, Jamie. Rugby people own the game not the ARU. They need to get out of the way.

    The Wallaroos are NOT done and dusted, Hugh. Good win for them over the Irish. They play Canada in the 5th/6th final this weekend.

    Kafer backed down on social media soon after his claims of the ARU being responsible for the selection and appointment of Dave Wessels.

    Good back-end Wallaby performance? 50 points in 50 minutes and the All Blacks were looking to their bench early. How much of the margin was shaved by the ref? What a crock.

    And the thing about quoting “missed tackle” stats is that players who wave the opposition through to score don’t actually get marked down. Plenty of that on Saturday in this joke of a defence. The defenders scrambling to at least slow the ball carrier down then increase their missed tackle numbers.

    • onlinesideline

      Watching Kerevi just jog across while Liam Squire bolted down touch is just ridiculous. Kerevi is / was our 13 and it was in first 10 minutes of the game. He should have had steam coming out of his ears from eagerness. Just either no speed or no passion. Just cant work out which. Maybe its the former.

      • JimmyC

        That was the exact play that had steam coming out of my ears. No effort. He just gives up. Say what you will about guys like Hooper or Phipps but they certainly don’t give up like that bloke does. Remember when he was pushed to the wing v England last year? He couldn’t be bothered to turn and chase when they put a kick in behind him.

  • Brisneyland Local

    The defenders we are missing you guys asked about?
    – George smith.
    – Ant Faianga
    – Karmichael Hunt
    – The Honey Badger!

  • RugbyReg

    I do have to stand up for the ARU a little bit given Matt’s slagging of them and their interaction with GAGR. I know up high they have been pretty unhelpful and actually quite disruptive, but the workers have been pretty damn good. The Coms/Media team have always been very accommodating and worked closely with me and a few others around NRC and 7s work, and they continue to be very helpful and proactive.

    But yeah, there’s been some dicks as well who have but a few barriers up for us too.

    It’s worth remembering we are all volunteers on this site. We do it because we love the game and just want to see it at its best.

    • Fair points Reg

      Get better soon!

    • Dud Roodt

      So you’re just going to sit here and tell us that you’re not earning millions from this site?

      We didn’t come down in the last shower Reg

      • RugbyReg

        Rugby Reg is just trying to protect his brand at this stage.

        • Dud Roodt

          Fuck, when we see you in a lavender coloured blazer spruiking Swisse vitamins we’ll know you’re too far gone and Cavill will finally get the control over the pod he’s been craving for so long.

  • Mike Thompson

    Yeah, good to hear Matt give voice to some cynicism about Twiggy.

    Too weird that Twiggy is only now showing up, when it is all over. Grand gestures and words are easy when there’s no chance they’ll come to anything.

    Where was he when this process started? Where has he been for the last 10 years, like, for example, where was he when Giteau left the Force because his third party payments (from the mining sector) were never delivered?

    If you do assume Twiggy’s actions are a PR stunt, then you are forced to conclude he is showing complete contempt for Rugby. He is inflaming an already terribly difficult situation. He is harming Rugby.

    • Brisneyland Local

      It would be better if Matt did his research first. FMG (Fortescue Metals Group) were one of the orginals sponsors of the Force. Twiggy owns FMG. he has been on the edges of this for years.
      Twigyy, and I dont claim to know him well, but have met him a few times is a generous man, who through his good fortune and great business mind has done very well. He has donated a fair chunk of his money.
      He is not the media tarts that we see in the Hinkler and Palmer types.

      • Mike Thompson

        Isn’t that, right there, kinda the issue. Across its history, hasn’t the Force struggled to get a stable major sponsor? If right now, Twiggy is throwing around $50M, why wasn’t he throwing around much, much smaller amounts a bit earlier, when it could have actually made a difference. It does come across as odd timing.

        • onlinesideline

          maybe its as simple as he was pretty busy running a multi billion dollar business but something in the way the ARU treated the Force irked him and he saw something about the rugby community that he felt he would like to save and he came in when he came in – he was witnessing what he percieved to be an injustice and he acted on it. I dont see why not being a sponsor in the past weakens the authenticity in his decision to act now. Maybe he is type of person to be passionate about injustice and community more than sport itself. Isnt that fine , we are all different and motivated by different things. Being a media tart ? – how the hell would a legal battle stroke the ego of a guy worth 5 BILLION…pftttt – dont think so mate.

        • Mike Thompson

          Oh, absolutely. The quickness of the ARU’s decision blindsided everyone. And, woa!, cutting the Force!! Who saw that coming??? Everyone was sure the ARU was going to cut NSW, right? There’s no way Forrest could have guessed there was a problem months ago, and acted earlier. So busy and so shocked !!!

          And he HATES any PR. When he recently made a foundation to “Eradicate slavery” it was done very quietly. Shhhh.

          Come on. Everyone hates this has happened to the Force. Hates it. But there is no surprise here, least of all to Forrest. If he was serious he would have acted months ago.

        • onlinesideline

          this is so cynical, naive and ridiculous Im not not even going to respond – good luck though.

        • Moz

          Got to agree with you there onlinesideline… Twiggy wants to get more involved, prepared to throw more cash in the ring, and we get people ridiculing it. Probably says more about themselves really…I think they possibly need to go into the room of mirrors and have a good hard look at themselves.

    • Valzc

      For about the 100th time on various forums, can I just clarify again that Twiggy has actually been involved in the Force for years! He did not just step in! He has helped finance and support the Future Force academy when the ARU pulled everything back East! As he also REstated at the rally that he has only now stepped up as he thought common sense would prevail(haha!) but when the ARU really put the boot in, he decided enough was enough & it was time to punch back at the bully boys ((ARU). In addition, it has become crystal clear that SANZAAR did NOT specify culling a team! It has been purely all ARU driven to get rid of the Force, which has been their primary goal. And with the ARU claiming it has all been for financial reasons, then knocking back $50mill kinda blows that liddle argument outta the water doesn’t it? Talk about fake news by the ARU!

    • Huw Tindall

      First reaction is it’s too good to be true. The phrase ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’ springs to mind. Would love to be proved wrong and maybe Twiggy’s philanthropy extends to rugby but would want to see the terms and conditions attached to the 50 mil before getting too excited. Just feel the ARU is stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one. Legally locked into the shite SANZAAR agreememts. While this position may have arsen in the most part from their own incompetence that still doesn’t help fix the immediate problem. There are just limits on the ARU’s options. I’d like to start from scratch with the ARU but is that going to happen?

  • skip

    Sorry. The ARU threatened to sue a bunch of guys running a fan site? What the actual fuck?

  • Andy

    Great podcast gents. Found a lot of the topics really interesting. Especially the stuff about the ARU and G&GR. I get this feeling that a super league/packer style takeover play by a certain rich individual could actually be to the benefit of the rugby community in Australia. Would never thought I’d say this but the ARU are that incompetent and deplorable it would make me happy to see them fall off their ivory towers and be rid from the game. Maybe this is Twiggy’s long term play? The opportunity is definitely there for the taking

  • Mike Thompson

    Is this rock bottom? No it isn’t.

    How quickly we forget Jack Quigley’s open letter after the loss to the Scots a couple of months ago? Remember that lackluster, incompetent, guileless, gutless loss against a Scots team which had a few of its best players on Lion’s duty? Remember just how incompetent the scrum was? And the lineout? And how, in the main, the attack was utterly one dimensional. And how we leaked points regularly.

    As bad as this result is against the All Blacks, and it is terrible, the performance only truly sucked in one area – defense. The energy was good, the set piece was reasonable and the attack was searching enough. No-one is happy, for sure, but the utter incompetence and disinterest in the Scot’s game was much, much worse, surely.

  • Simon Barnett

    The biggest game this weekend is the Otago v Canterbury Ranfurly Shield challenge from Christchurch on Sunday 2:30 (AEST). It’s live on Fox check it out and (hopefully) watch Otago bring the Shield home.

    I’m an avid (rabid) listener of the podcast living in Sydney and would love a quick call out for that game.

    • Hugh Cavill

      Will keep an eye on it Simon and throw in a recap next week.

      • Simon Barnett

        Great thanks Hugh. Great podcast by the way – even for a kiwi living in Sydney. All about the rugby and will stick the boot into Australian teams (and anyone else) where deserved unlike mainstream media sycophants.

  • Cortez

    Good pod as usual guys. But please don’t parallel the ARU and ignore WA Rugby completely. A cursory glance at the RugbyWA website would have shown you that the Premier Grade finals were on last weekend with Wests Scarborough taking out the premiership to go back-to-back. It would have been nice to get a mention in there for WA club rugby in the same manner as QLD, NSW and VIC, particularly in these difficult times.

  • Boulton

    There were 4600 people at the Force march not 8000 as said on the podcast on several occasions. Secondly, ARU did approach NZRU on two occasions trying to set up a trans-tasman comp and dump the South Africans but NZ told them that wasn’t going to happen. Some pretty average commentary without Reg on the podcast.


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