Podcast 275 - The Darkness Lifts - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 275 – The Darkness Lifts

Podcast 275 – The Darkness Lifts

Reg, Hugh and Matt are back this week to chew the fat on all things rugby. After the awesome win on Saturday by the Wallabies, they had plenty to be cheerful about (until we got to talking about the Baabaas match).

Warning – mild coarse language

The Five Burning Questions – 

1. Where did the Wallabies win the match?
2. Who was our best on-field, and what position do we think needs improvement?
3. What’s the point of the Baabaas game?
4. Should the indigenous jersey be our fulltime jersey?
5. Izzy Folau having the November tour off: a big loss or an opportunity?

  • Pedro

    Good point from Reg about the baa baas getting in the way of the NRC. I kept thinking this game was after the NRC finished, so it’s crept up on me. Bizarre timing but it will still be worth watching.

    I also agree with Hugh’s indigenous jersey idea. I’d also like indigenous jerseys for all the super teams too.

    Great podcast guys.


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