Podcast 273a - Rolling Solo - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 273a – Rolling Solo

Podcast 273a – Rolling Solo

So we had some technical issues this week, and our recording was sadly unfit for public consumption.

This Skype recording thing is not as easy as it looks!

In the absence of a fully formed pod, I have thrown together some of my far less fully formed opinions in the show’s first solo podcast. The sound quality isn’t excellent (the acoustics in my kitchen aren’t as great as I’d hoped) so apologies for that.

Is it a cogent, logical monologue? Of course not. Is it listenable at all? The jury is out. But at least we’ve put out something this week.

In the pod I recap the Boks/Wallabies game, talk selections, refereeing, Argentina, the Reds and the Uni 7s. Have a listen:

  • Jimmydubs

    Talking to yourself is that first sign of insanity you know. Much appreciate the interim fix between pods. Good effort all things considered!!

  • Jack Mallick

    Great effort to go lone wolf. Well done. Maybe there could be a Matt Rowley conspiracy special next time, let him clear the air on the true causes of all these dramas


Can't write, can't play. Tahs and Wallabies.

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