Podcast 28: Nil-All with Matty Taylor - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 28: Nil-All with Matty Taylor

Podcast 28: Nil-All with Matty Taylor

Matty says "Make that tackle"

Gagger, Scott and Mr Timms have a chat about the SupeRugby Finals, including the after party. We also get all defensive and have a chat with Championship winning Reds Defence Coach Matty Taylor.

Some topics we cover:

  • Why do defence coaches from League have such a good reputation?
  • Is the perfect game a Nil-all draw?
  • Is there really a defence bible written by him?
  • And, Why WAS Quade defending at 15?

The theme song is one dedicated to Kevvy, Link and all the Boys; Queen’s classic ‘We Are The Champions”. Congratulations fellas, you did it!

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  • Garry

    Interesting comments from Mr Timms (I think?), actually stating (what many of us may have been thinking) that it would be fortuitous for Rocky to get injured and be out of the Cup running. What a state of affairs we have gotten ourselves into when we start hoping that one of our champions is taken out by injury.

    Of course, these sentiments would not be necessary if our selectors were able to manage the team with a sense of professionalism. Instead we have the situation when a loose head prop is playing out of his natural position, and on the other side of the scrum a tight head playing loose head. Obviously, they have forgotten the injury sustained by our front rower last year, due to playing out of position. And to top it off, Rocky is earning our supporters wrath because he has been shown the red carpet back into the team, leap frogging genuine contenders, without having to show form.

    Mr Timms, a third possibility (to your two Rocky solution suggestions) that I’d like to see….

    At the after match drinks this Sunday, an irate Tongan punches Deans lights out, effectively ending Dingo’s season.

    • Yeah, I said it, and I felt like an absolute bastard too. I really never want to wish an injury on anyone, it is really the only OTHER way I can see this going away.

      Of course, ideally, he would come back as the Rocky of old and tear it up. I would be overjoyed to have him lift Bill.

      • densamer

        MrTimms – How many times did you pick the points margin this year for the Reds?

        • I just looked back, I got the margin 5 times, though once it was the wrong way…

          Came within 1 twice, 2 another 2 times and the rest were way off.

          Would have won the comp if I didn’t have to tip the other teams.

  • bill

    There were other teams than the reds in super 15?

  • RedsHappy

    This was for me one of the very best podcasts – getting into non-PC-talk depth with someone who’s really delivered and knows what he’s talking about. Educative. Well done GAGR. (I have found many GAGR podcasts too PC in not probing hard – without offending – and too long, and too many GAGR team members on mics ending up sort of fragmenting the flow.)

    One revelation fm Taylor which I am sure Mr T and Gagger would have picked up on: one major reason for positioning QC at 15 in defence was to consciously lower his risk of injury as their key attacking player. This is very interesting, and very rational given the Reds’ resources and the degree to which they depend upon WG and QC, neither of whom missed an S15 game (and such may well have been critical to that minor premiership).

    In part I was intrigued by that revelation in that it counters the whining refrain of the many QC doubters and knockers (less in number today than at the start of the S15) that argued that QC was solely placed in defence as an antidote to this poor defence skills/appetite. That was and is rubbish as the overarching explanation for that positioning decision by the Reds coaches.

    • Garry

      It is, at the very least, intelligent player management.

      And this from the defense coach, although repeatedly stating that his D skills had improved, was quite open in acknowledging that as an attacking weapon, he was to important to be taken out trying to defend against the piggies. And with QC’s reputation, he would have seen a lot of traffic down his channel.

      Tony and Link, despite our heated debate, congrats on getting your two important chargers through the season injury free.


Steve Timms, He likes watching the odd game of Rugby, occasionally writes about it.. Proud member of the original Mudchooks.

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