Podcast 318 - All-Blacking The All Blacks (2019 Rugby World Cup Grand Final Preview) - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 318 – All-Blacking The All Blacks (2019 Rugby World Cup Grand Final Preview)

Podcast 318 – All-Blacking The All Blacks (2019 Rugby World Cup Grand Final Preview)

The Wallabies may be out, but the World Cup coverage continues on.

The Green and Gold Rugby Show is back, and this week Matt, Hugh and Pfitzy sit down to dissect the semi-final games and look ahead to the big dance between the Poms and the Saffas.

Warning – occasional coarse language

The Four Burning Questions

1. England vs South Africa – what are our predictions?
2. The All Blacks defeat – a blip or a sign of bigger problems?
3. What are the latest developments with the Wallabies?
4. What else has happened around the grounds?

  • Patrick

    Quick comment: no we could not have been in the final. We were terrible. Japan would probably have beaten us.

    We did have a much easier road to the final, but we didn’t get to take it because we were simply terrible in the first half against Wales. This was after we had been distinctly tepid against Fiji and before we were pretty poor against Georgia, after which we were just woeful against England.

    Wales were as lucky as hell but we didn’t look like even potential finalists for even 15 minutes in a row.

    • Hugh Cavill

      I suppose my point was that if we were just a little bit better, there’s the possibility we’d be in the Final this week.

      Just looking at the standard of rugby we’ve seen on the Wales/SA side of the draw, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume that IF we found some form in this tournament that we couldn’t match or better that standard.

      It’s all hypothetical, of course.

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        After last week I had thought I had heard the end of you trying, in any way, to defend the competency of Cheika’s Wallabies :P. Our team was horrendous. Our team has been horrendous since at least 2016. In fact, in a very weak world cup in 2015 we were lucky to get past the quarterfinals. In 2014 under Cheika we lost 3 of 4 matches.

        Had we beaten Wales, I have no doubt we would still not be in the World Cup final. I agree with Patrick that we would have been very, very lucky to beat Japan. Japan comfortably beat Scotland and Ireland, two teams that have had our number for years.

        We have beaten South Africa once in the last 6 matches, despite many of this matches being under Alistair Coetzee, whose Boks were probably the worst in history. We were crushed by the Springboks B this year.

        I don’t actually think the margins were that slim. Wales did against us what they have been doing for two years, grinding out a small victory. That French performance last week would have put us to the sword – we can’t defend and grind like Wales did, which is what was required to beat France. Our team would get annihilated by that Bok defence and pack.

        • Patrick

          Agree entirely.

      • Patrick

        Fair enough maybe. Indeed if we hadn’t picked Foley against Wales, we might well have won that match, and then played France…

        But that is the point really isn’t it? We were basically out of this world cup when we announced the squad, and realistically even before that since we didn’t spend any time before that developing winning patterns/combinations and without those you cannot possibly win a World Cup – see my other comment on Rassie: http://www.greenandgoldrugby.com/wednesdays-rugby-news-284/#comment-4670007384

  • Pfitzy

    “Occasional course language”?? Jeez I wasn’t even trying….

    • Nicholas Wasiliev

      Should’ve said very occasional

    • BigNickHartman

      By coarse language, I think Nick means your scummy, underclass Western Sydney accent. Not the actual words you use

  • Jason

    Yeah, England feel a little like Australia in ’03. But this game is up to South Africa, if they play an open and attacking game then England won’t have answers for it. But if South Africa want to play like they did against Wales they’ll fall into England’s clutches.

    • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

      Don’t think that’s true. I think it is more up to England than South Africa, as England are the more dynamic side.

      Has Wisemantel had any head coaching experience at either provincial / super rugby level? From memory, he hasn’t. If that’s the case, I think it would be disastrous if he were our coach.

      • Jason

        I agree England are the more dynamic side, but South Africa have the intensity. England won’t be able to bring as much effort to bear because they simply won’t have as much. SA on the other hand had two fairly easy games (relatively speaking). But the key point if difference is how South Africa decide to play like the did against Wales they won’t win, England will just hold the ball and make meters with it. England can match SA pound for pound with pressure, but unlike Wales, England can turn it around and put on points.

  • Seb V

    The teams in the 3rd place play-off could turn it into a Barbarian style of game. I actually don’t mind the 3rd place play-off, it forces players to be the ultimate professionals and turn-up even when they mentally probably don’t want too.

    • Patrick

      I will be interested to watch it actually, because it will tell us a lot about the ABs!

      • Brumby Runner

        Nine changes to the Welsh side I believe while the ABs have made one or two only. Will be the thrashing we thought NZ would hand out last week.

  • Bernie Chan

    So…WR has fined ENG an undisclosed sum for having the temerity to line up in that V-formation (apparently they crossed some line…) to face the Haka. Bloody pathetic to punish ENG/Jones for being clever…and I am no fan of Eddie Jones!

    I don’t mind the Haka, but can’t understand why a Maori ritual is given such favourable treatment, that opponents must line up and let the ABs do their Haka.
    The idea that all such rituals (including those by Fiji, Samoa and Tonga…) be done before National anthems has merit…

  • Richard Patterson

    A good conversation with some interesting, well-thought out points. Thank you.


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