Podcast 309 - Flights from Hell (with Sean Maloney) - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 309 – Flights from Hell (with Sean Maloney)

Podcast 309 – Flights from Hell (with Sean Maloney)

Rugby Reg and Matt are back for another episode of the Green and Gold Rugby Show, and this week we were joined by one and only Sean Maloney as our third panellist to discuss the Wallabies progress in 2019 and their win over the Pumas, and what needs to happen going into their upcoming matches against the All Blacks.

This pod also comes with a shout out to James O’Connor’s immaculate hair to an outstanding Manly Colts player by the name of Yool Yool, whom Sean reckons has the best name in world rugby. Who do you reckon has the best name?

The Five Burning Questions:

1. Are we happy with that performance against the Pumas?
2. who has been your standout player from these past two tests?
3. what should we change for the All Blacks?
4. The Wallaroos series: what were our key takeaways from it going into their games against the Black Ferns?
5. what else has been happening around the grounds?

  • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

    When did Foley put in the last ‘big’ or ‘iceman’ performances? By my memory, it was against Wales in 2016, and before that his only class performance was against England in the world cup. Another myth from New South Wales.

    • Will

      It’s late here in Zagreb and I’ve had a few. To be fair he also slotted that pressure kick against the crusaders in the SR final in 2014. I’m happy for him to not be the current #10 but in recent years from a backline perspective he and Beale have at one time or another been the players that stood up when it counted – then destroyed that effort the very next game with a sh!t performance. I think calling him the iceman is arrogant yes, but how many pressure moments (to win) have the wallabies had of late……hardly any because we are crap, and when they’ve happened Foley has generally been the guy that dealt with it.

      It’s the unfortunate state of our union at the moment in Australia. Even if they were winning regularly they would be hampered by the absolute negligent and criminal administration of the code by RA. I remember when the waratahs had a fan forum and were roasted by the Tah’s members for the state of the club, its performance and its administration – when does RA ever feel the heat from the fan base – they seem to be fine with dwindling attendance and the code free falling down the Australian sporting ranks.

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        The reason they’ve been the ones to stand up occasionally is because they’re the only inside backs consistently being picked, along with Genia (who has had far more standout performances). I seriously don’t think either Foley or Beale have had a really quality game starting for the Wallabies since 2016 for Foley and 2017 for Beale.

        Foley has generally been the 10 and the goal kicked r. The 10 has to bear a huge amount of responsibility for putting the team in winning positions. I still remember the Dunedin match where we were so close to winning in 2017, and I think Foley missed 10 easy points off the tee, for us to lose by 5 or 6.

        I think RA has done a prettt good job so far under Castle. Handled things efficiently and well. Most of the structural issues go back to the pre-Pulver days.

        Edit – Beale was actually pretty good in the first Irish Test. Both Beale and Foley continued their poor form in super rugby this year.

  • Huw Tindall

    Thanks for the pod guys. Excellent chat and good to have it back. Sean Maloney was a great guest. I remember he copped some flak as coming across as a bit of a slapstick presenter whilst on Fox but he’s a genuine rugby guy who is worth 5 Phil Kearns or Greg Martins.

    Re the pod content I’m in strong agreement that we need to pick and stick to develop combinations in our limited time. One or two changes like 7As and Poey keep the rest intact. The pros like Foley and Kepu should be experienced enough to slot in as required. Time for experimenting is essentially over.


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