Bonus Podcast 269.5 - From the Horse's Mouth (With Will Reid) - Green and Gold Rugby

Bonus Podcast 269.5 – From the Horse’s Mouth (With Will Reid)

Bonus Podcast 269.5 – From the Horse’s Mouth (With Will Reid)

No, you’re not imagining things. There’s a special bonus podcast this week!

About two weeks ago, The Green and Gold Rugby Show was approached by Will Reid, a bloke who works for The Feed, a show on SBS Viceland. Will was working on a documentary about rugby in Australia, when he was given the chance to interview ARU CEO Bill Pulver, and it was an interview that he wanted to share with us.

Nick, our producer who usually works behind the scenes, takes over mic duties for this bonus podcast, where he discusses with Will the interview he had with Pulver, before diving in and examining the interview itself.

To view the documentary that Will worked on for SBS Viceland, click here.

  • ForceFan

    Thanks Will & NIck – a very topical and relevant podcast.

  • MungBean

    Please stop using that photo of Pulver. It’s just so cringeworthy

    • BigNickHartman

      That’s why it’s so good! It’s a piece of art. Provokes passion

      • MungBean

        It makes me want to wretch

  • Dally M

    So he’s was willing to explain these things to a TV program on SBS yet to be aired, but couldn’t be bothered explaining it to anyone remotely affected by the whole debacle as it played out – the players, the fans, club rugby etc.

    Just so out of touch with the people who at the end of the day provide all the revenue he talks about as being important.

  • Happyman

    Great Poscast and does show that BP is not just a card board cut out. My big concern is that both the reporter and BP really only made reference to NSW rugby. The list of places that NSW and QLD country were visiting were relevant. Not one QLD town named.

  • Bakkies

    Won 4 Super Rugby titles not 3.

  • Cuffey

    Its funny how Bills super history starts in ’96! Was Qld too dominant prior for him winning 92, 94 and 95? When will he stand up as a national leader and stop his sydney-centric ways, times up Bill

    • Pearcewreck

      Technically you are right, but I think most peoples Super history started in 1996.
      Prior to 96 it was all a bit Mickey Mouse.

  • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

    ‘Why don’t you give money to Shute Shield, they produce lots of Wallabies’

    ‘Because the Shute Shield has nothing to do with the ARU whatsoever AND is already financial booming (and the ARU isn’t) AND it is amateur’

    ‘Yeah, but they produce a lot of Wallabies, so why don’t you do anything for them?’

    ‘Because they have nothing to do with us, they’re affiliated with the NSWRU’

    ‘But they produce a lot of Wallabies!’

    ‘So what do you think we should do then?’

    ‘Well, they produce a lot of Wallabies….’

    Yet another Shute Shield fan who doesn’t understand that it isn’t the ARUs job to hold Shute Shield’s hand. The reason that Shute Shield complains about the ARU and feels like they’re not working together is because Shute Shield thinks that they have the god given right to be the 2nd Tier, not Super Rugby or the NRC, and damn the rest of Australia, damn rugby in Australia, as far as Shute Shield is concerned.

    Shute Shield needs to get it through their heads that they are an amateur comp played in a tiny part of Australia, and that, while fantastic for the fans in that part of Australia, they are not a national entity nor the 2nd tier.

    • BigNickHartman

      Yeah I thought Pulver’s arguments were reasonable. He’s not the pantomime villain that he’s being painted as.

      But then, I remembered it’s really his fault that I haven’t heard him air his logic before, cos he never f**king makes a public appearance

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        Yeah, rather than having the charisma of a wet rag that I assumed he would have he actually came across pretty well and genuine.

        He clearly hasn’t had much experience in marketing, because he has done a lot of good things before this Force debacle—setting up the NRC, investing in grassroots (and I mean schools, juniors, etc, not Shute Shield, which is an elite amateur competition, not grassroots, and cutting ARU costs).

        The Force debacle has really cost him though. As Geoff Stooke and even Alan Jones said, however, he shouldn’t be the sole individual criticised for this. I think he will now forever be know as the bloke who sacrificed the Force rather than the man who created the NRC.

        • BigNickHartman

          That’s so true. This is all getting really complex, I don’t really feel there are any good guys left except GAGR and the fans

        • Huw Tindall

          That’s almost the biggest disaster in all this – the self inflicted lack of comms by the ARU and namely Pulver as the figurehead. This interview, along with the Stooke one, clearly show Pulver in at least a neutral light. He had a lot of good things to say but for some unknown reason decided to keep quiet until SBS of all channels were running a documentary on rugby! It’s baffling.

  • Rebels3

    We need so much more focus on the QRU and NSWRU, they are diabolical with their handling of things and resistance to change.

    I agree its not their issue, but they do feed the hand of these unions. So some how the ARU (i know its constitutionally hard for them) need to make them more accountable.

    Bill, even tries to reference the state unions a number of time, but was overlooked.

    All in all a great listen, well done GAGR

    • Hugh Cavill

      Very good point. NSWRU have repeatedly escaped criticism over the Sydney grassroots funding issue, despite being a key player.

    • Huw Tindall

      Totally agree. It’s a fact that the ARU have failed to get across. Yes they may have overall stewardship and dominant visibility around rugby in Australia but the state unions control their comps. The complete lack of engagement by NSWRU in the first year of the NRC was disgusting. It seemed they wouldn’t even lend the teams a fax machine to send out a press release. Things have improved since with the Waratahs helping push the message but the lack of coordination in the first instance clearly highlights the gulf between the State unions and the ARU.


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