Podcast 279 - Kurtley Steale (feat. Tim from The Eggchasers) - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 279 – Kurtley Steale (feat. Tim from The Eggchasers)

Podcast 279 – Kurtley Steale (feat. Tim from The Eggchasers)

We’re back to a standard hour and will be delivering you an early podcast this week. Matt and Hugh were in the chair to talk about the Wallabies-Wales match as well as the anticipated match-up against England. They were joined by Tim Cocker from The Eggchasers Podcast for all things on the Spring Tour, as well as by our producer Nick for the aftermath of the NRC final.

The Five Burning Questions

1. What mark out of 10 do you give the Wallabies win over Wales? (feat. Tim)
2. Which Wallaby/Welsh player caught your eye with a strong performance? (feat. Tim)
3. Who are the secret weapons and weaknesses for Australia and England? (feat. Tim)
4. What was our favourite moment from the NRC final? (feat. Nick)
5. Should we be excited about Brad Thorn taking on the Reds after his QLD Country coaching? (feat. Nick)

  • Jason

    My tip will be Lukhan Tui to start at 4/5 or 6 and will have a Vunipola-esqu game. If Tui starts at lock instead of Simmons I think he’ll make a really big difference for the scrum while Tui isn’t quite as powerful as Izack Rodda he’ll give you a heap more than Simmons.

  • Ruggaman

    As a saffa, the aussies are looking really good. Your forwards have improved so much, next year you will have:

    Uelese / Latu

    • Jason

      I’d have Ready in there over Latu, although last year I would have thought Latu would have been a much closer thing. Ready was in very very good form for Queensland Country.

      • Ruggaman

        Yeah but in general the Aussie forwards are hard tough guys, not like in the past were we felt like they are just a bit weak. Aussie rugby definitely on the up. Aus have favorable World Cup draw so im backing them to reach the final again

        • Jason

          Oh yeah, if you haven’t watched the NRC final I’m pretty sure it’s now a free on-demand replay via the Fox website, even in that there are guys like Caleb Timu and Rob Valetini who have been flying under the Wallabies radar but could easily take that step up if needed to.

          As for the Draw it isn’t *as* ideal as you’d like they have France or England (or Argentina) in the quarters, then likely South Africa, Ireland or New Zealand in the Semis. So it’s nice but not ideal.

          I think the way the pools are done with the banding needs to be reconsidered, surely there is a better way to do it, it’s beyond a joke that England, France and Argentina are in the same pool, yet Australia has Wales and Fiji. Ireland, Scotland and Japan is a pretty alright pool too.

        • Ruggaman

          Yeah watched the NRC final, at halftime i thought Queensland are in for a hiding but to turn around a 21 – 7 deficit and win 42 – 28 with a man in the sin bin for 10 minutes was phenomenal. Im looking forward to see what Thorne can do with Reds at super rugby level

  • Jason

    The one with for Brad Thorn is he’s really good good staff around him, Stiles was the same sort of coach as Cheika and as Thron, but the difference with Thorn for next year is he’ll have Tony McGahan who’s shown a number of times to be a brilliant rugby mind winning 2 titles in Europe; but McGahan weakness is his player motivation. Where I think Thorn is an upgrade over Stiles is that Thorn is a player that everyone in that Reds side *has to* respect because he’s done more than they can envisage. (With the exception of George Smith, but Smith is a consummate professional and you’d never expect to be the squeaky wheel.)

    I think the first real test for Thron will be how he handles the Andrew Ready situation, Ready showed in NRC he’s probably Australia’s number 2 or 3 hooker. And you get the impression it was some combination of Moore and Stiles who upset the apple cart with Ready last season. I don’t think there is a *right answer* if handled poorly even starting Ready could end badly, but I personally do see starting Ready and having Moore play that steady hand to close out a game as being the option that will lead to the most likely best outcome.

    George Smith and Scott Higginbotham are also going to be a bit of a headache for Thron with Tui, Timu, Korczyk, Scott-Young, Wright, and Hewat all able to have a case made for a back row position. Starting BOTH Smith and Higginbotham becomes difficult when you have six other guys who all can be justified in starting.
    I personally think Smith will likely be asked what he want’s to do, and he’s the sort of person who’d do what is best for the team, he’s got no ego in that regard, but if he’s in a good place come finals he’ll be such a valuable player just to have in the squad. I don’t even want to hazard a guess as to how to best handle it but put it this way the Reds have 6 guys who have been in or around the Wallabies squad this year and can only really play 4 or 5 of them in any one game.

  • Hugh_96

    In regards to your comments on Koroibete’s kick chase and pick & drive skills probably comes from his League background, in League it is the role of the winger to take the first couple of hit ups from dummy half when returning a kick, similarly in League receiving kicks and contesting kicks is a key skill needed by wingers. So in many ways it’s not surprising Koroibete has been good at it. But yes he is still learning his defensive positioning.
    I think Hunt will go to 12, Kerevi still finding his feet defensively and with Kurindrani they are a bit 1 dimensional in attack at this stage.

  • wilful

    Hoo boy Tim was confident wasn’t he? One could say cocky even. Plainly he expects a whupping. Time will soon tell.

    • Huw Tindall

      Just as well I don’t have a have kids as the first born would be at severe risk of being given up for a win of the old enemy this weekend!

  • Pedro

    Really good listen guys. Wasiliev went the full mcavaney, you gotta love the enthusiasm.

    I would say that Coleman is the biggest change/weapon we have since last playing the poms. Our biggest weakness is in six, Hanigan is too light into contact and other options are also a bit green.

    • Huw Tindall

      Tui would be a great inclusion to just bash the English around. It was noted after the his last hit out that the opposition started to look like they were warey of him – jeeze I’ve gotta tackle him – a tiny seed of doubt is all you need. I don’t care if he makes 0 metres…stopping him takes it out of the opposition opening it up for the rest of the tea. Alas I believe he is only back for the Scotland game. With Ned and Simmons, whilst they are solid players who add a lot at set piece, the lack of dynamism may be telling against England. You feel you need guys like Coleman, McMahon, Hooper and the front row to play out of their skins to compete.


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