Podcast 285 - Helter Swelter - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 285 – Helter Swelter

Podcast 285 – Helter Swelter

Rugby Reg, Matt and Hugh are back for another week to chew the fat on the latest topics in Australian rugby. After the most successful round for Australian rugby since 2016, there was plenty to talk about.

The Five Burning Questions-

1. What the hell happened in Sydney?
2. What the hell happened in Argentina?
3. Who the hell will win the Aussie Conference?
4. Why the hell did Andy Friend get sacked?
5. What the hell is happening this weekend?

  • Ruggaman

    Good pod as per usual, ditto regarding Hodge, missed 5 tackles and conceded 5 turnovers. A shocker of note. Not yet sold on the Reds, Beat a Bulls team that only play for 40min, beat an inconsistent Jags team and sneaked it against a poor Brum team. Taniela Tupou is a fantastic player, his up against Kitshoff next (who is SA best) so a real litmus test imo

  • joy

    Helter skelter means confused haste. I didn`t see that.
    I saw a team go walkabout in Argentina. I saw a desperate need to make amends in Sydney. I see it all happening again so the answer to 3. is not the Tahs. I see Walsh as a better prospect that we can`t afford to let go and I`m hopeless with the crystal ball.

  • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

    I never said that they were better payers, I said that they had been in better form based on Spring Tour + start of 2018.

    Happy to admit I’m wrong if Beale and Foley continue playing like that, but as you guys said, Hodge played fullback not 12, and if you analysed any of the previous games from rounds 2-4 Jack Deb and Hodge outplayed them every time. This is the issue with you guys (aside from Reg) and the Tahs – only the good performances seem to count.

    Again, if Foley and Beale continue to play like that, it gives me hope we can actually beat Ireland.

    • RugbyReg

      This is the issue with you guys (aside from Reg)

      That should be the new GAGR Podcast slogan

      • “Too many Tahs”

        Been anyone who named themselves after a team’s slogan since GAGR began

  • Boulton

    Kept saying the Rebels havent left the country? Japan not count boys?

  • Boulton

    Have climbed on a plane. Have left our shores.


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