Podcast 295 - The NRC Palate Cleanser - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 295 – The NRC Palate Cleanser

Podcast 295 – The NRC Palate Cleanser

We get it. Last weekend sucked at Eden Park. So much so that our producer Nick tried to escape watching the game.

But we have a podcast for your ears to help you wash that disgusting taste out of your mouth.

The Green and Gold Rugby Show is back for another week, getting you over the game line on all the hottest topics in Australian rugby. This week, Rugby Reg and Nick were joined by Brett McKay to talk about what went wrong with the Bledisloe II for the Wallabies and the progress of the Wallaroos, before diving head-first into previewing the new season of the National Rugby Championship, which kicks off this weekend.

  • Liam

    Do you count the tackle where barrett went through pocock and scored as a made or missed tackle? Not sure.

    But just on the “they are holding back for 35 mins…” come on guys no they’re not. They’re trying to score the whole time, the more efforts to score the higher % one will work. The effective attempts are before halftime, maybe as a concentration issue for the wallabies, dunno, but the abs are certainly not pissing about not bothering to attack until the clock hits X.


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