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Podcast 276 – Up The Jumper

Podcast 276 – Up The Jumper

With the aftermath of the Wallabies-Baabaas match, the announcement of the Spring Tour squad and the NRC heading into the finals, we needed a solid edition of The Green and Gold Rugby Show this week to meet your rugby needs. Rugby Reg, Hugh and the one-and-only Brett McKay were in the chair to chew the fat and serve up their media expertise.

The Five Burning Questions:

1. Did we gain anything from the Barbarians match?
2. What were the big surprises from the Wallaby squad selection?
3. What are our expectations for the Wallaby tour?
4. What were the standouts from the NRC this season?
5. What’s your tip for the NRC Finals?

  • Huw Tindall

    Haven’t listened yet but I can already imagine Reg coming off the long run in regards to Question 1 after last weeks Barbarians rant!

  • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

    Kerevi’s defence is better at 13 than 12? On what possible basis can that be claimed? He hasn’t played 12 since the June series against England from memory, and I’m not sure if he missed any tackles then. It is pretty universally accepted that defending at 13 is more difficult than at 12 I had thought.

    Kerevi is clearly out of form for whatever reason. He isn’t getting enough minutes, perhaps, but it isn’t working. Who can forget that he was the form Australian backline player in all of Super Rugby. He’ll get back there. Hopefully he can reestablish himself as a Wallaby started next year.

    • Jason

      Kerevi’s defence actually isn’t bad, and never has been poor (not to a Beale level at least), even in that first Bledisloe he was much more made out to be the issue when it wasn’t actually his fault and frankly he did very very well to be able to be given the blame (he sprinted from the middle of the field over to the wing to miss the tackle that everyone blames him for, meanwhile Beale and Foley were leisurely jogging across).

  • Bobas

    no chat about Quade? or how Hunt was poor at fullback?

    • RugbyReg

      no. I don’t think there was.

      • Bobas

        I know. I’m suprised, because I think it would have naturally come up. Bring back Rowley.

  • ForceFan

    Couldn’t reply earlier as I had to watch the BaaBaas v Wallabies game again to see how Jack Dempsey could have out-pointed Matt Hodgson during the 55 minutes when they were on the park together.
    Nothing I saw changed my perception when I watched the game live.
    Jack Dempsey: 23yo. 108kg was up against Matt Hodgson 36yo. 100kg.
    Jack Dempsey has been training with the Wallabies since the end of the SR season.
    Matt Hodgson played his last game of rugby 3.5 months ago against the Waratahs – a memorable last game before retirement.
    Hodgson at best has been keeping fit leading classes in his F45 Fitness Centres in Perth. For the last 6 weeks even that wasn’t possible as he was working full time with Forrest getting the IPRC set-up.
    The BaaBaas did little preparation leading up to this match. Pek Cowan advised today that they packed down their 1st scrum at the end of the Captain’s Run – the day before the match.
    In their 55 minutes together both players earned a clean TOW.
    Dempsey scored a personal try.
    Hodgson was involved in 2 tries: with a ball carry and off load to Jones which lead to the Ready try; and the quick long pass to Naiyaravoro which led to the Banks try.
    Both players conceded a penalty.
    In 55 minutes Dempsey had 14 Ruck Involvements – 11 Attack/3 Defence.
    Hodgson had 24T – 13A/11D – and just did what he always does in preventing the Wallabies getting quick, clean ball.
    I enjoyed the OSF Master Class from Hodgson who, before he went off, had almost the same number of Ruck Involvements as Dempsey and Timani combined (and nearly 3 x their Def Ruck Involvements).

    I hope Hodgo makes a come-back for the IPRC.
    PS Fantastic to see Wycliff Palu back on the park (13T – 9A/4D) (55 mins)

    • Bobas

      Dempsey’s second slap down was somehow only deemed a knock on.

  • Jason

    Yeah, I’m really keen to see the Kerevi – Kuridrani Center pairing, I think it will be very potent. I do think Duncan Paia’aua will also be pushing for a center spot come the 2019 RWC and one of the biggest factors in his favour will be his versatility, Kerevi and Kuridrani can only really play in the centers (you could throw Kerevi on the wing but he’s kind of wasted there). Paia’aua on the other hand while not a true flyhalf (I don’t know what Cheika was thinking playing him at 10 and asking the Reds to play him at 10!) he’s got that Beale-esqu ability to fill in there if you have an injury or something, but otherwise you could really play him anywhere he’s got awesome size at 180cm and despite only being 91kg (same weight as Quade and Kurtley) runs the ball like a 100kg+ monster (closer to Samu than Quade when running the ball; Perese does the same thing).


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