Podcast Special: with the Eggchasers - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast Special: with the Eggchasers

Podcast Special: with the Eggchasers

In this podcast special, G&GR’s Matt and Hugh join together with Egg Chaser podcasters Tim and JB from the UK to discuss what they most fear and welcome from their respective oppositions.


  • Joe Blow

    Great podcast!

  • Chris

    Great to see my two favourite podcasts together. Loved the Brian Moore reference

  • Bernardo Faria

    Really fun chat! Please do more joint podcasts with them during or after the series.

  • cay_t

    Two of my favourite podcasts together!! Brilliant!!

  • Mart

    Great work guys.
    My biggest names to fear are the unknown But highly rated Maro Itoje and the All Blacks fan boy Nigel Owens.
    Have we ever won a game under Nigel Owens. I cannot stand watching him ref. He talks to professional rugby players like children and seems to be front and centre in everything, when what you want from a ref is control but not to really be aware of him.

  • JJJ

    I’m amazed no reference was made to the weakness of our lineout and the strength of theirs. Itoje, Kruis and whoever pairs with Simmons would be the top 3 players I fear most going into this series.

    I think Cheika is trying to take the wind out of Eddie’s sails by giving him nothing to work with. Kind of like the Aussie cricketers learned that silence disconcerted Kevin Pieterson more than sledging did.

  • Robbo_76

    Great podcast! Was nervous when Matt asked them if they were from London, but then it all came together really well – nice work Matt and Hugh. I think the Eggchasers are great so am pleased you guys have found a way to work together!


Matt started G&GR just before the 2007 Rugby World Cup and has been enslaved ever since. Follow him on twitter: @MattRowley

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