Podcast 292 - Matt The Old Man - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 292 – Matt The Old Man

Podcast 292 – Matt The Old Man

It’s been a month between drinks, but the Green and Gold Rugby Show is back to get you over the game line on all the hottest topics of Australian rugby. With the end of Super Rugby season looming ahead of us, Rugby Reg, Jamie and Hugh all came together to talk about the Waratahs’ semi final loss, the Super Rugby season as a whole, the upcoming Bledisloe test match, the NRC and more.

They also talked about that time Matt dogged the lads.

The Five Burning Questions:

1. What happened in that semi-final?
2. Is the Wallabies trial this weekend at Leichhardt Oval worth it?
3. Do we have a chance in the first Bledisloe Test match?
4. What are our hopes and expectations for the NRC this year?
5. What is one thing each Aussie Super Rugby needs to improve for next year?

  • Jack Mallick

    Definitely agree that Thorn needs to learn how to work with players, can’t just cast off everyone. Imagine if Latu and Taqele were cast off instead of being encouraged and welcomed back when they had improved

    • Huw Tindall

      Yeah it’s hard to know without being on the inside exactly why some players have been cast off with seemingly no path to redemption. As a christian Thorn should be all about forgiveness!!!


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