Podcast 286 - Escaping Rugby with Simon Cron - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 286 – Escaping Rugby with Simon Cron

Podcast 286 – Escaping Rugby with Simon Cron

The Green and Gold Rugby Show is back for another week, with Hugh, Matt and Nick chewing the fat on the latest topics in Australian rugby. This week’s podcast features an exclusive interview with Waratahs Forwards Coach Simon Cron, ahead of their crucial derby match against the Brumbies this weekend.

The Five Burning Questions – 

1. What can rugby learn from the cricket scandal?
2. Should we be disappointed with that Reds loss?
3. What would be an acceptable result against all the Kiwi teams this year?
4. Who is Simon Cron and where did he come from?
5. What are our picks for round 7?

  • Ruggaman

    I feel the Aussie teams can beat the Chiefs, they scraped a win against Blues and only pitched up in the 2nd half to beat the Bulls. They are playing fast and loose and feel they are missing experienced players like Leitch, Kerr-Barlow, Cruden and Lowe

    • The Chiefs and the Blues seem to be the low-hanging fruit this year in the NZ conference. However, whether the Aussies team can beat them is a whole different question. On a good day the Rebels and the Reds might (although I think the Reds really need another year to get it together). The ‘Tahs seem poor and the Brumbies seem too easy to defend against, certainly for a Kiwi side.

      I don’t think it will be a clean sweep again but I still think it will be heavily biased in favour of teams from under the Long White Cloud. There might be 2 or 3 wins for the Aussie sides, 4 would be a good year this year.

  • phil peake

    Been following Cron closely for a few years. He is a really authentic rugby man and I learn something every time I read or hear him speak. No doubt he will make a big impact at the Tahs.

  • Jason

    And the Reds should have beaten the tournament winning Cruisers last year too.

    Reds are going to win the Aussie Conference! :P

  • midbounce

    Getting real time instructions into wired up headgear might be a similarly unacceptable way to cheat in rugby. Have never heard of that actually happening though.

    If the Reds keep playing well against the brumbies and tahs I give them a good shot at the chiefs at Suncorp.

  • As a non-Aussie (and non-cricket lover) I followed the discussion about the cricket scandal with a bit of head-scratching. The direct equivalent doesn’t really exist of course, because you don’t (even if you’re the All Blacks) keep the ball for 80 overs at a time to gain an advantage like that. Although I seem to remember something about kicking balls and playing balls at a RWC, maybe in France and all the kickers complaining a few years ago. But that affected everyone.

    But rugby does have offences “against the spirit of the game.” The reason things like head butting a player, deliberately shoving the referee, calling an official a cheat (Dylan Hartley anyone?), eye gouging and so on carry hefty – up to life-long – bans is because we all love the fact that rugby is a game that rewards speed, skill and aggression. But that aggression has to be controlled: you can’t target your opponent with intent to hurt them, simply because it’s possible to hurt badly them accidentally, you can seriously injure or leave someone disabled if you really try hard. So rugby says “Instant red card, bans that start around the 3 month mark and can rise rapidly depending on what you did, what you history is and so on.” It doesn’t stamp it out completely of course. However, I’m old enough I remember seeing fights as a regular occurrence at top flight rugby matches. Today, it’s rare that you see a red card for anything except a dangerous tackle or a hit in the air – and while I whole-heartedly support the welfare of the players a lot of those are matters of technique or timing rather than of genuinely malicious intent. That’s reflected by relatively short bans for them too, starting at around the 4 week mark and often reduced even for serial offenders.

    From what I’ve heard, here in the UK, I feel a bit sorry for Steve Smith. He seems to have fallen on his sword – taken responsibility for his teammates’ action without actually knowing what they were planning. Maybe the Aussie media is reporting it differently. You wouldn’t expect that of a rugby captain. A coach, maybe, but not a captain.

    In a wider context it seems like cricket might have a problem that rugby doesn’t. It puts pressure on the players and then the captain to maintain the spirit of the game and that’s it. Given the outcry, I was expecting to hear that the cricket authorities had smacked the players with hefty bans, but it seems to have been a match fee and a 1 match ban. Given, to quote “Educating Rita” it sounded like they’d “buggered the bursar’s daughter” I was thinking a 3 month ban or longer, like you’d see for shoving a referee in rugby. But that’s been left up to Cricket Australia… Seems weak to me, not from CA but from the cricketing authorities. For all we complaining that citing officers are inconsistent (which they are about whether a player is guilty or not) they certainly throw the book when it’s needed.


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