Podcast 282 - Red Cards and Calcutta Cup Karaoke - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 282 – Red Cards and Calcutta Cup Karaoke

Podcast 282 – Red Cards and Calcutta Cup Karaoke

The tin-foil hats have been dusted off, and the Green and Gold Rugby Show is finally back for another year. With Super Rugby kicking back off this weekend for the Aussie teams, Rugby Reg, Matt and Nick are all in the chair to talk about all the latest topics in Australian rugby.

The Five Burning Questions -

1. What was the most impressive individual/team performance of the round?
2. What was the least impressive performance of the round?
3. Were the refs too influential on Round 2?
4. Has the English slide commenced?
5. What could we expect from Round 3?

  • Pearcewreck

    Only saw a few highlights of Scotland v England, but from what I saw there were a few times that England seemed very static in defence.
    Leading up to Scotland’s first try the England forwards were mere passengers attached to the Scots driving maul.

  • Pedro

    Great podcast as usual.

    I hope they change the deliberate knock on rule to be more like how Angus called it. I think the yellow and pen try is too big a penalty for something that is often instinctual and going for a big play. I think any suspect one inside ten metres should be a penalty try and any subsequent one a penalty try and yellow card.

    On the red card subject, just make a red card mean you play 40min (or so) without the player who then must be substituted, it gives the team a chance to hang on plus it’s a pretty big advantage and would most commonly be the rest of the match. Ten minutes means it’s pretty much a yellow.

  • BigNickHartman

    I’m really looking forward to the Ireland series. Do you think you guys could do a special edition of the pod with Irish commentator that Hugh imitates, Hugh, Gary Ringrose, and Dave Wessels? Would be a treat

  • Richard Patterson

    Good to have you all back for another year lads. Thanks as always for the show.

    The Reds Week 1 performance was clumsy, inaccurate and lacking skill under pressure. For that Head Coach Brad Thorn deserves criticism and some accountability. However, to lay the blame for a lack of enterprise and innovation on Thorn feels rich. The Reds knew exactly who they were signing on when they promoted Brad Thorn from S&C coach to Head Coach. They knew very well the credentials he bought from his playing days to his coaching. They also cannot be so foolish to ignore the belief amongst many that Thorn may still be 1-2 years away from being fully qualified to be a Super Rugby Head Coach.

    At this early stage of his coaching career, to expect the Brad Thorn coached 2018 Reds to be conditioned, staunch, hard working and consistently execute the basics is justified. To expect them to be full of flair and innovation is both unrealistic and unfair. Looking at Brad Thorn’s highly distinguished playing career, and short coaching career to date, what part of that needs further explanation?

    I wish Brad Thorn every possible success as a Head Coach — the guy is a champion on and off the field!! If the Reds and Queensland Rugby are expecting miracles from Thorn though in this his 1st year then them the fools. This after all, is an organisation littered with failed coaching appointments. I know where I point fingers if 2018 does not go well.


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