Podcast 287 - Male, Stale & Pale - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 287 – Male, Stale & Pale

Podcast 287 – Male, Stale & Pale

The bye week is over, and the boys are back! Hugh, Matt and Nick are back in the chair for another week to get you all over the game line on the hottest topics of Australian rugby.

The Five Burning Questions – 

1. Rugby Australia’s $3m loss – what does it mean?
2. Should Rugby Australia punish Israel Folau?
3. What can we learn from last weekend’s games?
4. Commonwealth Games Sevens – can we win?
5. What’s happening this weekend?

  • Jason

    About the board your missing the biggest factor in the selection criteria — how far you’d have to drive to make the board meetings (not that any of them aren’t available as teleconference). :P

    • Hugh Cavill

      He’s won three straight John Eales Medals. I’d hope it is a top priority – he’s the best player in the game.

      I’d go so far as to say we can’t win the World Cup without him.

      • juswal

        Best player in the game, any position, world-wide? Shirley you can’t be serious.

        Folau is great at catching kicks and crossing the tryline on the end of a set move. Not great at anything else these days.

        The JEM is a questionable gong due to the voting system. Mathematically, the only contenders are those who play every Test – i.e. coach’s favourites and uncommonly injury-proof. In recent years that’s limited the field to Folau (winner in 2014, ’15, ’17) and Hooper (’13, ’16).

        • Jack Mallick

          You having a laugh! Folau does more than finish set moves, he creates plenty of tries for himself and others out of nothing…no point arguing about it.

          The JEM rewards consistent strong players, sounds right to me! The players vote for it on 3-2-1 so even if you play every game you still have to be in your fellow players’ top 3…that’s a fair effort I think. Why would a coach drop his ‘favourite’ if all the players keep voting for him as best on ground?

          The GAGR award is a better vote system I think, but if you look through the counts Hooper is always up there.

        • Ed

          Does the JEM reward consistent strong players? No tight-five forward finished in the top ten players last year – I would have thought Coleman, TPN and Kepu were among our strongest performers in that period.

          Pocock did well enough from the 2016 end of year tour to finish seventh overall despite not playing a match for us last year.

      • paul

        Then they’ll be worried about the reports of him signing to League at the end of this year then

      • Jason

        With League sniffing around as well as competition from Kiwi teams, not to mention Top 14 et al.

        I actually am not so sure he’s as irreplaceable as a lot of people think Folau is one of the best in the world – but let’s look at our alternatives in the back 3 — DHP, Koroibete, Naivalu, Beale, Speight, Perese, Hodge, Maddocks, Naiyaravoro. None of them are clearly better than Folau but you aren’t exactly falling off a cliff without him.

        The guys who are irreplaceable are guys like Genia. Legitimately one of the best in the world at his position, but more concerningly for us we have no one behind him. Cheika will pick Phipps, probably even if he isn’t starting for the Waratahs. -_- but even then the alternatives are Powell, Gordon, Tuttle. Those three are showing promise, Tuttle is a brilliant goal kicker, Powell is literally a carpenter, and Gordon is playing very well but there is no way you’d be able to start them against Ireland, or in a World Cup Semi.
        You’d be able to shuffle Beale to 15, or move DHP from the wing. I don’t even think Folau is really a fullback he’s just a roving winger in attack. A hell of a player, but not irreplaceable. (Same deal with Hooper, he’s brilliant, but if we don’t have him we move on.)

  • Tah Tragic

    The Tahs did get the bonus point win against the Sunwolves. They were on 14 points before the match and finished the weekend on 19. There was never a chance they were going get level with the Rebels on 20 points. Foley was right to end the match when he did. Nothing to gain and a bonus point to lose.
    TN stats – 176m, 10 defenders beaten, 4 clean breaks and 2 offloads. On the negative he did miss 4 of 5 tackles.

    • Bobas

      yep, 3 tries ahead BP, 7 tries to 4.

      Foley didn’t have a brain fade.

    • Andy

      If only he had satisfactory ability in some of the fundamentals like tackling, catching under the high ball ect…… he would be an automatic pick for gold every time

      • Tah Tragic

        Andy, I was responding to (I think) Matt’s question in the podcast as to what his attacking Stats were. Agree he is not the full package. Awesome against a team like SW but I think will be found out against better teams.

        • BigNickHartman

          Who isn’t awesome against the Moonies, let’s be honest..

        • Mart

          or the 2 tries before that, then the 2 before that….

      • Jason

        Also he struggles to play more than a half, and he’ll never go looking for work.

  • Jack Mallick

    When RA are putting on a big show and tell about diversity and women’s rugby I wish they had have approached Josephine Sukkar to join the board. Backs everything rugby through Buildcorp, strong beliefs about growing the game, sticks to her guns and puts her money where her mouth is.

    Could have been a great board member, maybe too tough for them! I guess it would cause issues if a major sponsor and supporter joins the board but she’s the type of person needed.

    I do think Phil Waugh is tough enough to have a good presence and is a proud club rugby supporter, just hopefully has a grasp of the disdain among the rugby community.

  • Bobas

    CLL didn’t come back for the NRC he played a short contract in Europe after returning from cancer in the Brumbies QF game last year.


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