Aussie Rugby Podcast 100 with Nathan Sharpe
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PODSLAM 100 – Thunderbird with Nathan Sharpe

PODSLAM 100 – Thunderbird with Nathan Sharpe

It’s the biggie – our 100th PODSLAM!! Big in number, length and height.

Matt Rowley and Scott Allen go over all the games and issues from this week in Super Rugby and the impending British and Irish Lions Tour in this our 100th Aussie Rugby podcast.

Then we talk to podcast favourite NATHAN SHARPE, who fills us in on the bullying nightmare that is joining the FoxSports commentary team….

(His interview starts at 1:37)

In the podcast we talk about mixing it up a bit. Give us your feedback below on how you’d like the podcast to change from here.

  • Scotty

    be funny

    • Scotty

      sorry, that’s not a suggestion for change, just a motto for life…
      putting this up on soundcloud was also cool – i’m a fan of the ol’ soundcloud.

    • I was going to say it was fair criticism!

      • Donk

        love the podcast mate, how many people download it each week?

        • The stats are pretty dodgy but we reckon it’s up to just shy of 10,000.

          That blew our mind, but if you check on iTunes you’ll see we’re currently ahead of the MMM ruckshow and ruggamatrix – both well produced shows

        • Dally M

          Who cares about production, your content and analysis craps all over the rest.

        • Donk

          Always makes tuedays in Perth traffic sweet and makes me sound like an expert when I talk rugby with my kiwi mates over here, would love to hear an interview with the honey badger, keep up the good work!

        • ScrumJunkie

          I know it’s a bit out of date, but I’m sure they did one with honey badger a while ago. Not sure how you look up old ones.

    • Scotty

      (seeing as you seem to be interested in how we digest our rugby… stuff)

      FYI, I don’t have FOX and live in Perth where pub rugby is a corner TV with the sound off cos the Eagles/Dockers are playing.

      Therefore, this is my only source of rugby chat. I’m keen to hear all of it and generally don’t skip any. You guys are all pretty switched on (… mostly …), so I’m interested in your feedback on the past games, ideas on coming games, and of course the guests are always interesting.

  • david baldwin

    make it longer and talk more shit like the old days, aka – bring timmsy back :)

    • Steve Timms


      The man knows his shit talkers!!! #pro

  • HSM

    brilliant as is, don’t change a thing!

  • gho

    Its a great program, but 2 hours is a long time. I could watch a rugby game in that time. An hour or so would be perfect.

  • Kiap

    Cheers again for the podcast guys. My suggestion on the format question is ALL THREE (well, four if you bring back Timmsy into the mix) and it should be fairly easy to do:

    Keep the full length program on the SoundCloud (with a downloadable link), and take a leaf from the ABC by separately making downloadable links available for the three segments.

    Those who want it long get it all. People who want it short pick the part they want, And those who only listen during their commute, get three days worth separately packaged.

  • Dally M

    Excellent work as usual.
    Personally i prefer shorter podcasts around the 30-45 minute length.
    I know it’s greedy, but it would be great to have 3 a week. A wrap up of the weekends games say on Sunday night/Monday download, one mid-week one with an interview & chat about rugby in general and then one on Thursday night/Friday download previewing the games for the weekend.

  • what u need to do is, instead of splitting it up, have that times of each sections ie when u talk about the brumbies game, when the interview starts etc. So I can skip the waratahs wrap up :)

    • ans tell scott to get a better mic, unless its a phone….

  • whats going on with the brumbies force rebels reds points, ie they played that round at the start, does that mean that they should be 4 points ahead? will they miss a week when they play lions?

    • Shiggins

      If the team bellow them wins when we r playing the lions they can overtake us

  • Cpt Crow Eater

    Need another drunk podcast after our inevitable Lions victory!!

    • I’m not seeing a lot of votes for your suggestion….

  • Great podcast fella’s.
    Make em longer i say!

    Scott your reasoning behind Deans selections makes perfect sense. It just baffles me how guys like McCabe and Barnes could even be in contention. McCabe is a Brumbies reserve and Barnes isn’t even playing. If he was playing he would most definitely be on the bench too.

    What does this say to the guys currently playing in the prospective starting line ups!?!

    For the ARU to even consider keeping Robbie Deans the Wallabies need to clean sweep the series AND score 2 or more tries a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shiggins

    Surely not seriouse about state of origion being bigger and more pressure then a lions test. Your talking about 2 Australian states playing each other in a game o league vs an international sporting event that happens every 12 years in our country that involves players from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland vs Australia.

  • Shiggins

    As for the podcast. Stop worrying about the length. The only thing to try to do is make sure it’s over an hour and a half long. Can we talk about the force more? Even when we play well there seams to be little about them. Compared to the reds and tahs. There seams to be a lot of time dedicated to those team. I understand that’s how it is but just try to dig up a bit more conversation about the force. :) I love the pod cast boys. Keep it up

    • “Stop worrying about your length” and “keep it up”

      Sounds like good advice

      • Shiggins

        Hahaha. That’s made my day

  • roges

    Matt… Surely you could do a little more research before recording?

    Not being too critical because I listen to the podcast religiously but not know where Digby is off to in France was pretty poor… And this isn’t the only instance you’ve sounded like you were struggling to find info and Scott has had to correct you.

    I loved the suggestion at the beginning of this podcast of having a few punters (one supporter from each Australian province) on each week to chew the fat with you boys about their respective teams performance.

    Keep up the good work… Here’s hoping for another hundred!

    • Are you impugning that I’m not perfect?


  • get an AFL enthusiast on here and have beef with them over which is better

  • Big Sam

    Gents, love the podslam – thanks for providing such great analysis and entertainment for free! I’ve got no issues with the length – splitting it up into 2 or 3 podcasts might make it more manageable (and if it means more total podcast time, all the better), but it seems you guys are often referring back to the interview comments when you’re discussing the current issues and matches, so it’d be a shame to lose that insight.

    As far as the content, more of the same please! Scott’s analysis is always reasoned and thought provoking, Timmsy and Hugh give a good voice from the stands, and Gagger steers the ship really well. Aside from just blowing smoke up your arses, I would say thought I think it definitely works best when there’s 3 of you on the line and it’s more of a conversation.

    Thanks again, and good luck for the next hundred!

  • The Rant

    Have voted for splitting topics up but have no issues with the timings.

    Generally speaking these podcasts are fantastic. Gagger’s getting more polished, Allen’s got the facts and Baba’s got the heart. Nice balance usually.

    The guests are fantastic and for sure the bit’s I like the best. Maybe if you break up the podcasts you could consider each podcast to have a guest or expert join. For your sake I’d record it all in one go and just spread it out. I’m usually listening to them on headphones at work and finding 80minutes at my desk can be difficult.

    I like the questions from the crowd – just need to give us a little more warning – usually by the time i see your tweet asking for input it’s too late.

    For sure you need to get one of your pom mates to join in the lead up to and during the Lions series. Could also be could to have a kiwi or saffa during the TRC.

    So keep it up guys. Thanks.

  • ScrumJunkie

    Love the podcast as you guys are doing it, keep up the good work. Was mildly amused by Gagger’s developing crush on Folau. Seem to remember a similar crush on SBW.

    Could go for three hours and I’d still listen. Especially if Sharpie is on.

  • Chris

    Your podcasts are fantastic – I listen to them every weekend while working in the garden and avoiding the wife :) No problem with the length. Not sure about Scott’s idea of bringing on punters; Timmsy and Matt do a great job of representing the punters and guys like Scott bring great expert analysis (he makes a lot of sense). I really enjoy the discussion around the Super Rugby and general state of Australian Rugby (and I agree with you that we should be concerned about the game’s future). I would listen to that all day. Sometimes your guests can be a little random to listen to – that would be the only thing I would skip over (but haven’t done so far). Current people in the game are always better (like Sharpie).

    Would have to think Rugby’s greatest strength today is the private school system, particularly in Qld and NSW – everyone wants their kid to go to those schools now despite the huge cost. Would be interested in your views.

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