Podcast 269 - Nothing but Pride - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 269 – Nothing but Pride

Podcast 269 – Nothing but Pride

It was such an unbelievable performance by the Wallabies in Dunedin that Reg, Hugh and Jamie were still on a high from it when they sat down to do this weeks Green and Gold Rugby Show.

The Five Burning Questions –

1. Are we happy with Saturday’s performance?
2. Who were your Wallaby standouts?
3. Will this be the start of a Wallaby resurgence?
4. What are we most looking forward to about the NRC this year?
5. What else caught our eyes around the grounds?

  • Pearcewreck

    1. Yes, but not the result. Couldn’t be any worse than the previous, but still a huge improvement
    2. McMahon, Genia, Arnold and Simmons.
    3. Come on GAGR, don’t ask this question, we have been here too many times.
    4. Dunno.
    5. It’s all about the Shute, ’bout the Shute.

  • Harbo

    Although I agree with many that we showed massive improvement, was the game on Saturday night not more of what we have seen from the team for the last 18 months?
    – We scored a lot of points but managed to let the other team also score a lot due patches of extremely poor defence
    – Poor kicking from the tee and out of hand in general play
    – Kick chase still missing
    – Poor decision making under pressure
    – Some “finishers” not even taking the pitch
    – We lost

    Not trying to sound negative, I’m stoked we showed improvement and I am still absolutely gutted we lost. I was pacing around the room yelling when I thought we might win. I’ve got every finger and toe crossed for us to win the next match I just think we need to chill out on the praise when Saturday’s match was not too different too all our other matches over the last 18 months. Coaches need to continue to improve and be better prepared. The boys are playing their hearts out and some of the shit Cheika and Gray are doing is just setting them up for failure. They don’t deserve it at all.

    • Wallabrumby

      Are you me Harbo? Same feels

  • Simon Barnett

    Thanks guys for the shout-out. I’m happy enough that the Ranfurly Shield wasn’t the biggest game on the weekend (if Otago had won I might feel differently).

    Some might say a couple of those early tries in the Bledisloe were lucky but rugby is a game of taking your chances and the Wallabies certainly did that. Both teams have a bit to work on.

    McMahon’s best game EVER – full credit to him. SBW not so much.

    ABs in the post-Carter era may be happy to leak tries while creating more opportunities for themselves but it’s not always going to work out and I’m not sure all AB fans will be on-board with that.


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