Podcast 305 - Izzy Done Yet? - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 305 – Izzy Done Yet?

Podcast 305 – Izzy Done Yet?

Even within the context of the last three years, this last week has been a shocker for Aussie rugby. This week on the Green and Gold Rugby Show, Hugh, Matt and Jamie come together to debate the chaotic topic of Israel Folau and what his departure will mean for the Wallabies, with a little bit of Super Rugby thrown in for good measure.

  • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

    Guys, one of your best ever pods. Loved it.

    Found the discussion around whether the team will be better or worse without Folau very interesting. The Tahs will certainly be worse, and the Wallabies probably will be. But perhaps we have a chance for our 9-15 all to be smart players capable of drawing and passing?

    11. Pulu/Hodge, 14. DHP, 15. Banks would be my pick.

    Couldn’t have been a GAGR pod if Hugh didn’t imply Folau was perhaps better than Latham though….

    • Pedro

      I agree about Hodge’s pace. Hodge has the best top speed of the three you mention, he just has an ugly style.

  • Nicholas Wasiliev

    Was a great listen from the producers chair, well done lads.

    On the whole Izzy debate and rights to religious freedom and freedom of speech, there is one thing that I think makes that an not apply compared to other instances.

    Izzy could argue that he was expressing his rights of religious expression, and on those grounds he can claim unfair dismissal. However, what is the issue here is his method of expressing his religion, which violates RA’s policy of inclusion in the game. He could have expressed it much less severely, and he has done it much better in the past if you look at his social media. Heck, he doesn’t mention Rugby that often, pretty much all of his insta is posts about Jesus, and RA never pulled him up until he started taking potshots at other people. Add to that, his twitter post on my opinion was much worse, he was openly criticising a political decision in Tasmania around gender that allows LGBTIQ people to be the gender they want to be.

    RA will argue his rights for religious expression aren’t the issue, more in expressing that so aggressively, he has alienated and upset a lot of people. The fact it’s a repeat offence, and that the way has conducted himself since then (ie not responding to his employers repeated attempts to contact him) is grounds for him violating his contract, and termination as a result. Cut and dry.

    As for who will replace him, Hodge or DHP for me. The latters form last year meant Izzy has to play on the wing.

    • Timbo

      If I may, the legislation he was unhappy with was a removal of gender from birth certificates rather than a LGTBIQ thing.

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        Was it gender or sex it was removing?

        There is a key difference.

        • Timbo

          Indeed. They made gender optional on Tas birth certificates.

  • Will Honeycomb

    I’m giving up on Australian rugby. This is too depressing. Chucking Folau is the last straw in head-up-the-arse clueless pomposity. Bye bye

  • Mart

    Matt there’s a bigger issue at play here…..(I’ve not missed a podcast since the begining) You gotta stop saying “your guyses”
    Just a ‘whats your opinion’ is fine. ;)
    You can address a collective as you or your….it’s borderline ‘youse’ haha

    • Dud Roodt

      Next you’ll tell us it’s not “Ned Flandereseses”

      • Mart

        No that is the correct usage

        • GO THE Q REDS


  • Mart

    Sefa Niavalu is the best winger in Aus

  • BigNickHartman

    Great pod lads. Totally agree, this Israel Folau thing has really put everyone in a tight spot and no one’s a winner. Well, except Israel. If he wants to evangelise, couldn’t he do better by first sucking in all of RA’s $4m, retiring, and then use that money to promote his ideas? Like making an instagram post and then push it with a bit of ad spend?

  • JS

    I asked the internet thingy “who wrote the book of Ezekiel and when” I think RA will wim that argument.

  • skip

    There is a legal precedent for not picking players if they’re available and have won a court decision to that effect but for some reason have earned the ire of the coach. In the wake of the super league war a number of players, Laurie Daley and Ricky Stewart were two, won a court case that said the ARL could not ban them. They weren’t picked for what passes for a World Cup in mungo-land and they weren’t able to contest it as the coach, as one of the guys said, picks the side he wants. The court said they had to be considered, not picked. I suspect the same would apply here with Cheeks just saying ‘he upsets the balance of the side with his attitude’ and that would be that.

    Anyway, I hear the beach at Hull is nice twice a year, Castleford is apparently a center of culture and maybe the hemorrhoid on the side of Liverpool that is Wigan has a certain post industrial dystopian charm which may appeal as a destination now the NRL have said ‘nah’.

  • Ruggaman

    Guys, you might not agree with Izzy but trying to knock his talent/ability is laughable. He is Aus best backline player by some distance. As a Saffa, seeing his name on the team sheet is depressing because of his excellent aerial skills and attacking ability

    • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

      If only he had defensive, passing, positional play or kicking abilities.

      Genia is our best back by far.

      • Ruggaman

        Yeah not like he is the Top try scorer in history of SR surpassing players like Howlett, Roff, Mortlock, Cullen and Habana

        • Dud Roodt

          No one is saying he’s a terrible athlete. But he has some glaring limitations in his game. And the game isn’t all about how many tries the individual scores. He has an inability, or unwillingness to pass, he’s a woeful kicker and he could at times be considered a “lazy” contributor to the team effort. These things are not unfair, but a criticism of a great athlete.

        • GO THE Q REDS

          There isn’t a player on the planet who doesn’t have big deficiencies……Bowden Barret is one of the worst tacklers in world rugby yet we don’t hear that rattled about, Ritchie McCaw was a borderline cheat yet will go down as one of the greatest. Folou is and always will be one of the world’s best ever FBs. With a guy who can destroy defensive lines like no-one else.. . why on earth do some people all of a sudden want him passing and kicking it away? It’s a debate that can’t be won. … saying Folou isn’t a Freak and a Great player!

        • Dud Roodt

          “There isn’t a player on the planet who doesn’t have big deficiencies”
          This was quite literally my entire point…

          “Beauden Barrett is one of the worst tacklers” – I disagree. He’s not an amazing defender but to say he’s one of the worst in the world is outrageous.

          “Ritchie McCaw was a borderline cheat” and this was talked about ad nauseum in all corners of the world. Again, no one was denying his greatness, which goes back to my point.

          “guy who can destroy defensive lines like no-one else.” I respectfully disagree. Again, I’m not making the argument he isn’t an amazing athlete, a true freak of nature athletically, but does this mean we can’t talk about his limitations as a rugby player? The limitations I listed above are all key components of being a full back in rugby union, and he’s not good at them.

          Your argument seems to be that if someone is a great try scorer, then fuck everyone else in the team? As long as he scores tries that’s all that matters, even if he bombs another few for the team?

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          How many matches did he cost by not throwing passes to unmarked men outside him?

          The worst one was the first test vs Argentina last year, but there have been plenty.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          Not the point…

          The question is whether he is a net gain or loss at international level. He’s probably a net loss overall, but I’m not convinced as he threw off the balance of the team at that level.

          I also cannot remember him dominating many games against South Africa, New Zealand or England.


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