PODCAST 5: Le Resistance

GAGR Podcast 5: Le Resistance

GAGR Podcast 5: Le Resistance

Hosted by MrTimms; Juan Cote, Lance Free and Moses look over the French test and the EOYT in general and the way we have positioned ourselves heading into 2011. Remember, if you love the podcast… well, even if you think it’s okay for a few hacks, head on over to iTunes and give us a glowing review and rating. Cheers lads and ladettes.

Edit: Currently investigating why it is not showing up in itunes, will keep you posted.

Further Edit: It is now in itunes. Apologies for the delay.

  • ooaahh

    late withdrawl… gold

  • Bloody Hell Timmsy! Cracking opening. Well done.

    • You will notice after the script ends, it goes downhill fast.

  • Robson

    Didn’t notice the script ending. Was there one?

    Anyway, kapai te korero kia koutou katoa. That was only the second podcast I’ve been able to take on board for it’s full duration. Some comments.

    Best moment of the tour for me. Watching the score pile up to unseemly and totally unexpected proportions against France. Most positive issue coming out of the tour. Evidence of some informed coaching in both attack and defence. Most negative moment of the tour. Hearing the Brit commentator in the French match, referring to Robbie Deans as a genius.

    Some other points.

    Dan Carter’s form was mentioned. Actually Carter’s form has not had it’s usual sharp edge for about two seasons now. It may be the injury he’s carrying to his ankle and it may be that he is genuinely jaded, or maybe both. He definitely looked off colour to me against Wales (my wife thought so too, so he must have been), but I don’t think his form is cracking hot; which maybe is to be expected. I will watch his S15 form very carefully, because whatever it’s like, may well be a portent for how he will go in the RWC.

    Hosea Gear was due to be the most unlucky player in NZ rugby history to miss out on an AB jersey. However, the three wise men succumbed to a lot of pressure being imposed on them from all kinds of quarters including Henry’s wife. True story. The interesting part of that to me is that if as much pressure is placed on Deans and co re Al Baxter, who knows we might have a specialist TH prop to take to the RWC; even though I personally rate Laurie Weeks as a better long term prospect. However, I think Baxter would definitely fill the bill to capture the Bill. We just can not go to the world cup without a specialist tight head prop. No way.

    Incidentally there was a comparasion being made between Gear an Ioane. Yeah sort of, but Gear is 6’2, and proportionately built, so he’s quite a bit bigger than Diggers.

    As for Gits captaining the Baabaas there was one burning question I had which didn’t come up. Will Gits let JOC take the kicks at goal? My guess (and it’s only a guess) is that he will want to test his new found kicking style in front of a big audience and thus make a move to recapture the kicking crown from young James.

    Good podcast and really enjoyable. Thanks.

    • Didn’t notice the script ending. Was there one?

      No, that was the problem, realised we were done and had nothing witty to go out on…

  • boogieblunt

    how many kiwis are in the wallabies and extended squad? im just gonna list those born in nz. Digby Quade,Pek Cowan, Huia Edmonds,Dunn, who else Deans .

  • Gagger

    Just listened while sitting in Brussels airport lounge, having been stranded here 24 hours and have to say it was so good it even lifted my shithouse mood!

    Fantastic effort Timmsy and all – really well done

    token pom

  • matty_k

    Is it turning up in iTunes anytime soon?

    • yeah, waiting for it too. Apparently there’s a delay on itunes end

  • Sorry guys, we are trying to figure out what is going on.

    Apple is not the easiest mob to get info out of, but we are trying.

  • The Big D

    Any updates on the state of iTunes…..
    Need my G&GR Podcast fix.

  • Garry

    thanks for the laughs, great pod cast.

    Was it a good year?

    Some considerable silence followed that question as we all pondered. The WB’s had their ups and downs, as would be expected form a team chock full of potential champions, being coached by a coach that is not of international standards.

    But my 2 cents. Anytime that we lose in sport to the English, those bench marks of sporting mediocrity, can not be considered a good year. This year we lost to them twice, once in front of a stadium of WB supporters who’d paid top dollar for their seats (no not me).


    On itunes now. Thanks for your patience.


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