Podcast 319 - Changing Landscapes (2019 Rugby World Cup Closer) - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 319 – Changing Landscapes (2019 Rugby World Cup Closer)

Podcast 319 – Changing Landscapes (2019 Rugby World Cup Closer)

With the Springboks winning the World Cup and the 2019 season coming to a close, the Green and Gold Rugby Show returns for our final podcast of the year (pending a potential Wallaby coach announcement). Rugby Reg, Matt and Hugh sit down to review the season that was, and look ahead with optimism to what lies ahead in 2020.

The Five Burning Questions:

1. What were our thoughts on the Grand Final?
2. What was our highlight of the 2019 season?
3. Who was our player of the year?
4. What was the downer of the 2019 season?
5. What are you excited for about 2020?

  • Nicholas Wasiliev

    On a small producers note, thank you so much to all the folks who listen, comment, and support the podcast.

    This year has been a roller coaster and a half, with some days leaving us wondering how the hell we’re going to get through this week as rugby fans discussing some of these topics, but what has kept us coming back is your support and your encouragement!

    Pending another potential podcast on the Wallabies head coach selection, we wish you all a happy 2019, and we’ll see you again in the new decade.

    • JJ

      Thanks Nick. Well done. I hope you and Brett will be covering Global Rapid Rugby next year as well.

  • Tah Tragic

    Great podcast as always. I never miss it. I like the positive note at the end and I’m looking forward to see how the next few years develop with the amazing talent coming through.

  • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

    Amazing pod guys. Loved it. Thank you.

  • Juan_Time

    Thanks all for a great discussion.
    A new year approaching and plenty to be positive about and some things to be cautious about.
    In Super Rugby, lots of new and young players getting opportunities. Probably need to counter that and say we may need to be expect there will be some mixed results accordingly (eg the ‘tahs).
    On the international front, new Wallabies coaching team and an opportunity to start climbing back up the world rankings. Fiji and Ireland (2) at home, plus RC /Bled with new look ABs, then Spring tour.


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