Podcast: Weekend World Cup Update #1 - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast: Weekend World Cup Update #1

Podcast: Weekend World Cup Update #1

Each week through the world cup we aim to bring you a little roundup of the weekend’s action to get your week off to a proper start. This week Gagger, Baabaa and BJ have Timmsy join in from Auckland.

They discuss all the scores and key talking points like:

  • Just how good (wasn’t) that All Black victory?
  • The death of the minnow
  • The Wallabies first hit out vs Italy

Let us come in your ears!


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  • zuzu

    thanks boys

  • ExISA

    I cant hear baa baa ot timmsy . The volume is really low on everyone but gagger .

    • It was like that when it was the video podcast, but should be fixed now with the MP3 file

  • Wheatman

    Thanks guys, missed nearly all the games due to going to a wedding. Hoping to find some replays on Austar, especially Sco vs Rom, Fra vs Jap and SA vs Wal.

  • exISA

    Gagger – ya I noticed that when I listened to the direct stream, cheers I will re-download now.

  • Robson

    Wales v South Africa – my vote goes to the view that is was like two struggling teams trying to get some rugby going, or words to that effect.

    ABs v Tonga. Some worries there for G Henry. It’s all very well scoring a heap of points in the first half and then supposedly resting on those laurels, but the Tongans missed something like ten tackles in the first half. If the ABs weren’t able to score some tries in that kind of defensive environment there would be something seriously wrong.

    Best moment of the weekend for me was watching the AB scrum getting shoved by the Tongans in the second half especially.

    • Ooaahh

      I think the stats said 18 tackles missed in first half.

  • Topham

    Better than Canadian TV analysis. Thanks Gagger.


Matt started G&GR just before the 2007 Rugby World Cup and has been enslaved ever since. Follow him on twitter: @MattRowley

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