Rugby World Cup Podcast 182: We forgot Folau

Podcast Episode 182: We forgot Folau

Podcast Episode 182: We forgot Folau

The Wallabies kicked off their 2015 international test season with a last minute win over the Springboks. It’s only fitting then that we kick off our 2015 international podcast season with a last minute mention of our highest profile Wallaby, Israel Folau.

Don’t worry though because the preceding 50 minutes or so are the highest quality of Wallaby wanging you’ll hear (and not see) this week, or your money back.

Plus we have news of a SIGNIFICANT Wallaby announcement this Thursday! G&GR first with the news once again.

  • RobC

    EXCELLENT! Thank you gents.

    • I maintained my usual standards.

  • Red Kev

    The fact you guys are reporting another year of Richard Graham is really concerning given your recent history of breaking news early and correctly.

  • dane

    Agreed that supporters seemed to hold off skelton when he took hit ups. It seemed like on a number of occasions players were not following skelton ready for support when he hits the ground. I think maybe players were waiting back expecting an offload and hence were not right behind him,

  • Dally M

    Another cracking effort fella’s.
    Keep them coming on a weekly basis!

  • Phil

    Good analysis of the Wallabies performance guys.Nice to hear comments without some personal agenda against the player,unlike some of the posters on the site.

    • Dally M

      Lol…but one of them did earn a special mention on the podcast…

  • Tommy

    Great listening. Cheers

  • Juan Bradshaw

    Another good coverage and enjoyable listen in your Podcast (although not sure Sully is committed to the cause).
    Two questions I have are (1) why Pocock at 8 is not given serious consideration. He has bulked up and has dramatically improved his running and go-forward. I think he offers everything McAlman and Palu do, plus much more (and Higgers played himself out of the 23 last week). I appreciate that the line-out is (reasonably) raised, but looking at the real other options at 8 I’m not sure there is much given away there; and
    (2) What is the story with Luke Jones not being in the squad. I appreciate this is old news, but selecting Mumm ahead of him is mind-blowing. I had Jones on the plane and in the 23 for the wallabies. If I was his manager I would be saying start considering some overseas offers.

    • I’m excited on the inside. Trust me.

  • hemlen

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