Podcast 30: Steak Off The Plate with James Horwill - Green and Gold Rugby
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Podcast 30: Steak Off The Plate with James Horwill

Podcast 30: Steak Off The Plate with James Horwill

Kev's out to find the guy who put the red sock in with his Wallaby jersey

Gagger, Barbarian and Mr Timms have a chat about the coming Bledisloe Test. We also welcome back the first guest we ever had on the show: James ‘Big Kev’ Horwill.

Some topics we cover:

  • Who coaches what in the Wallaby camp?
  • The finer points of lineout calling.
  • His facial massaging technique.
  • Why a Tight Five dinner is no place for the timid.

The musical accompaniment is the theme from The Sound Of Music, a reminder of the Flying Nuns.

You can listen directly here:

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  • ula

    why train on the gold coast when they could be spending time in nz where they need to win

    • Garry

      There are enough spies in camp Wallaby without training in their back yard.


  • Zeno

    Another great show.

    Apart from the Kev kontent, I feel that the theme from ‘The Flying Nun’ (the 1960s TV sitcom starring Sally Field) would have been a better reminder of the Flying Nuns than theme from The Sound of Music, the 1959 movie starring Julie Andrews that had absolutely zero flying nuns in it.

  • Zeno

    Correction: the TSOM movie dates from 1965; the stage show debuted in 1959.

  • Gouldie

    Loved the theme music, but it would have been golden if you mixed some sheep noises in the background!

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