Podcast: G&GR PODSLAM 8 - Lost our Semi - Green and Gold Rugby
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Podcast: G&GR PODSLAM 8 – Lost our Semi

Podcast: G&GR PODSLAM 8 – Lost our Semi

Gagger, Mr Timms and Baabaa get together to lament over last weekend. They then try to keep it rational as they look ahead to next weekend, review the Wallabies’ tournament as a whole and react to the news of 2 more years of Robbie Deans

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  • bill

    After the brissie haka i said they were over emotional, this time they weren’t. They didn’t use the throat slash this time. I thought our comments about pressure before the game were ordinary gamesmanship, personally I thought they were smart not to engage in that staredown after the haka, and from our side it smacked of …reliance on bullshit psycology. However, to me if they talk about respecting the haka they should acknowledge other sides after it, if they walked away without recognition of the opposition regardless of the mindgames inherent they ought to have a look at themselves and their attitude, because to me they’re quick to demand respect, not so quick to deserve it.

    • mw

      Sorry Bill it was the throat slit haka.

      • bill

        shows how blind i am, missed it.

  • bill

    Ewan McKenzie isn’t the messiah, but he doesn’t strike me as an egomaniac, I think he’d fit in with Robbie. A lot better than Nucifora who seems to be a bit of a grasscutte from my jaundiced point of view.

    The only chip n chase Sharpie will do is at the fish and chip shop,…. well done Sharpie.

  • dew davis

    mate, quade is a dick. he pretty much asked for the tag of ‘public enemy number 1 in n.z. he said he enjoyed the pressure and could handle it. obviously not.

    • B’waite

      Hey Dew, I’ve had a couple of beers so i may be a little uninhibited but, you’re a dick! If you look back over Quade’s supposed ‘running battle with’, or ‘persecution of’ if you’re a kiwi, Sir Richie you will see that it is at the very least two sided.  He has kicked Wallaby players, he has thrown punches and elbows at Quade in or around rucks and mauls and lets not forget that he at best stretches the rules at almost every breakdown.  If the refs refuse to regulate Sir Richie then why shouldn’t the Wallaby players attempt to stop him from doing whatever he would like in the game?

      I, for one, am very proud of Quade Cooper. For his refusal to submit to this perception that Sir Richie IS allowed to get away with anything.  It is NOT any Wallaby player’s responsibility to go through a match “respecting” any All Black. It IS their responsibility to go out there and BEAT them!

      What I don’t understand is why it has been left to Quade to reign him, or them, in.  Why aren’t our entire forward pack instructed to ‘forcibly remove’ All Black players from our side of the breakdown and if they can’t, make it uncomfortable to remain there? Why don’t Wallaby players consider it part of their core responsibility to win each physical contest with any opposition player and then, if need be, stand over them and remind them that you don’t F with a Wallaby? This is the sort of mindset that I remember from the great teams, national and provincial, of yesteryear. This is the sort of mindset that I suspect if the current Wallaby group can regather, will go along way to eliminating their issues with inconsistency and make them almost unbeatable as a group.

      I remain ever hopeful that this group can find a collective mindset like this. With this abrasive attitude, combined with their inherent attacking ability, I suspect they would be very hard to beat.

      • dew davis

        Hey b’waite.
        First of all, the wallaby forward pack HAS been instructed to remove and intimidate opposition forwards,its their job, problem is they dont have the personnel or the mindset to do it consistently. Brisbane was great, other than that SHIT. And I agree with you, if they had a pack that could muscle up, they would be damn near unbeatable.

        QC doesnt have to respect anyone, who said that? I just think some of the things he does on the field are stupid, dont you? All this cheap shot crap on mccaw just makes him look like a lil girl. If he wants to have a go then have a go, I bet all the hard players from yesteryear you go on about would want that too.

        But the issue I was referring to on the podcast was QC telling the media on arrival in NZ that he enjoyed being labelled ‘the bad guy’. All well and good if you lead your team to victory and/or play well. But QC did neither in the WC=fact. he has no body to blame but himself.

  • Valzc

    The chat all started re Quade’s ‘kneeing’ McCaw throughout. McCaw’s been playing the poor suffering martyr even when we all know he was first instigator eg kicking David Pocock etc in previous games. Why didn’t those treasured little clips get posted on general media sites earlier just to make a big deal of it as well? Quade’s copping a lot of undeserved shite for bloody little really. Maybe you can dredge up those cameos just to clear things up.

    • dew davis

      Quade Cooper was just acting like a silly little boy with a grudge during those trinations matches with all of that unnecessary niggle. To mccaws credit, he didnt get sucked into it. Maybe he thought he should put his team before his ego.

      • Pete

        I suggest searching the word “spatwatch” on YouTube.

        • dew davis

          and…. ???? Is that all? please. time to start playing tiddly winks.

  • Garry


    Wales have not a lot to play for?

    Disagree on that one. Wales, the nation, the team, feel cheated and are angry. Look out WB’s.

    We, what have we got to play for? I feel empty, and we are traditionally shakey on dead rubbers. Not feeling confident.

    Beware of the Frogs. The entire world media (bar France) are already talking of the NZ’s Cup. I’d reacon you’d get good odds for a lazy wager.

    • Barbarian

      In my view the Welsh have already won the hearts of their people and exceeded all expectations. Instead of being castigated for throwing away key opportunities against France they are being painted as the unlucky victims of Rolland incompetence.

      Australia on the other hand have plenty to prove considering they have only scored one try in their three biggest games, and that was thanks to a lucky turnover. They have copped a pasting in the Aussie press and need to come out and reassure supporters that they haven’t turned completely to shit.

      This could turn out to be totally wrong, however. But I do think we have more to play for.

      • Garry

        maybe we (supporters and press) feel owed, but I get the feeling from the coaches that they have nothing left to give?

  • Garry

    It was good to here someone else unhappy about Jouberts lazy interpretaton of the ruck.
    I’ve heard no other comments about it since the match, and put it down to my own poor interpretation.

    I thought we made all the 3N’s refs aware of the ‘sleeping Kiwis’. That big Kev had to keep reiterating it Craig points toward just what you were talking about- repercussions of last weeks matches. I thought McCheat’s decision to kill our ruck ball when we were on their tryline was so cynical, that in another time and place, would have had him in the bin. But in the context of last weeks cards, he took a chance and got away with it. That’s why he’s still no. 1.

  • bill

    Fark, Cooper’s knee. Well, I guess Ben Lucas, Ben Tapui and the rest of the reds just got a huge assignment or opportunity to strut their stuff.

  • Garry


    Special request, When you have time, can you put together a clip on all those missed AB ruck indiscretions during our SF please. That ref has got off way too lightly.

  • bill

    Didn’t think france could get close enough for it to matter, and I’m happy enough for either to win, but Joubert gave the ABs an absolute armchair ride today.

    • bill

      How weak are channel 9. they fuck the presentation off and it’s on gem.

      Have to retract what I said about Ken Sutcliffe earlier, I enjoyed his commentary.

      Richie “no one can take it away from us…” still pretty lucky buddy.

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