Podcast 293 - The Freezer - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 293 – The Freezer

Podcast 293 – The Freezer

The Green and Gold Rugby Show is back for another week, here to chew the fat on all the hottest topics in Australian rugby. This week we have a rare event for you, as Hugh, Matt and Jamie broadcast live from Jamie’s apartment and come together to answer the following:

The Five Burning Questions:

1. Did we learn anything from the Leichhardt trial?
2. Are there any surprises in the Wallabies squad?
3. What the hell is going on at the Reds?
4. Did Richie Mo’unga play his way into the All Blacks Number 10 jersey?
5. What is happening around the grounds this weekend?

  • Ruggaman

    Anyone know when Nasarani becomes eligible and where i can watch the Aus vs SR team game from Saffa?

    • Hugh Cavill

      Naisirani is eligible at the end of the year, I believe.

      And the Aus vs SR game should be on rugby.com.au

      • Jamie Miller

        So, apparently Pulu played 7s for Niue, but was ineligible, and the responsibility was with Niue not him. I also had to google Niue because I knew bugger all about it. Absolutely nothing. Turns out, it’s the first country to provide state-funded wireless to all its citizens. Who’d have thought it?

        • Alister Smith

          I also understood they had a very good Olympic weightlifting team but I might be confusing them with someone else

        • Jamie Miller

          Apparently approaching 90% of the Niue population lives in NZ. GAGR, come for the rugby, stay for the full learning experience.

        • Richard Patterson

          Good to see you continue to bat at 1.000 on referee complaining Jamie. Every appearance it’s the same. Every appearance we get served up the same old tiresome, unimaginative nonsense about referees making mistakes and that somehow referees are not perfect. The same scenario that has existed as long as Rugby has been around — but somehow should be different now! God – how painful was it on this occasion to be directing your complaints at Angus Gardner who happens to be both an Australian and a very good referee? God it must have felt like clubbing a baby seal. Why on this occasion couldn’t the referee have been a non-Australian right? Maybe a South African, a Frenchman or a Kiwi then you could have really unloaded and directed attention further away from what was a very good Super Rugby final between 2 excellent rugby sides.

          Let me guess here… I figure you’re also one of these guys who complains every week about the state of officiating in the NRL too? Didn’t they describe things 2 weeks ago as “Groundhog Day” when the moaning reached a crescendo. I assume you’re also one one of this mob who moan every week about AFL umpiring. Wasn’t there a summit called about it a few weeks back? God forbid – did you see how NFL Referees officiated the new Helmet Rule in the opening pre-season game last week between the Ravens vs the Bears? You’ll be in your element pal. Every sport, every week you’ll have something to moan about. Can you please make us a promise though… Can you please go share your referee bashing on forums of people who actually care to listen to it. You know the types — people who just love to complain about everything! People who look for perfection when it has never existed – and I doubt ever will. The rest of us will instead focus on the main action. You know, the game plans, the tactics, the players, the execution, the skills on display. The interesting stuff that smart people like to discuss and analyse. Surely if you adopt that approach then we’ll all be winners. It would be appreciated.

        • GeorgiaSatellite

          I don’t know Jamie, but in his defence what I do know is that he has refereed at professional level in the US, and been privy to weekly directives from World Rugby. I feel his criticisms of refs are based on general approaches rather than play by play analyses. So I respectfully disagree and confess I enjoy his insights.

        • Richard Patterson

          Good thoughts… I think Jamie Miller is a good thinker when he directs his mind on the right things. He should leave the low quality nonsense to those incapable of delivering anything particularly insightful or intelligent. That way we’d all be better off.

        • juswal

          You’re a really odd bird, Richard. You seem to know a bit about rugby, in theory, and you do a good job of appearing calm and reasonable when you post comments, but there’s a lot of moral and emotional pain behind your words.

          Podcasts are free, so feel free to unplug.

        • Richard Patterson

          I appreciate the advice juswal – thank you. Maybe I just have a low tolerance for people who are constantly negative or people who constantly complain about things that deflect attention from the real stories. There is a lot to admire about Rugby right now. Maybe I’m a glass half full guy.

        • Overflowing when it comes to New Zealand

        • Richard Patterson

          I think a lot of positives in Australia too Matt. I sense we are set for the best Rugby Championship and Bledisloe Cup series in many years. Plenty to get excited about if we direct our attention to the right areas. It will not be perfect. Not sure it ever has been.

        • Huw Tindall

          Talk about punching above your weight.

        • IIPA

          Are you thinking Nauru re the weightlifting ?

        • Alister Smith

          Yes that is the one…you’re on the money

      • Ruggaman

        Thanks mate

    • Metootootoo
  • st saens

    Hi guys. Love your GAGR podcasts…thank you.
    However I was a bit disappointed with the discussion about the Reds which quickly degenerated into discussing which of the exiting players would serve the Tahs best :( …rather than questioning why players are starting to bail already.
    I am pro Reds, but support all FIVE (sic) Aus SR sides, and want to see all five sides as strong as possible. Perhaps Rugby Reg could have directed the discussion back to the Reds…who I think are in deep shit. I suspect that certain members of their coaching staff may not be intellectual giants, and may come up just a tad short in people management skills. The future looks very bleak to me.
    Without the benefit of access to coaches’ IQ and EQ test results (as if such things existed) I humbly suggest that only three people with real intellect have coached the national team in the last generation…Messrs Jones, Macqueen and McKenzie. The results of Jones and Macqueen speak for themselves (as would McKenzie’s if he were still the incumbent).

    • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

      I enjoyed the pod but agree it would have been nicer to get some deeper discussion on the feelings with the Reds. I thought Matt’s theory about management change was interesting, but it looks like Thorn has managed to isolate a lot of promising young players.

      If the rumours are true and Kerevi, a true and proud Queenslander who captained the side at periods over the last two years, now wants to leave then that really is damning of the culture. Even during the lows of the Richard Graham era and Stiles’ poor season the players clearly wanted to hang around and play for the Reds.

      Now, three young guys who only recently re-signed deals in Perese, Tui and Kerevi all allegedly want to leave. This is in addition to guys like Frisby, Tuttle and Quade who are loyal Queenslanders but all seem to be gone. It isn’t a good look. The Reds’ results were about as poor this year as in previous years (arguably worse), a lot of old stars have been dropped/left for various reason and now the young guys want to leave too?

      If these rumours are true then from the outside I wouldn’t say this is necessarily evidence of a management system that is rebuilding/improving. It could just as easily be seen as one imploding.

      Finally, wasn’t the rumour Kerevi to the Brumbies, not the Reds?

      • Hugh Cavill

        Fair comments DBTB.

        I will say it’s hard to go too deep when none of us really know what is happening. It would have been nice to have Reg there but he couldn’t make it, so the three of us did the best we could without veering too far into mindless speculation.

        We’ll have Reg back (and I’m taking off overseas for a few weeks) so let’s hope the sanity can return ASAP.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          I hope my comment didn’t come across as too critical, Hugh, as I really did enjoy the pod, as per usual. Things like your pod are what makes being an Aussie rugby fan great. Enjoy the wedding and look forward to hearing you on one of the pods again when you’re back :)

    • Huw Tindall

      To be fair with the 3 guys around the table they dove into Reds chats as much as they could without Reg. Regardless, it is a worry but until any of this is confirmed I think it’s speculation. Plenty of non-Reds reasons to want to leave like family or even money. They’d need to significantly increase Kerevi’s pay cheque as when he last signed he wasn’t even a Wallaby. With Cooper and Hunt still chewing up chunks of the salary cap they may struggle.

    • RugbyReg

      I agree the quality of Reds chat on this podcast was diabolical.


      I’m unsubscribing.

      • Really? I thought the way we related it back to the Waratahs was some of our best work.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          Haha! That was genuinely very funny. Well played, Matt.

        • st saens


  • BigNickHartman

    I’m disappointed that Hugh’s discussion of AFL wasn’t booed by Matt and Jamie #nayfl


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