Podcast 326 - That. Bloody. Kick. - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast 326 – That. Bloody. Kick.

Podcast 326 – That. Bloody. Kick.

Still haven’t recovered from the weekend? Neither have we.

Rugby Reg, Matt, Hugh and Nick are back to chew the fat on the thrilling draw in Wellington that kicked off the Rennie era for the Wallabies.

WARNING: mild coarse language

The Five Burning Questions

1.  How do we feel about that game?
2. What was one thing that caught your eye about the way the Wallabies played?
3. Who was your Wallaby man of the match?
4. What should we change for next game?
5. What does this all mean for the Rugby Championship?


  • Dally M

    Welcome back lads, hope to hear from you more often.

  • Jason

    I think the really impressive thing with O’Connor was you could see how well he was marshalling the backline, I don’t know that a younger player does that with such authority and audacity.

  • Pfitzy

    Soccer, Hugh? Oh dear….

    • Mart

      Probably for the best he dropped out after that

  • Tim

    I thought matt phillip played really well. You said he isn’t big enough online it says his 117kg. Simmons is 115kg. I would put the rookie second row Trevor Hosea big unit and offers more around the pack. Jordan Petaia always gets injured we should hold him off as there are still many games left in the international season to go. Australia teams need consistency I hope they back it up this Sunday! South Africa have had 4 games so far this season would that be enough? If South Africa drops out could we get Fiji or Japan to come over? I saw an article saying that if they didn’t come out they would loose 25 million dollars which i think they can’t afford to take that hit.

  • Yowie

    Great podcast again lads.

    As a minor request, could some compression be run on the recording before upload? I was riding the volume control in the car depending on who was speaking.

  • Reds Revival

    Thanks for the pod this week. Hopefully you are back again next week!
    I always enjoy your breakdown of the game and player performances.

  • Reds Revival

    Nick, do you know if the Rugby Report Card boys will be coming out of retirement soon? The Rugby world needs their input!


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