Podcast 303 - The Word of the Lord (with Laurie Fisher) - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 303 – The Word of the Lord (with Laurie Fisher)

Podcast 303 – The Word of the Lord (with Laurie Fisher)

We’re fashionably late, but better late than never. The Green and Gold Rugby Show is back once again in 2019, here to get you over the game line on all the hottest topics in Australian rugby. Matt, Jamie and Hugh are in the chair, and this week they got to sit down with Brumbies assistant coach (and rugby godfather) Laurie Fisher, as well as offer their insights on the first fortnight of Super Rugby. 

  • TwoBuckets ofRat

    Interesting interview with Laurie. Not sure I grasp “the why” underlying the Brumbies quite prounounced movement toward it’s new unstructured approach. Ireland and Wales are two of the most structured Test sides and both have enjoyed plenty of recent success. The relative lack of structure featured in the games of ABs and France, and certainly not not the lack of pure talent, have seen them struggle (admittedly it’s relative for the ABs) when they run into the face of aggressive line speed.

  • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

    Great podcast. Thanks guys.

    My one piece of advice is that you might want to check this out: https://www.theroar.com.au/2019/02/20/welcome-back-to-the-big-time-quade-cooper/)

    I think Jamie’s analysis was on the money, and it was a great pod.

  • Ruggaman

    Welcome back, i like the pods were you guys get current coaches in for a chat

    Good question regarding Brumbies maul, personally i believe their maul is illegal, they have players joining the maul in front of the ball carrier but if they can get away with it then kudos to them. Kiwi teams get away with much worse ;)

    Im curious to know how Aus keep their talent past WC, you guys locked in Izzy, Hooper, Pocock, Tupou, Rodda, Haylett-Petty and Koroibete to name a few. NZ and SA will have mass exodus of top players

  • Mart

    Great to have you back guys. ‘Not as often’?!? well make em longer dammit!

  • T.edge

    Great Podcast, such respect for Laurie Fisher and getting a feel for how its working inside the team at the Brumbies.
    Regardless if playing with structure does or doesn’t work within a Super Rugby Team or an International team, this is the style they are persisting with and we will see if it continues to work for them.

  • Pfitzy

    Great chat with His Royal Wizardness. Would love Laurie to come and run a session with our club next time he’s in town (more chance of Brumbies personnel turning up than Waratahs!).

    Folau has an awful pass, so he tends to shy away from it. Banks for FB.

    Hugh’s obsession with Hanigan is probably understandable; every time he looks in the mirror he sees a gangly bloke with an almost innate ability to get ragdolled in contact. Kindred spirits, if you will. But if Ned is a contender for Wallaby 6, it will be an utter failure by every other province. Besides which, Dempsey will beat him there.


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