Podcast 271 - ...A Few Comments From Matt - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 271 – …A Few Comments From Matt

Podcast 271 – …A Few Comments From Matt

Rugby Reg, Hugh and Matt are back in the chair to talk the latest on all things rugby. For this week of the Green and Gold Rugby Show the lads talked about the Wallabies-Springboks test, the upcoming test against the Pumas, the NRC, and of course, Twiggyball.

The Five Burning Questions –

1. How do you grade the Wallabies performance against the Boks?
2. Has Kurtley Beale already won the John Eales Medal?
3. What changes should Michael Cheika make for the Pumas?
4. Could Twiggyball save Australian rugby?
5. What was the best performance of the NRC last weekend?

  • Jason

    So some stats on the game, Hanigan:

    Hanigan hit 25 rucks of a total 146 rucks, of these 25 rucks he made 9 effective clean outs, he hit 11 rucks unnecessarily, and was involved 4 of the 5 rucks that resulted in a turn over to South Africa. He made 6 tackles and missed 4 tackles.

    I personally am at the point where I think literally anyone would be better than Hanigan at this point.

    With regards to alternatives there are quite a few guys the most *like* Hanigan in the squad would be Adam Korczyk and while he hasn’t really done anything to force selection, I do think we can’t continue to reward Hanigan for his inability to have any impact on the game. But other guys in the squad who would warrant a look Jack Dempsey (as you mentioned), Rob Simmons has played at 6 in the past (would then allow Tui or Rodda to come into the side on the bench, as they have been pushing very hard for selection), Lukhan Tui hasn’t played a whole lot of 6 but would be quite capable as he is one of the more mobile second rowers and would give us a lot more punch with our back row.
    But looking further than just the players in the Wallabies Squad Scott Higginbotham really should be in the squad (as with Quade, I’m still dreading Foley having a head knock and watching Cheika shit his pants with no backup Fly-Half in the side). Higgers was putting in George Smith-esqu work when he played for the Wallabies and would make a very nice addition to the side as he’s a good lineout option as well as bring more ball carrying. But other guys would be Colby Fainga’a, Jed Holloway, Chris Alcock. At this point Hanigan simply can’t be kept in the side he isn’t bring anything to the table, he’s making a lot of tackles but not an incredible number (8, 5, 7, 9, 8 and 6 giving him an average of 7 a game. He just isn’t giving us anything.

    Even Izack Rodda playing 6 would at least give us some impact.

    I really don’t think Timani should even be in the squad at this point, he’s never really lived up to what is expected of him, he has one or two decent games where you see his potential but he’s never consistently played to his potential.

    • RugbyReg

      I think Higgers and Alcock are both overseas now.

      Interesting suggestion on Tui but I really don’t see him having the mobility to play there. Simmons wouldn’t be a bad option and my preference over pushing Adam Korczyk in just yet. The best game of rugby Simmo has player this year (or for a while) has been at 6.

      • Jason

        Yeah, I think you’d need to have in mind you are probably pulling Tui at about the 60 minute mark as he wouldn’t quite have the motor to play the full 80. But I think with Hanigan giving us so little at the moment even if we had Tui playing that last 20 minutes we’d still come out ahead as he’d actually have an impact on the game unlike Hanigan.

    • Andy

      Like Tui at 6.

      Agree on lost though. There are multiple players I would take over him. RHP is another who I think has been completely duded in this selection fiasco

  • paul

    The issue with Argentina is they are known for lifting to that next level when playing the All Blacks.
    The normal jet-lagged, half interested going through the motions Puma’s will probably turn up this week.

    • Nicholas Wasiliev

      Touch wood

  • Bakkies

    The 50 million was for the Australian Rugby Foundation to go in to grassroots.

  • Bakkies

    The comment about relying on one man as in Twiggy is not really valid as Aus Rugby has been relying on Murdoch in Australia and UK/Ireland for the past 21 years and he is 87. There has to be a contingency plan in place if the Murdoch organisation is going to run differently post Rupert.

  • I couldn’t tell if you were joking or not but I would definitely buy a 2011 Reds stubby cooler.

  • Moz

    Hey guys, love your show.

    However, a bit disappointed with your criticisms of Andrew Forrest towards the end. Reg, I thought you sounded somewhat condescending of his efforts, and as what has already started to come out at the Senate Hearing, also wrong. You were critical that he didn’t provide any details of the $50m being offered. But back in April RugbyWA and the Force contacted the ARU saying that Forrest and a number of other backers would be supporting the Force in “any way necessary” to make sure they survived. The ARU refused to contact them about this, despite several other attempts. The ARU only agreed to meet 4 months later, after they had decided to cut the Force. They then said that it was “too late to change”, even though the Force had commitments of $5m in the Own the Force, and the finical backing of Forrest and others. So, Forrest didn’t necessarily leave their run too late, the ARU refused to meet with the Force and Forrest to discuss how to resolve this until after they said it was too late.

    Perhaps it wold be great if you consider both sides rather than being cynical about Forrest’s efforts.


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